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Insights on Behaviour

Laughing for No Reason

Laughing BuddhaMARI SELBY: What if we could change the world, one guffaw, one giggle, one chuckle at a time? Literally change expectations of what it means to be an adult. Short of that, what if we changed our own expectations of ourselves and moved past inhibitions to experience more joy. Read more >>>

Beauty in the Rough

Rural River Scene with Blue Sky and reflectionLIANNE SNOW: I believe in the healing properties of beauty, the inspirational qualities but above all I believe it elevates us to a place that is closer to our truest and best selves. Read more >>>

Adults are Obsolete Children

2 Men pointing at the camera with tongues outGRACE STE. CROIX: Many of us grew up with Dr. Seuss books. His lyrical rhymes taught us as children about repetition and his silly stories flooded our wells of imagination. He was quirky, satirical and quite possibly a genius. What many people fail to see is an intelligent, intuitive writer. In many of his works, rather subtly, he writes about the essence of time. Read more >>>

Avoiding Moral Bankruptcy

Man with thumbs down - Say NO to moral bankruptcyGRACE STE. CROIX: Like financial bankruptcy, moral bankruptcy is a long road and a long path of recovery is required to pay the toll. We often have to start from scratch, we are barely trusted and it takes years to get back on track. We may have learned our lesson, but being bankrupt is the scarlet letter tattooed on ourselves for a long time. Read more >>>

New Beginnings

Sunrise in the mistLINDSAY de SWART: As you are reading this, I can confirm that the Mayans’ prediction did not manifest in the way that many feared it would! Read more >>>

A Piece of Me

Mom & Baby cuddlingGRACE STE. CROIX: Take the time to acknowledge someone’s relentless efforts to see your success. If you find yourself someone who puts others before themselves, make sure you are achieving your goals as well. Read more >>>

Forgive me, I am Sorry

“The more we look upon people as sinning human beings whom we must forgive, the more egotistical we are and the more we bind them.”  ~ Joel Goldsmith

Ho oponopono - Yellow TulipsMARI SELBY: When we recognize God as the source for everyone we encounter, that perspective becomes directly proportional to our effectiveness. Read more >>>

Eliminating Upsets From Your Life

Frustrated Man with clenched fists screamingDR. JOE RUBINO: Whenever you find yourself in upset, examine what the source of the upset is. Doing so will allow you to identify what actions are appropriate in order to get over it and prevent similar upsets from reoccurring. Read more >>>

Control Conceit

Wear Your Worthiness!

Lofty business woman holding a cellphone away from her earGRACE STE.CROIX: Conceit causes a false reality filled with smoke and mirrors. When one person brings down another, it not only makes that person feel incredibly hurt and unworthy but shows the total insecurity of the person executing the insults. Read more >>>

Unconditional Love of Self

The Self Care Evolution Series

Body-Mind-Spirit - with Chakra System

TRACI TRIMBLE: If you are not in love with yourself right now and you want to be I have some great recommendations of places to start...
Read more >>>

No Matter What

Depressed BrideLIANNE SNOW: A lifetime of breaking your word erodes all relationships but the hardest one to fall is the one you have with you. Also, consider if it is true that we get better at things we practice, then what does it say about practicing failure? Read more >>>

Break Out of Your Mold and Commit

If you are truly flexible and go until… there is really very little you can’t accomplish in your lifetime.” ~ Anthony Robbins

Gingerbreadman Dough with cookie cutterSALLIE FELTON: What is it you might want to do with your life? Is there a promise to yourself you’d like to keep? Do you want to have more free time, lose weight, expand a business or start one for that matter? In order to do any of these, you have to show up and be accountable. Read more >>>

Pa ~ Pa ~ Pa ~ Pa ~ Passion...

Photos of Bari McFarland and Christine CirkaMARY GIUFFRE: I sing all the time.  I sing along to the songs on the radio. I sing silly ditties to the dog. I wake up with songs I've sung during the day running through my head in the middle of the night and every time I think of this month's theme I want to sing it to the tune of David Bowie's 'Fashion'!  Read more >>>

Perception is Projection

Water Glass Half full - close upLINDA CATTLEAN: If there is any area of your life that isn’t working, look at how you might change your perception of the situation so that you are experiencing the most positive 134 bits out of the 2 million bits of information available.  Read more >>>

Taking the Focus Off of Ourselves

Extreme Close-Up of Man's FaceDR. JOE RUBINO: Our belief in our ability to win by supporting others to win, rather than at their expense, will support us to come from a values-based stance that removes the compulsion to get ahead at all costs.  Read more >>>

Rebirth and the Pregnancy of Possibilities

Black & White Butterfly on Small Purple BloomsBRENT MARCHANT: Rebirth signifies the emergence of new opportunities brimming with great expectations and novel qualities, elements that frequently give rise to conceptions never before dreamed of. Read more >>>

Begin a Love Affair with Yourself

Curly headed woman holding large red heartRORY KELLY CONNOR: Lovable is defined as having a nature that attracts love, deserves love, is amiable and endearing. Get out of your own way and learn how to love yourself by choosing thoughts and actions that are self-loving choices. Then do the same, always, with others. You will find that you are, and have always been, quite lovable. Read more >>>

Consciously Creating in 2012

Key to success on woodLINDA CATTELAN: January is a great time to reflect on 2011 as well as a time to think about what you want to create in 2012. What did you accomplish in 2011 that you are most proud of?  How were you successful? What lessons did you learn? Read more >>>

Training Our Thoughts
For Maximum Effectiveness

Woman Sitting at Desk - Head in Hands

DR. JOE RUBINO: Negative thoughts, gossip, fear, envy and the like need not rule your life and command your attention. Since you are in control of your focus if you choose to be, choose to concentrate on thoughts and areas that support who you are and who you have decided to be. Read more >>>

Give Over to Good

What is living you?

Graphic WaveRICK HANSON: You and I are constructed each moment by the currents – the forces and factors, both internal and external – flowing through us. We have no choice about being lived by these currents, continually given over to them. Read more >>>

Becoming Joy

Word JOY!JANICE CHRYSLER: Decorations, seasonal music, lights and delicious treats are popping up around the world as people prepare for the holiday season. Regardless of one’s culture or religious beliefs there are celebrations to be had everywhere.  Read more >>>

In Pursuit of the Green Lion

What 'gift' have you been handed that up until now you have been grieving?

 Green Lion reaching up to the sunMARI SELBY: In ourpursuit of living an authentic life, based on God's constant call we define as synchronicity, we are like the ancient philosophers and scientists who searched for the philosopher's stone. Read more >>>

How You Stand in the World
From the Ground Up Body-Mind Analysis Series: Feet
JENNIFER ADAMSON: Article Icon In this, my first of ten articles on the psychosomatic way of looking at your body, we'll begin by looking at the foundation, or how supported you feel from the ground up. Want to PLAY? Read more >>>
Who Wants to Be a Hero?
MARI SELBY: Article Icon I always wanted to be a hero. As a child I thought if I was a hero I could save people, starting with my dysfunctional family. My heroes back then were; Superwoman from the comics, the brave girl who overcame the odds in Saturday matinees, or Madame Curie who I heard about in school. Read more >>>
Choosing the Path of Higher Good
JANICE CHRYSLER: Article Icon After really slowing down, meditating and actually listening to the answers, the time comes when you feel you know what you should do. The next question is how do you go about it? Looking forward you realize there are many decisions, choices, opportunities to be had. Which do you choose? How will you know you are making the right move? Read more >>>
Earthquakes and Hurricanes! Oh My!
"I feel the earth move under my feet. I feel the sky tumbling down..."
Carole King

MARI SELBY: Article Icon On August 23rd we discovered we are not in Kansas anymore. We were not lost, however we wondered what had gone astray when the ground moved under our feet. Earthquakes happened in California but not here. Read more >>>
Your Life Can Change in an Instant
How to Prepare for a Life-Changing Epiphany
ELISE BALLARD: Article Icon "What is your greatest epiphany in life?" This is what I have been asking people from all walks of life - everyone from world-renowned figures such as Dr. Oz, Deepak Chopra, Maya Angelou and Barry Manilow to people like my fifth grade teacher, an ex-convict, stay-at-home moms, and a waiter in Tanzania. Read more >>>
Strength to Overcome the Panic Within
DEVORAH GARLAND: Fear Article Icon at times it can feel paralyzing; however, finding the strength to face it is incredibly empowering. Fear is our ego's protective response to something considered dangerous. But is the danger real or imagined? Read more >>>
Stillness of Water
IRENE ANDERSON: Article Icon When I think of stillness, the image of water always comes up for me. On the surface there is calm, an almost mystical absence of movement -- that can be disturbed by the mere whisper of a breeze. Underneath the calm is movement, energy and power. Life is happening under the surface. Read more >>>
From the Ground Up!
Body-Mind Analysis Series: Overview
JENNIFER ADAMSON: Article Icon Just as a master tracker can tell what animal has traversed a spot and show the evidence with each mark, depression, scratch, bit of fur and bent twig, we too can see evidence of trauma left on the body. From a very early age we start recording the events of our lives in our bodies. As the mind has no place to store emotions such as these they get pushed down into the body. Read more >>>
Stilling Our Minds
and Managing Our Emotional Reactiveness
DR. JOE RUBINO: Article Icon You may say that you hate living your life in continual turmoil and are tired of being at odds with others and feeling badly about yourself. You may think that this should be incentive enough to keep from reacting emotionally in response to the words and deeds of others. However, for most of us, it is not! Read more >>>
Releasing Regret
JANICE CHRYSLER: Article Icon There are very few people who look back on the path they have already travelled without some regrets for the road they chose to take or the actions and decisions they made. Read more >>>
Hypnosis Isn't Mind Control!
JANICE CHRYSLER: Article Icon One thing I am constantly amazed at is people's vast misunderstanding of hypnosis. Every time I take part in a wellness expo, I can guarantee there will be attendees who upon reading my banner and realizing I hypnotize people, who quickly remove themselves from the general area of my table, practically tripping over others to make their escape! Read more >>>
Letting Go of Resentment
DEVORAH GARLAND: Article Icon A very serene and happy man once told me, if I hold resentment against another person, it's like poisoning MYSELF and hoping the other person will die. I really am only hurting myself. The other person, unaffected, is oblivious to how I am feeling. His analogy helped me realize the importance of releasing any grudges I'm holding. Read more >>>
In Praise of Positivity
DEVORAH GARLAND: Article Icon I am a self-made optimist. I committed to a positive outlook toward life at the tender age of 14, while seeking a solution to the hell I was in. I had two very negative role models in my parents and was frantically looking for a way to stay alive despite their chaos. Today, I am choosing to share the secrets of my success with you. Read more >>>
Help for Addiction
DONNA MARIE THERRIEN: Article Icon I'm not sure if there is anyone these days that can say that they don't have some form of addiction. From drugs and alcohol to coffee and scratch tickets it seems here in North America most people are fighting with one. Read more >>>
How to Create a Strong Family Foundation
LINE BRUNET: Article Icon New Year's Resolutions. Love them or hate them, it's the time of year that we all contemplate where we are and where we want to be. Personally, I think that resolutions, or goal-setting as I prefer to call it, should be a year round event, however, the dawn of a new year does seem to hold powerful promise in what lies ahead. Read more >>>
Ho, Ho, Ho Holidays!
MARI SELBY: Article Icon Do you dread the Holidays the shopping, the cooking, the cleaning, the preparing for family that you are not really sure you want to see? Instead of facing the Holidays with horror imagine donning twinkle toes and wearing a merry heart on your sleeve! Read more >>>
Can Do Gooders Do Bad Things?
SHERRY ANASHARA: Article Icon Don't you just love it when someone tells you to should, could and would on your Self? Do you get angry, frustrated and resentful? Especially when someone says to you, "I am only telling you this for your own good!" What good? Read more >>>
Merry or Scary Christmas?
MARY GIUFFRE: Article Icon The holiday season is upon us and for some that means a warm and joyful time! Unfortunately for others all the cooking, baking, shopping, gift giving, partying and expectation that goes with this time of year becomes just too much! Read more >>>
The Loud Negative Silent Voice
SHERRY ASHARA: Article Icon So many times in your life you may have missed opportunities that many weeks, months or even years later you reflect to the past with regrets, recriminations and sometimes anger for those chances that you lost. Why did you do it? Why did you miss those chances? The Why, Why, Why. syndrome! Read more >>>
Find Freedom from Addiction
DAVID SIMON MD: Article Icon Almost everyone suffers from some kind of addiction. Although relatively few people inject heroin or smoke crack cocaine, many of us are addicted to cigarettes, alcohol, food, work, the internet or shopping. We might have more subtle addictions to approval, perfectionism, control, emotional drama or just being right. Read more >>>
Tip Toeing Past the Amygdala
JANICE TAYLOR: Article Icon The AMYGDALA an almond shaped structure located in the mid-section of the brain, is crucial to our survival. It is where the 'Fight or Flight' response lives. Read more >>>
Reducing Life Stress with Peaceful Practices
DEVORAH GARLAND: Article Icon Make no mistake about it: stress kills. It's like a relentless sniper, lying in wait to pick us off as we rush around, too busy to notice the threat. Read more >>>
Inspiring Ideas to Improve the Quality of Your Life
FRED BURKS: It's What You Do With It Article Icon

It is not so much what happens to each of us that determines our quality of life, but rather our reaction to what happens. Read more >>>
What Are Your Hands Doing?
FEATURE ~ RICK HANSON: Article Icon The Practice: Enjoy your hands. WHY? Sometimes it's worth remembering the obvious: you engage the world with your body - much of the time with your hands. Read more >>>
What are you Tolerating?
Putting Up With? Stomaching?
If you wish to drown, do not torture yourself with shallow water. ~ Bulgarian Proverb
FEATURE ~ JANICE TAYLOR: Article Icon The good majority of us have been carrying around suitcases filled with 'incompletes' and things we are 'tolerating'. Read more >>>
Change Your Mind ~ Your Heart Will Show You How
ANDREA THIEL CONNELL: Article Icon There comes a time when we have to make changes. Creating change however is difficult. It is the human way to become attached to everything and it's difficult to let go of the things we have invested our hearts and minds in. Read more >>>

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