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Insights on Celebrity

What Personality Type is Santa Claus?
IRENE ANDERSON: Got your attention didn't I? Article Icon If I were to guess what the Jolly Old Elf's Type is I would say, INFJ ~ That's his Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. (More about that on my website.) Read more >>>
Are you like Charlie Brown?
JANICE CHRYSLER: Article Icon Almost all of us grew up with either reading the Peanuts comic strip in the newspaper or watching the now traditional cartoons at Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Since its debut in 1950 until its creator Charles M. Schulz died in February 2000, many life lessons were portrayed through these simple yet timeless stories. Read more >>>
Our Insatiable Desire for Fame
MIKE ROBBINS: Article Icon I've always been fascinated by ongoing sensationalized stories in the media. It's easy to get caught up in the drama of these stories, to blame the insatiable appetite of the twenty four hour news cycle, or to judge the particular people involved. Read more >>>

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