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Master Heart | Creativity: Children's Needs

Master Heart insights on Interpersonal Relationships

Insights on Children's Needs

Laugh 'til Milk Squirts Out of Your Nose!

Scribble & Grin Empowers Kids 53 Ways

MARY GIUFFRE & PAUL L. CLARK: Scribble & Grin - 53 Rhymes for Inspiring Times was created to bring families together and tickle the funny bones of young, old and everyone in between. It works because the uniquely crafted limericks and poems allow us to stop taking life so seriously and laugh at the happenings of everyday life, without poking fun at someone else's expense! Read more >>>

Scribble & Grin - 53 Rhymes for Inspiring Times: Book Foreword

We invite you to see what's Spiritual Advisor has to say about our latest offering for kids!

Scribble & Grin LogoANDREA THIEL CONNELL: I am thrilled to have been invited to write the foreword for this collection of limericks and rhymes. I can easily envision children reading, re-reading and in due course memorizing these verses for their own amusement without even realizing the lessons they are learning as they go. Read more >>>

Are your Expectations Sabotaging your Children?

“Expectation is the root of all heartache.”  ~William Shakespeare

Child playing pianoCHRISTINE MARRIN: Sometimes our expectations are delicately woven into living vicariously through our children, sometimes we want for our children what we didn’t have ourselves, and sometimes, if we are really honest and tell the truth to ourselves, we forget whose life it is, anyway! Read more >>>

What is Spiritual Parenting?

Beautiful Baby Boy looking upCHRISTINE MARRIN: Spiritual Parenting means that as parents, we are the guardians of our children’s spirits. We give them space to fulfill their souls’ true callings and believe that being kind rather than yearning to be 'right' is a relationship saver.   Read more >>>

Beautiful Rituals for You and Your Children

Burning Incense

CHRISTINE MARRIN: Family rituals seem to evolve naturally over time, and this is wonderful news because they can provide children with a sense of security, belonging and connectedness within the family. Read more >>>

“Beauty Is In the Eye of the Beholder” Indeed!

4 Well loved Barbie DollsCHRISTINE MARRIN: Years went by and we were a 'Barbie' free house, and I was proud! So, when 'Barbie' came into my house, I used 'her' for discussion with my daughters about beauty, body image, the media, illusion, reality and more! Read more >>>

Making Time for Tears

Young woman Crying with hands over her eyesCHRISTINE MARRIN: Children are beautifully connected to their need to cry, and when they are very little, unless they have been told otherwise, they cry freely without attachment to what other people think. This is divine! Read more >>>

How Are We Raising Our Boys?

Rediscovering what it truly means to be MASCULINE is the only way to find peace in this world.

Father holding baby son in his arms staring at the cameraMARY GIUFFRE: In the wake of the horrendous worldwide tragedies receiving attention at the time of writing this, my heart goes out to the victims and those left in turmoil by such heartbreak, however I can't stop feeling terribly sad for the boys who could commit such heinous acts and how we as a society have fallen short when raising our boys. Read more >>>

How to make this year THE year!

Mom Doing Yoga - Downward Dog with young child doing the same underneath herLINDSAY de SWART: This year is reported to be one of awakening for humanity. Yippee – I think, and perhaps a little daunting if you don’t know what that looks like for you! It is a pretty awesome concept – and how does it affect us and our families on a day-to-day basis? Read more >>>

How to Encourage your Intuitive Child

5 Year Old Child's Drawing - 2 girls sharing cookiesAMBER DAWNE: A great connection to empathy, divine love and compassion for others, Windy is a good example of how getting in tune with yourself and others makes for a more empathic intuitive. Read more >>>

Foundation for an Intuitive Child

Child's Drawing of a girl with stained glass hairAMBER DAWNE: Windy is my 5-year-old daughter, who is highly intuitive like her mom. Because I know from my own experience as a medium that it can be hard to find yourself in today’s society, I have raised Windy to rely on her 'gut instincts', to listen to her soul and find clarity through her own intuition. Read more >>>

Helping Children Elevate their Self-esteem

The Greatest Challenge Our Children Face

Young Children Look through deck fenceDR. JOE RUBINO: In our world today, violence, chaos, anger, poverty, alcohol and drug addiction, and a variety of other social ills are becoming more and more prevalent.  Read more >>>

A Fairy Godmother's Gift
MARY GIUFFRE: Article Icon I love presents. I love getting them and I love giving them. Read more >>>
Loving Communication with Your Children
LINE BRUNET: Article Icon When you become a parent you experience a love like no other and the love between a parent and a child is the most pure and beautiful thing. It's also a tricky path to follow as your children grow from a baby to an adult. We love our children so much and their words and actions pull on our heartstrings when it comes to fostering a loving relationship with them. Read more >>>
Lead the Change You Want To See
DEVORAH GARLAND: Article Icon Everyone at my daughter's primary school was suffering. Increasing incidents of bullying and racism resulted in a tense, uneasy atmosphere. A highly diverse student population, both ethnically and economically, was known in the neighbourhood for being uncooperative, aggressive and disrespectful. How could this dire situation ever change? Read more >>>
What Are The Best Gifts
To Give Your Kids This Season?
LINE BRUNET: Article Icon Recently, I've noticed, there's more traffic on the roads and I seem to find myself standing in more and more lineups. It must be that time of the year when many parents are out tearing apart shopping malls to find the perfect gift for their children. Read more >>>
How To Effectively Motivate Your Children
LINE BRUNET: Article Icon If you spend a significant amount of time around children, you probably wouldn't think they needed motivation. Children naturally burst with energy and unprovoked enthusiasm. Heck, when was the last time you suddenly broke out into a hop, skip and a jump during a casual stroll? Read more >>>
Nature and Nurture
Acquiring an Enneagram Type
DAVID DANIELS MD: Article Icon Newcomers to the Enneagram are often curious about the 'nature or nurture' origin of a personality style. Are we born with our style or do we develop it in childhood? Is your Enneagram style 'caused' by one or the other? Or both? Read more >>>
Body Talk 101
Teaching Kids The Benefits of 'Listening' To Their Body's Messages
STEVE SISGOLD: Article Icon As infants, we live naturally in a state of whole body awareness; Vitality, curiosity, and passionate enthusiasm literally pours through our bodies as pure awareness. As children grow older, their cognitive awareness begins to develop. Children learn to rely less and less on body intelligence once mental intelligence kicks in. Read more >>>
I Heard the Noise
DEVORAH GARLAND: Article Icon I heard the noise from the other room: the crack and shatter of something precious being broken in the bathroom. As a mom, I knew it would be bad, and that I just didn't want to look. Read more >>>

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