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Master Heart insights on Fame: Self-Esteem

Insights on Communication

Our Hearts Lead!

Heart Charka Mandala in Green ShadesMARY GIUFFRE: For anyone with the notion that heart and emotion are for the weak and the meek, now that it's been scientifically proven that our heart is in fact, the true leader of our body, it's time to allow your heart energy to flow so it can do the job it came here to do ~ spread the many qualities of LOVE. Read more >>>

Tuned In
LIANNE SNOW: Article Icon This month's RECEPTIVITY theme has been on my mind quite a while. I've known since the beginning it would be about frequencies. I knew it would be about 'tuning in' but beyond that, nothing. It comes as no surprise that it should be in the garden that I find inspiration, for it is in that is where I find most of my inspiration. Read more >>>
Don't Rain on the Parade
Why do we have cheerleaders?
RICK HANSON: Article Icon The Practice ~ Don't rain on the parade. Why? Let's say you've had an interesting idea or moment of inspiration, or thought of a new project, or felt some enthusiasm bubbling up inside you. Your notions are not fully formed and you're not really committed to them yet, but they have promise and you like them and are trying them on for size. Then what? Read more >>>
Becoming a Perpetual Student
Allowing Difficult People and Challenging Situations to Be Your Teacher
DR. JOE RUBINO: Article Icon While the vast majority of people view the daily challenges that life throws across our paths as inconvenient at best and a real nuisance that we should attempt to avoid at nearly all costs at worst, there is another possible perspective we might adopt to maximize our personal power. Read more >>>
Connecting With Others
DR. JOE RUBINO: Article Icon All too often, we live our lives in a state of isolation, keeping others out in an effort to protect ourselves from losing our identity and a sense of control. Although we crave intimacy, connectedness and the love of others, we disconnect if the threat of becoming overwhelmed by it becomes too real and frightening. Read more >>>
Complaining OR Doing Something About it
DR. JOE RUBINO: Article Icon Do you often find yourself complaining, griping or otherwise making someone wrong? Complaints need not be negative. If properly used, they can be powerful tools. There are times when complaints are both warranted and effective in forwarding some unworkable situation that may not be to your liking. Read more >>>
The Power of Listening
MIKE ROBBINS: Article Icon How well do you listen to the people around you? For many of us, myself included, listening can be challenging at times. Read more >>>
The Triangle of Truth
MIKE ROBBINS: Article Icon I have a love-hate relationship to conflict. I love it when things 'work out,' but hate it when they don't. My fear of things not working out, of people's feelings getting hurt, or of me losing something important are usually high on my list of justifications for not saying certain things, not engaging in the conflict at all, or selling out on my deepest truth even in the midst of it. Read more >>>
Heart Listening
MARY GIUFFRE: Article Icon A few weeks back, my sister ~ one of the wisest women I know ~ revealed something very inspiring. "I've entered this listening phase," she said. "I've come to a point where I just want to sit back and listen for a while." Read more >>>
Communicating Authentically
DR. JOE RUBINO: Article Icon You maximize your personal power when you exude an energy of authenticity. When you not only speak from the heart but walk your talk, others get the real you. Read more >>>
Listening Your Way to Greatness
DR. JOE RUBINO: Article Icon What you listen for in your conversations with others determines what you will get out of them. All too often, we listen to others in a casual or unfocused way. As a result, we come away with little from the conversation. In fact, we typically find ourselves listening to our own thoughts and internal chatter instead of to the other person. Read more >>>
Listening to Empower Your Communication
DR. JOE RUBINO: Article Icon When we talk about communicating powerfully, most of us immediately think about how to speak in a way that persuades, enrolls, influences, and conveys all of the thoughts that we wish others to get from our communication. Read more >>>

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