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Master Heart | Health: Ecology

Master Heart insights on Health: Ecology

Insights on the Environment

The Great Outdoors - Good for Your Health

Rocky-RiverHEATHER THOMAS: The effects of spending time converging with nature have been attributed to improvements in both physical and mental health. Studies have also been done regarding the impact of sunlight exposure on mood and mood disorders... Read more >>>

Sustainability, the Next Revolution

Past Present Future - diceHEATHER THOMAS: We live in an ever changing world, with the hope that we are always changing for the better. Our expectation is for a future centered on eco-consciousness and sustainability. We can look to the past in order to measure progress, and to the future to determine what still needs to be done. Read more >>>

Living Off the Grid

Several solar Panels and a single windmillHEATHER THOMAS: One of the latest environmentally conscious buzz-phrases is ‘living off the grid’. This terminology refers to a lifestyle that liberates consumers from reliance on the power grid, where electricity is generated from non-renewable fossil fuels. Read more >>>

Eco-Conscious Health and Beauty Products

Healthy Woman Applying MakeupHEATHER THOMAS: Did you know your beauty regime could be hazardous to both you and the planet? Many popular beauty products contain toxic ingredients that disrupt both hormones and your endocrine system, as well as contain known cancer-causing carcinogens... Read more >>>

Can the Planet Survive the Test of Time?

Population Map of the worldHEATHER THOMAS: While there is certainly enough space on this planet to accommodate such numbers, the world’s natural resources are being strained. Overpopulation takes its toll on the plants, animals and natural resources in the environment. Read more >>>

Repair Rather Than Replace

Sign - Rethink-Reuse-ReturnHEATHER THOMAS: By changing your mindset to one of repair rather than replace, you can reduce the large amount of trash that ends up in landfills, and protect the planet’s precious resources. Read more >>>

Adapting to Climate Change

Globe from space with flames surrounding itHEATHER THOMAS: With each passing year, the global impact of climate change becomes more evident. It is no longer an option to think ‘this won’t affect me’, or ‘not in my lifetime’. The reality is that the damage is already done. Read more >>>

Appreciating the Little Things

Globe in BG with Plant in womans hand FBHEATHER THOMAS: One of the largest contributors to the carbon footprint is over-consumption. If your environmental vice is being a shop-aholic, try this delayed gratification technique to break your habit… Read more >>>

Waste Not, Want Not

Horn of Plenty with lots of vegetables and fruitsHEATHER THOMAS: The Thanksgiving season is filled with family gathering centred around bountiful meals for which we express our sincere gratitude. For those who are fortunate, it is easy to ignore what does not directly affect us. However, the sad truth is that there are over 1 billion people worldwide who go hungry... Read more >>>

Discovering Value

Yard Sale Sign on FenceHEATHER THOMAS: Before you carry your unwanted items out to the curb or the trash compactor and hurry off to the store for something new to fill the empty space, consider one of these Earth-friendly alternatives. Read more >>>

A Foretelling
HEATHER THOMAS: Article Icon Originally published in 1971, the Dr. Seuss story The Lorax, was clearly a foretelling of the detrimental effects of industrialization on the Earth's natural resources. Read more >>>
Balancing Convenience and Consciousness

Reduce - Reuse - Recycle GraphicHEATHER THOMAS: Have you ever taken notice of the large amount of packaging that can accumulate as a result of your eating habits? You might be shocked once you evaluate the amount of waste created by processed, take-out and delivery foods, and single serve sizes of products. Read more >>>

One Person CAN Make a Difference!

Snapping turtles in Danger from trafficPAUL CLARK: To start, let me tell you I have never done anything like this before in my life. I thought this was to be a story about stillness, peace and quiet. My own to be exact. But it evolved into something much more complex. Read more >>>

Commitment to Go Green

Computer generated image of multi-coloured people surrounding green globeHEATHER THOMAS: 'Going Green' is the trendy and socially responsible thing to do these days, but talk is cheap. It is not enough to read, or talk, about green products and practices. All of the greatest intentions mean nothing without actions to support them... Read more >>>

A Passion for Tree Planting

“If you want to be happy for a year, plant a garden; if you want to be happy for life, plant a tree.” ~ English Proverb

Young Girl carrying a tree ready for plantingHEATHER THOMAS: Trees are all around, but how much thought is given regarding their contribution to people, animals and the environment? In addition to their natural beauty, the benefits of trees are numerous. Read more >>>

Giving Turtles a Second Chance

Ila Loetscher: The Turtle Lady

Ila Loetscher 'the Turtle Lady' holding a sea turtleGRACE STE. CROIX: 'The Turtle Lady' Ila Loetscher spent the majority of her life saving the sea turtles off of the Gulf of Mexico. Praised by National Geographic and inspiring thousands of volunteers, Ila shed light on the fragile Sea Turtle and how important the stability of the enviornment effects our wildlife Read more >>>

Park Appreciation

Budding TreesHEATHER THOMAS: Whether it is around the globe or around the corner, natural beauty surrounds us. The versatile thing about parks is that they offer something for everyone. Read more >>>

Healthy Heart, Happy Planet

EarthHEATHER THOMAS: Making small adjustments in old habits can make a big different in both heart health and the health of the planet. Read more >>>

Environmental Education Effects Run Deep

Black Board with Education equals future written

HEATHER THOMAS: In recent scientific studies, research has provided evidence of dramatic positive effects of nature education on child behaviour. Using the great outdoors to create a classroom environment, result in improvements in everything from math and science skills to art and music abilities. Read more >>>

Joy to the World

Earth From Outer Space with a Gift BowHEATHER THOMAS: For many people, the holiday season is about giving and receiving gifts. However, amidst the material clutter and seasonal stress, it is easy to forget about the endless plethora of amazing gifts we receive every day from Mother Earth.  Read more >>>

A World Filled with Synchronicity
HEATHER THOMAS: Article Icon Enlightenment regarding the interconnectivity and interdependence of all living things is the purest example of synchronicity. There are millions of actions happening every moment that are maintaining the balance of our ecosystem and ultimately our existence on this planet. Read more >>>
Earth-Conscious Alternatives
HEATHER THOMAS: Article Icon It's easy to keep doing what you've always done. The challenge is being receptive to change. I've compiled a selection of Earth-friendly alternatives to the harsh chemicals and cleansers that permeate our lives. Read more >>>
Seafood Sustainability
HEATHER THOMAS: Article Icon When you sit down to a delicious seafood dinner; do you think about where the fish came from? The sustainability of our seafood is a major problem that needs to be raised to the forefront of our awareness. Read more >>>
Choose an Environmental Charity
HEATHER THOMAS: Article Icon Have you ever considered getting involved with an environmental charity? Whether you are interested in donating your time or money, the plethora of worthy causes can be overwhelming. Read more >>>
Proud to be 'Green'
HEATHER THOMAS: Article Icon It's easier to have strength in your convictions when your convictions are in sync with those of the majority. The challenge arises when it's time for you to stand by beliefs that appear to be slightly unpopular. Despite the heightened global awareness of environmental issues, unusual weather patterns, and natural disasters, being 'Green' may have become trendy but is not always common. Read more >>>
Good for You, Good for the Earth
HEATHER THOMAS: Article Icon You may have heard the terms, Staycation, Daycation, or Holistay. These are titles given to a family vacation that involves staying close to home. Read more >>>
Plant a Garden for Sustainable Living
HEATHER THOMAS: Article Icon Planting a sustainable garden is a great way to honour Mother Earth. The increasing costs of pre-packaged food and imported produce are additional reasons it may be time to consider alternative food sources. Something as simple as planting a garden can be your personal contribution to creating a sustainable food source for you and your family. Read more >>>
Happy Mother's Day, Earth
JAMES POLK: Article Icon It's easy to take you for granted, but on this special occasion of Mother's Day, here are a few words to express gratitude for all you are and all you do. Read more >>>
Repurposing: Turn Your Trash Into Treasure
HEATHER THOMAS: Article Icon Repurposing is the modification of something to be used for a purpose other than its original intended use. Repurposing is another alternative beyond the already familiar common recycling practices for aluminum, metal, glass, plastic, paper, and cardboard. Read more >>>
What's Your 'Green' Resolution for 2011?
HEATHER THOMAS: Article Icon We may already be halfway through January, but there's no better time than the present to begin making positive environmental changes as part of your New Year's resolutions. Read more >>>
What's Your
Environmental Consciousness Level?
HEATHER THOMAS: Article Icon We deem many things 'modern conveniences' because they speed up our processes and add efficiencies to our busy lives. However, while we race through one day to get to the next, it's easy to either overlook, or completely disregard the effects our choices have on the environment. Read more >>>
Holiday 'Green'ings!
HEATHER THOMAS: Article Icon The Holiday season is filled with a seemingly endless list of things to do and people to see. We focus on gifts, food, decorations and a full calendar of parties, dinners and preparations. Read more >>>
Appreciation of Nature's Gifts
HEATHER THOMAS: Article Icon We often innocently and unintentionally find ourselves taking things for granted, whether it is people, our careers, the environment, or even material objects, like our cars or homes. Read more >>>
Do we Really Need to Worry about
Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs?
HEATHER THOMAS: Article Icon Despite their environmental benefits, there have been several recent questions about the health concerns of Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs or CFLs, due to both the mercury contained within the bulbs and the amount of 'dirty electricity' that is emitted from them. Read more >>>
The Ancient Art of Composting
HEATHER THOMAS: Article Icon Trash is an unlikely topic of conversation around most dinner tables, but definitely something worth raising to a higher level of awareness. Like it or not, producing waste is an inevitable and undeniable part of our lives, but what we do with that waste is something we can control. Read more >>>
When the Earth Speaks, Do You Listen?
HEATHER THOMAS: Article Icon Are you receiving the signs surrounding you every day? They may be as small as a wilting plant in your home, or as large as a nationwide draught or global warming. So how can you make a difference? Read more >>>

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