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Master Heart Magazine | How we got here!

Master Heart - How we got here

How We Got Here

Back when the Ancient Chinese Masters mapped the earth's energies and meridians through this metaphysical science of Feng Shui, the earth was a pretty balanced place. Everything was in harmony, ebbing and flowing together.

There was always a gentle balance of Yin and Yang. FEMININE ~ YIN energy is love, compassion, tenderness, caring etc. and MASCULINE ~ YANG energy is doing, protecting, exploring. All wonderful qualities when working in co-operation with each other, however about 2000 years ago things changed drastically and our planet has been living according to the rules of unbalanced MASCULINE ~ YANG energy ever since.

Our society honours and defines itself by the MASCULINE energy of control and endless doing. The loving, compassionate, FEMININE implies the loss of power and women and men ignore their nuturing instincts and their personal needs by continuing to embrace this unbalanced expression of MASCULINE energy.

You only have to turn on your TV, or check out the news online to see that it's true.

MASCULINE energy tips the scales to the extreme. Corrupt business practices, endless civil and international wars, terrorist bombings and hate crimes, gang wars, and the savage rape of innocent women and children, as well as the natural resources of Mother Earth continues.

Everyone one of these violent acts a misguided expression of MASCULINE energy. Because it's been ongoing throughout recorded history, we're desensitized to this condition. Unnatural as it may be, living by the principles of unbalanced MASCULINE energy is our way of life. These behaviours are tattooed on our psyche and are so much a part of us they are as natural as breathing.


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