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Depth of Vision

The Self Care Evolution Series 

The Chakra System

TRACI TRIMBLE: Being able to see farther ahead than what is directly in front of me is my gift and it has served me in many ways. I have the ability to take that which is in the now and to see the unlimited possibilities far into the future. I am able and willing to dream, create and then live my vision of that future as though it were now. Read more >>>

If You Can Imagine, You Can Make it Real

Woman's arms letting a butterfly go

RORY KELLY CONNOR: After almost two decades as a public relations and branding strategy expert, I added Certified Coach to my areas of expertise.  Read more >>>

Getting Nowhere Faster Than Ever
JAMES POLK: Article Icon Wasn't the advancement of technology supposed to make our lives easier? In a cruel twist of irony, that's not how it seems to be playing out. Read more >>>
Returning to the Root
MARI SELBY: Article Icon With these long nights at the end of the year there is nothing to fear. We are never alone. There is always a star, an angel, or our God to guide us through this seasonal cycle. Rather than the introspection and contemplation that this season calls us to experience, we all too often throw away the short days in material gain, or fleeting entertainment. Read more >>>
Create a Vision for Your Dream Life
DR. JOE RUBINO: Article Icon Dreams do come true. However, if your self-image is tarnished, your expectations of participating in all the great things that life has to offer are likely suffering as well. Perhaps, low self-esteem's greatest cost is the resulting resignation it fosters. We die inside a little more each day.
Read more >>>
One World
MARI SELBY: Article Icon What if everyone in the world acted as if we were part of each other's community, whether building barns, mourning our lost ones, or recovering from Mother Nature's power? Would we then know what it really means to be one? As caring humans we are awesome to behold in crisis. Read more >>>
On Never Giving Up
HEATHER PARDON: Article Icon We all have dreams within us. Some we may have already realized and some may be works in progress. Some that we may have shared with others and some that are so precious to us that we guard them close to our hearts. Nonetheless, our dreams are important to all of us. Read more >>>
Your Days Define Your Life
ROBIN SHARMA: Article Icon Big idea. Your days are your life in miniature. As you live your days, so you craft your life. What you do today is actually creating your future. Read more >>>
The Unfolding Universe
PATRICK RYAN: Article Icon The life you are living today results from the seeds you planted yesterday and the seeds you plant today shape the life you will wake up in tomorrow. Read more >>>
There's No Place Like No Place
JAMES POLK: Article Icon There is a place in my neighbourhood that I love. It's not that there's anything particularly distinctive or spectacular about this space. In fact, it's pretty nondescript. Read more >>>

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