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Master Heart | Relationships: Interpersonal

Master Heart insights on Interpersonal Relationships

Insights on Interpersonal Relationships

Expectations: The Limiting Enemy Within

One-Way SignRORY KELLY CONNOR: Expectations are a mental attitude, a state or act of anticipating a specific outcome. Where expectations go awry is when they become assumptions, ergo something we take for granted or presume, a presumption steeped in arrogance and power. Read more >>>

Friday December 14, 2012 the World Transformed

And on April 15, 2013 the world was transformed once more. This time the explosions were in Boston, with runners and their families. The first-responders kindness and courage will always be remembered, while we hold in our hearts all those injured and killed from this violence.

Yellow CandlesMARI SELBY: Transformation through violence has been happening too often to ignore. And now a white-middle class community has been affected. Is this the tipping point? Will this bring about change in gun control, community health, and mental health care? Read more >>>

Gonna Do It When You Have Time? Do It Now.

Airline Flight board with all destinations cancelledRORY KELLY CONNOR: Time is an illusion created to make us feel safe, to attempt to control outcomes, to plan. It is also the obstacle we use to delay, avoid, excuse and chicken out. Yes, you’ve got all the time in the world. Until you don’t. Read more >>>

Mending Fences: Friendship Renewal

Two Women Chatting intimately over coffeeGRACE STE.CROIX: Deciding if it’s worth the friendship renewal consists of a quick mental checklist of pros and cons. What were the good times like? How truly bad were the bad times? If you were to pass-on tomorrow, would you regret not having mended fences… Read more >>>

Drink Flame Retardant! It Renews You…NOT!

Billboard that says - PAUL L. CLARK: We are constantly seduced into a belief system of ‘learned helplessness’ and isolated with a victim mindset. “Why me?” and “This happens all the time!” and “I feel so all alone.” Sound familiar? Well we are not victims and we are not helpless and we are not alone. Read more >>>

Appreciation Makes All the Difference

Red Haired Young woman joyfully receiving a giftRORY KELLY CONNOR: Appreciation is a joyful state of gratitude. It is a reflection of a gift valued by the receiver. It is an attentive awareness and celebration of the love surrounding the giving. Therefore, it is, in and of itself, a gift... Read more >>>

The Newcomer: Letting Go

Old Style Suit Cases stacked outside aging brick wallGRACE STE. CROIX: As a community, when we have newcomers join us, we must realize how much they have had to let go to arrive here. Read more >>>

Losing a Loved One

Metal Grid with water dropletsSALLIE FELTON: I remember in 1999 when my father was diagnosed with emphysema and congestive heart failure, hearing the doctor's words, "Your Dad may have a year or two." Read more >>>

The Power of Nice is a Beautiful
and Powerful Way to Live
RORY KELLY CONNOR: Article Icon How many times have you heard it said "Nice guys finish last." or "No good deed goes unpunished." over the course of your life? These cliches, born out of an ever-increasing and competitive business environment, have helped to propagate Darwin's theory of survival of the fittest, a model in which the last man standing or the one with more is the winner... Read more >>>
Living Poetry – Living in Balance

Morpho Butterfly - Vibrant BlueMARI SELBY: The power to bring more balance to the world is inside us. That power is Love. When we exercise unconditional love we open channels for this power to surface. As this love surfaces our lives are forever altered. When we share this frequency of love we are contributors to every micron of change in the world, and every drop is valuable. Read more >>>

Spreading Joy Through Creation

Fortune Cookie - Joy is in CreationBRENT MARCHANT: While creation’s role in spreading joy is perhaps most apparent during the holidays, it certainly need not be limited to this festive time of year. I remind myself of this daily with a simple but profoundly uplifting expression that I have taped to the top of my computer monitor: “The greatest joy is in creation.” Read more >>>

Go Ahead, Make your Day

How to Create Joyful Interactions

2 - 3D Hearts with long arms greeting each other

PAUL CLARK: Why is it pretty much every stranger I meet greets me the same way. “Hi. How are you?” and ends with the same old line, “Have a good day." The rest of the interaction is just as boring and unemotional~The grocery store check-out, the gas station girl, the parking lot guy~the retail store cashier~it’s always the same.  Read more >>>

Completing Your Past
DR. JOE RUBINO: Article Icon It is impossible to be totally present to life, living full out in the moment, if we are incomplete with our past. Instead of welcoming each new experience with a fresh perspective, we become bogged down in the baggage from previously unresolved issues... Read more >>>
Leverage Hard Relationships
ROBIN SHARMA: Article Icon Big Idea: your most challenging relationship carries with it the seeds of your greatest growth. The relationship that tests/frustrates/irritates you the most actually is one of your greatest blessings. Why? Because it reveals to you the very beliefs/fears and false assumptions that most limit you. Get that and you can step into your NLG: Next Level of Greatness. Read more >>>
Spirituality and Work-Life Balance
BONNIE MICHAELS: Article Icon It's been over 25 years now since I started working with families. I've built my work-life balance training classes around the concepts of defining values and developing skills and strategies. Lately, I've begun research on the meaning of spirituality and how it affects work-life balance. Read more >>>
Follow Your Heart
STEVE SISGOLD: Article Icon I was sitting in a mountainside hot spring in Japan and an elderly man entered the pool. We smiled and quickly identified that he knew no English and I had learned about seven Japanese words on the plane ride so conversation was not an option. Read more >>>
Tune into Others
RICK HANSON: Article Icon The Practice: Tune into others. Why? Imagine a world in which people interacted with each other like ants or fish. Imagine a day at work like this, or in your family, aware of the surface behaviour of the people around you but oblivious to their inner life while they remain unmoved by your own. Read more >>>
Five Steps to Flourishing Friendships
PEGGY O'NEILL: Article Icon Friends are the greatest gift in life! They bring love, comfort, joy and celebration. When it comes to attending a yearly conference, meeting, reunion or camp, one has a unique opportunity to create friendships that last a lifetime and bring us joy over many many years. Read more >>>
Unconditional Respect
Respect: to admire, to place in esteem, to regard, to be considerate of
ANDREA THIEL CONNELL: Article Icon "Respect must be earned." How often do we hear this statement? What do you think? Read more >>>
Do You Need a Reason to Love?
MARCI SHIMOFF: Article Icon The woman sitting across from me was radiant. Mirabai Devi, an international spiritual teacher from South Africa, was known for the unconditional love that emanated from her and I could see why. Her dark eyes sparkled, her smile was both serene and joyful, and I felt a warm glow in my heart as I gazed at her. Read more >>>
Friend or Foe?
RICK HANSON: Article Icon The Practice: Be friendly. Why? Friendliness is a down-to-earth approach to others that is welcoming and positive. Read more >>>
Are You Acting from
Gratitude, Love, and Trust?
DR. JOE RUBINO: Article Icon Human beings operate daily to reflect a wide range of emotions with a multitude of motivations fuelling behaviours. All too often, people react emotionally to what others say or do. Read more >>>
Where Does It Hurt?
RICK HANSON: Article Icon The Practice ~ Recognize suffering in others. Why? We're usually aware of our own suffering, which - broadly defined - includes the whole range of physical and mental discomfort, from mild headache or anxiety to the agony of bone cancer or the anguish of losing a child. Read more >>>
Can You Forgive?
"To forgive is the highest, most beautiful form of love. In return, you will receive untold peace and happiness."
- Robert Mueller, Former Assistant Secretary General to the United Nations
MARCI SHIMOFF: Article Icon Forgiveness is one of the 21 core habits of unconditionally happy people I discovered through my research for my book, 'Happy for No Reason: 7 Steps to Being Happy from the Inside Out.' The reality is whether the trespass against you is big or small, you can't be truly happy until you forgive. Read more >>>
Who is Behind the Mask?
RICK HANSON: Article Icon The Practice: See the person behind the eyes. Why? Most of us wear a kind of mask, a persona that hides our deepest thoughts and feelings, and presents a polished, controlled face to the world. Read more >>>
Today Is the Very First Day
MARI SELBY: Article Icon "This is the beginning of a new day. I have been given this day to use as I WILL. I can waste it...or use it for good, but what I do today is important, because I am exchanging a day of my life for it! When tomorrow comes, this day will be gone forever, leaving in its place something that I have traded for it. I want it to be gain, and not loss; good and not evil." Anonymous. Read more >>>
Want Great Friendships? Start by being a BFF to Yourself
CHRISTINE ARYLO: Article Icon Would you ever say to your friend...
Don't love yourself, that's selfish!
Just stay with the jerk, you'll get used to him.
You really sucked at that.
You're not worth spending time with.
Read more >>>

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