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Master Heart | Wealth: Money

Master Heart insights on Wealth: Money

Insights on Money

Would you be ecstatic with a $15 Lottery Win?

Lottery_BallsLINDSAY de SWART: If you tell yourself that you are ecstatic about your finances and money, and allow your emotions to run towards the ecstatic end of the scale, that has to be better than telling yourself that things are diabolical and that your finances are terrible! Read more >>>

New Financial Systems Attract Beautiful Abundance

Rows of CoinsLINDSAY de SWART:  If you are the type to resist creating financial systems, or systems of any kind at all, then now is the time to have a re-think about the beauty of what you can manifest and experience by creating some process and some new routines to live by. Read more >>>

Money or Time?

Money TreeLINDSAY de SWART: If you were brought up hearing “Money doesn’t grow on trees!” and “Do you think I’m made of money?” your relationship with it will be very different than if you were brought up knowing that there was always plenty, and that money was discussed in a positive way, or even discussed at all. Read more >>>

Walking the Heart-Centred Path
with Money in Your Pocket AND in the Bank

Letting Go of Past Money Programming

Coins in Glass Bottle

MARY GIUFFRE: Accept at a heart level that money is part of the world we live in and that having and enjoying it no way hinders our ability to love. Read more >>>

Think End Results

Mind over Money Part 10

Cartoon Figure with big money purseJAMES GOI JR: When you get serious about having more money, you’ll tend to spend time and energy trying to figure out how to get more money. But you’ll do much better at this point to simply think about the end results you want. Read more >>>

Set Money Goals

Mind over Money Part 9

Faceless figure with money purseJAMES GOI JR: Setting goals is a powerful way to help yourself identify and bring about desired end results. You can help yourself to attract the money you want and need by setting specific money goals. In fact, money goals can be a key element in your long-term money-attracting strategy. Read more >>>

Let It Go
Mind over Money Part 8
JAMES GOI JR: Article Icon To help yourself attract more money, you'll do well to let go of some things so that your new money can flow to you more freely. Rest assured that the things you'll need to let go of are things you'll be better off without and that you won't miss. Read more >>>
Strengthening Our Relationship to Money
The secret is aligning it with what we value.
RORY KELLY CONNOR: Article Icon I was a woman on a mission. I had money in my wallet that I had personally earned. I felt very powerful. As I passed by one luxury-goods' store after another on Fifth Avenue, I wasn't even tempted to go inside to check out that sexy orange leather bag with the totally cool design displayed in a store window. Didn't pause in my stride to ogle the high-heeled black sandals with the little metal bangles adorning the front strap. Read more >>>
Money Mindset
Mind over Money Part 7
JAMES GOI JR: Article Icon Using mind power to attract money comes down to developing an improved money mindset. Your money mindset is made up of your thoughts and feelings about money. Positive thinking regarding money strengthens your money mindset, and negative thinking about money weakens your money mindset. Read more >>>
Some Simple Laws of Prosperity
DEBRA PONEMAN: Article Icon The year was 1981. The place was Marina del Rey, California. The seminar leader's name was Chris, and although I never saw him again, from the moment he began to speak, I knew that my life was about to change dramatically. Read more >>>
Expect Money!
Mind over Money Part 6
JAMES GOI JR: Article Icon Expectancy, being a form of belief, is a powerful state of mind. To expect something to come about is to believe it will come about. To help yourself to attract a lot more money into your life, develop the expectation that you will do so. Read more >>>
Lottery Ticket to Ride
MARY GIUFFRE: Article Icon The monetary system that rules our planet is a human-mind invention that truly has no basis in anything tangible. On the great, big greed scale that has become the sum of our existence it's a way to keep track of who has what, and who is not entitled. Read more >>>
The Only Thing We Have to Fear
MARCI SHIMOFF: Article Icon In the last year, the number of calls going in to suicide hot lines has increased dramatically - in some areas as much as seventy percent. Though, fortunately, there hasn't been an increase in suicides, it's clear that people are feeling the need for more emotional support. Read more >>>
Subconscious Mind
Mind over Money Part 5
JAMES GOI JR: Article Icon With or without your knowledge or consent, your subconscious mind is attracting and repelling money all the time. How you manage your subconscious mind will determine whether or not you will create the financial circumstances you desire. Read more >>>
Money Belief
Mind over Money Part 4
JAMES GOI JR: Article Icon Belief is the acceptance of a notion as being true. It is also a pivotal part of the money-attracting process. There are two kinds of belief: conscious and subconscious. Each will have a role in helping you attract the money you want to attract. Read more >>>
Focus Attention
Mind over Money Part 3
JAMES GOI JR: Article Icon If you want to attract more money into your life, you'll want to begin to focus your attention in certain ways. Energy flows where attention goes, and the process of attracting money is a process of governing the flow of energy. Energy and consciousness are the mediums you will work with to become a successful money-attractor. Read more >>>
How to Be Happy in a Recession
DEEPAK CHOPRA: Article Icon When a box turtle is crossing the road and it hears a car coming, it reacts by drawing in its head and feet, contracting for protection. Evolution has kept turtles alive for hundreds of millions of years that way. Read more >>>
Why Money?
Mind over Money Part 2
JAMES GOI JR: Article Icon Your desire for more money will be the driving force that moves you and the universe to action, but your desire must rest upon a strong foundation if it is to continue to sustain you and carry you forward. Read more >>>
Want Money!
Mind over Money Part 1
JAMES GOI JR: Article Icon Do you want more money? Then really WANT IT. Desire is one of the most powerful of human emotions. Desire sets the universe in motion and it sets you in motion. The desire behind the concept or image breathes LIFE into the concept or image. Read more >>>
Money and Consciousness
PATRICK RYAN: Article Icon Money is energy in the form of currency. Energy likes to move around and it is available to us all equally. Money itself does not have an opinion about whom it should flow to; from money's point of view it is not personal. We tend to make it personal from our side of the relationship. Read more >>>
How to Stay Up When the Economy is Down
MARCI SHIMOFF: Article Icon 5 Tips to Get You Started
How can I be happy when my home is losing its value, my retirement saving plan is going down, and the price of everything else is going up? Read more >>>

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