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Master Heart | Health: Nutrition

Master Heart insights on Health: Nutrition

Insights on Nutrition

Transformation is a lot like Baking a Cake

Egg Shells with Raw EggRORY KELLY CONNOR: Just as a butterfly cannot go back to being a caterpillar, so too it is with transformation of an individual. It is irreversible. You know you have reached it when you can no longer go back to a former way of being, living, thinking. Your heart, mind, and sometimes your body are forever changed. Read more >>>

From the Earth to Your Kitchen

Red Tomoto and Yellow Peppers with water dropletsGRACE STE. CROIX: If only we could all just take a step back and fill our bellies with an abundance of healthy foods. If only we could just take that extra moment to investigate if some of our favourite vegetables come from local farmers so they are fresher... Read more >>>

Tap Into Your Healing Abundance

Milkweed PodLISA ROBBINS: You have an incredible ability to heal your own body even if your belief system says the opposite. Studies on the brain show us that in order to believe something that we didn’t believe a minute ago, we need repetition of information that supports the new belief. Read more >>>

Paulie's Peaches

Learn How to Preserve Peaches in Less than 10 Minutes with this Video!

Man with Bottles of Preserved Peaches
Canning isn't just for Mothers and Grandmothers anymore. Move over, one of the original Peach Boys is here to tell you anyone can can. (Do I hear French music???) Read more >>>

Natural vs. Organic

Scales Organic vs Natural

HEATHER THOMAS: Most recently, marketing companies have hitched their cart to the ‘health food’ bandwagon, and are bombarding consumers with fancy packaging that specifies the product is ‘Natural’ ‘100% Natural’. ‘All Natural’, or ‘Naturally Made’. BUYER BEWARE! Read more >>>

Green Chile Roast
MARI SELBY: Article Icon For 25 years I lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico. New Mexico is the only state I know of that has an official question. You are promptly asked 'red or green'? in a restaurant whenever you order any New Mexican dish, i.e. enchiladas or burritos. Read more >>>
Emotional Eating
Strength through Understanding
DONNA THERRIEN: Article Icon Are you someone who reaches for the fridge or opens a cabinet every time you're stressed out, upset or bored? I fought with emotional eating for years without even thinking about what I was doing or what was going on in my life at the time I was binging on potato chips or chocolate cake. Read more >>>
Have you Eaten Your Spinach Today?
Have you Eaten Your Spinach Today?
MARI SELBY: Article Icon When I was a child 'Popeye the Sailor man' was a popular cartoon. Popeye was slight in stature, that is until he ate his can of spinach, which transformed him into a powerhouse who could face up to Brutus the bully and save the day! I hated canned spinach but I tried over and over to 'eats me spinach' and become like Popeye, but never got the results I wanted. Read more >>>
The Eating Experience
Steps to Eating Food Consciously
DONNA THERRIEN: Article Icon How many times have you eaten something and not even tasted it? Most people go through life on autopilot, unaware of what they are actually doing, especially while they're eating. Their minds are either in the future or in the past. They are either thinking about the next ten things they have to do or about the last ten things they did or said. Read more >>>
Heal Yourself!
FEATURE: Article Icon Since losing both her parents to cancer, Feng SHe Collaborator, Lisa Robbins has dedicated her life to holistic healing. She's recently launched a stunning memoir, THE CANCER JOURNAL: HEAL YOURSELF, that will help you do just that! Read more >>>
Eat Celery!
LISA ROBBINS: Article Icon Do you want to lose fat throughout your body, including where it is accumulated and buildup in your arteries, lower your cholesterol levels, lower your blood pressure and uric acid levels, rebuild your joints and bones, AND reduce cancer growth in your body? Read more >>>
How To Grow Sprouts
LISA ROBBINS: Article Icon Have you ever tried to grow your own sprouts? It has to be one of the simplest easiest, and BEST ways to increase your nutrition. Read more >>>
Hummus' Hormonal Personality
LISA ROBBINS: Article Icon I have been making Hummus at home for several years now. It is so easy and quick to make that I cannot believe I ever purchased commercial hummus; not to mention that homemade hummus is infinitely more delicious and versatile than it's commercial counterparts. Read more >>>
Cleanse 2011
LISA ROBBINS: Article Icon Are you looking to cleanse your body this fabulous 2011 New Year? Would you like to know how to start right now, without buying expensive cleanses, using only groceries you would buy anyway?
Read more >>>
Balance pH
LISA ROBBINS: Article Icon Of all the questions I receive about health, this is the most common. People are starting to catch on that balanced pH is one of the key principles to maintaining optimum health. Read more >>>
Savoury Sweet Potato Biscuits
LISA ROBBINS: Article Icon Cold winter days find me longing for heart warming, savoury foods, searching through cupboards and rummaging through drawers for inspiring ingredients. Read more >>>
Lemon ~ The 'Master' Cleanser
LISA ROBBINS: Article Icon In 1976, Stanley Burroughs wrote a tiny book called The Master Cleanser, featuring our tart little friend, the lemon. He writes, "The lemonade diet has successfully and consistently demonstrated its eliminative and building ability. It may be used with complete safety for every known type of disease." Read more >>>
Christmas Nog ~ Rich, Creamy and Healthy
LISA ROBBINS: Article Icon What? Healthy? Yes, everything can be health-erized! Eggnog is one of THE simplest recipes to turn raw, and why buy fattening, artery clogging, thick, sweet, cooked eggnog from the store, IF they have it in stock, when you can make it yourself anytime at home in 30 seconds! Read more >>>
Rich Chocolate Rumballs
LISA ROBBINS: Article Icon Rumballs are one of our favourite Christmas treats. For years I made rumballs with tons of butter, crushed cookies, chocolate chips and icing sugar. They were counter-productive to improving our health and energy levels to say the least! Read more >>>
Antioxidant Rich, Fragrant Chai Tea
LISA ROBBINS: Article Icon Don't you just love Chai Tea? It's so fragrant, sweet and delicious. I've tried many commercial versions, and some are very good, but Alix taught me how to make delicious Chai Tea at home for pennies per cup. That is one of the benefits of having a daughter who worked in a cafe for four years! Read more >>>
5 Simple Ways To Eat Raw Food Everyday
LISA ROBBINS: Article Icon There is a huge raw food movement sweeping through our world right now as people realize they can cure almost any disease by eating properly. Read more >>>
Asian Noodle Salad with Carrot Matchsticks
LISA ROBBINS: Article Icon Toasted sesame oil, fresh scallions, flecks of fiery red chilli, salty fermented vinegar and a touch of sweetness make this salad a gastronomical masterpiece! My family can't get enough... Read more >>>
Raw Chocolate Cranberry Fudge!
LISA ROBBINS: Article Icon This recipe is lusciously scrumptious and decadent and everything a sweet should be; but there's something lacking...Badness! Read more >>>

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