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Master Heart | Health: Pets

Master Heart insights on Health: Pets & Animal Rights

Insights on Pets & Animal Rights

A Second Chance To Start Again

Cozy CatsKAREN HARKNESS: Consider opening your home and heart to a homeless pet. There are many wonderful pets waiting for second chances and I guarantee you won’t be sorry. Read more >>>

Happy Pet-Friendly Holidays

Dog with Plush Reindeer Antlers on Santa's lapKAREN HARKNESS: It’s important to remember that our pets are curious creatures and love to investigate everything around them, especially when their surroundings change. We will need to keep that in mind when decorating our homes for the holidays and hosting family dinners. Read more >>>

When It’s Time To Say Goodbye

Orange Cat named MurphyKAREN HARKNESS: If we were to understand that animals have no problem with the natural cycle of life and do not fear their passing as much as we do ours, it would make this time of transition easier to bear. If we knew that the animals we love and cherish have souls that go on, as ours do, we may find their transition easier to bear. Read more >>>

An Abundance of Blessings

Scrabble Board with pet namesKAREN HARKNESS: Take a moment to look at your pets. Think about what they bring to your life. You adopted your pet for a reason. Whatever that reason, I’m willing to bet you may not have thought about the abundance of blessings you receive from your pets. Read more >>>

My Goal in Life

To Be as Worthy a Person as My Dog Believes I am

Cute Little DogsKAREN HARKNESS: I would like to suggest that the relationship between our pets and us is something that is mutually fulfilling. Our pets are certainly worthy in our eyes, but are we always worthy of them? Read more >>>

Reiki for Rover

Small grey dog - surrounded by circle of handsGRACE STE. CROIX: Reiki is a hands-on healing method that can be used for humans and animals alike. Through Reiki teachings, and through the use of Reiki hand positions, the practitioner becomes the conduit for energy that connects us all to the highest source for healing. Read more >>>

Happy, Balanced Pets

Puppy sleeping upside down in the grassKAREN HARKNESS: What makes for a happy, balanced pet? There are many things, but the most important is ensuring that your pet’s needs are met. Ensuring that their overall mental, emotional and physical wellness is attended to is important in achieving this goal. Read more >>>

An Ear to Listen

Dog with BooksGRACE STE. CROIX: For many years, service dogs were viewed just as aids for the blind. This still exists with excellent success, but as time went on, pets were used to alert diabetics of a coming reaction or alert people to the onset of an epileptic seizure. And now they can now be the silent teachers in a classroom! Read more >>>

Perceive and Believe!

Extended family or accessory? It’s all perception!

Cat with short front leg in leather sleeveGRACE STE. CROIX: Many of us come with our talents and faults and we want our peers to take us for who we are: imperfections and all. However, the same imperfect people strive for the ideal dog or cat in their family. Read more >>>

Pet Personalities

Dog ~ CatGRACE STE. CROIX: We have all heard stories about the intensity of pet awareness. The devastating tsunami in the Indian Ocean December of 2004, unfortunately killed thousands of people, but hours before the first horrific wave hit land, locals attested that flocks of birds, pets and elephants fled in droves from lower ground to higher ground. Read more >>>

Raising London: A Professional and a Puppy

Chug puppyGRACE STE. CROIX: Many professionals think about getting a dog. The companionship and love of any pet is something to be desired. However, with a busy schedule, people fear having a new pet.  Read more >>>

Fur-ever Home

Sassy Shitzu GRACE STE.CROIX: With the recent media attention to puppy mills, society is becoming more aware about rescuing animals. As success stories come from saving a poor pet in a tough situation, many families are taking the plunge to rescue an animal.  Read more >>>

Family Pet Perception
Adopting a New Pet
GRACE STE.CROIX: Article Icon From a tiny beta fish to a huge German Shepard, the big decision to get a pet requires a lot of preparation and decision making. What should your pet eat? Who will take care of it when you go on vacation? Will the new pet be receptive to your family members, your friends and your lifestyle in general? Many new pet owners must research these facts before making the big decision to have a new addition. Read more >>>
Second Steps for Pets
"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." Gandhi
GRACE STE. CROIX: Article Icon Sadly, due to unforeseen circumstances, some dogs and cats suffer accidents or birth defects that lead to their inability to walk, but it seems we're paying more attention to our pet's health and well being as many companies have taken action to provide more medical treatments for our pets. Read more >>>
Pets in Senior's Homes
GRACE STE. CROIX: Article Icon As we age, it becomes the responsibility of each family to make arrangements so that their senior relatives receive the best care possible. Many of us will be called on to make the tough decision to place a parent into a senior's home. Read more >>>
Raising Puppy Mill Survivors
Be Still, Be Patient, Repeat
GRACE STE. CROIX: Article Icon I look down at my hands and stare at the two figures ahead of me. A stream of description flashes through my mind: malnourished, terrified and almost completely hairless. Two little Yorkies stare up at me quizzically. At least, I'm told they're Yorkies. I couldn't really tell. Read more >>>

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