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Master Heart insights on Photography

Insights on Photography

"Photography does not create eternity, as art does; it embalms time, rescuing it simply from its proper corruption." ~ André Bazin

Brilliant images attained with patience and stillness or those captured with split second timing: all metaphors of harmonious BALANCE.

Maya Schoolchildren

Group of Maya Schoolchildren looking our an upper window

LOLA REID ALLIN: After several days visiting exclusively with my Maya hosts, I set off to visit the local junior school. The 12-year-old son of my host family accompanied me to his school, urging the importance of crucial-for-acceptance introductions. Read more >>>

Welcome to the Santa Cruz "Quest House"
My voyage of discovery: a portrayal of the Mopan Maya
LOLA REID ALLIN: Article Icon My enduring friendship with the caretakers of a southern Belizean guesthouse began serendipitously in 1995. My original plan to travel by bus to Uxbenka, a Maya archaeological site located near Santa Cruz Village, and return in one day was thwarted by bus service available only on Wednesday and Saturday. Read more >>>
Flow ~ the Ultimate of Persistence
JEFFREY EISEN: Article Icon Water is so very persistent and yet it does so by allowing itself to simply flow. Read more >>>
Marrakech Express
Khadija: Memories
LOLA REID ALLIN: Article Icon Many years have passed since my first train voyage, my first day, my first adventure in Morocco. Travelling alone, I would ramble a few weeks in this Muslim land before moving on. Despite time and distance, whenever I encounter this image, my mind wanders, musing about her life. Read more >>>
Desert Colours: Hassan
LOLA REID ALLIN: Article Icon Veins of cirrus advance across the overarching azure. Amber dunes criss-crossed by camel hoofs and human feet envelope me. Rugged, robust and tempestuous, I am astonished and aroused, as the lustrous palette of the esoteric orient beguiles me. Read more >>>
Desert Days
Each day was the same. Different.
LOLA REID ALLIN: Article Icon Sweeping sand dunes embraced us. We roamed, our vista sand and dunes and sky. Many had traveled here before, but never did our pathways traverse their trails. Swirling sand grains danced with any breeze that offered, swiftly erasing memories. Read more >>>
Our Time at Mully Childrens' Family ~ Kenya
LOLA REID ALLIN: Article Icon Ten minutes before this adorable months-old elephant crossed our path, our Cessna Caravan touched down upon the hard-pack dirt landing strip in the Masai Mara. Read more >>>
Serenity ~ La Mamounia
LOLA REID ALLIN: Article Icon Winston Churchill famously advocated that if travellers had but one day to experience Morocco, that one day should be in Marrakech. This metropolis, used for one thousand years by southern tribes and Berbers socializing and trading, likely began as most desert meeting places, a higgledy-piggledy collection of blanket-tents situated around an oasis. Read more >>>
Bor Paniagua
LOLA REID ALLIN: Article Icon During my visits to Naha', I settled with Kin Sol, his wife, in their family home. This created community of nearly 300 people is comprised entirely of Northern Lacandon Maya, whose ancestors lived in isolated woodland pockets rather than structured neighbourhoods. Read more >>>
Algeria ~ Beyond the Dunes
LOLA REID ALLIN: Article Icon Leaving my B&B Riad Dar Kamar concealed within the tangled lanes of Kasbah Taourirt in the village of Ouarzazate, I boarded the local bus, filled with Moroccans. Drawn irresistibly to the vast panoramic potential of the desert, I began my second foray on dromedary into the Moroccan countryside, the Western Sahara. Read more >>>
Solitary Cat ~ Chefchaouen, Morocco
LOLA REID ALLIN: Article Icon Admiring this surreal image, viewers first think that the extensive blue has been achieved with a computer-generated program, realizing quickly that the cat's fur, although not as white as it could be, certainly is not blue. Read more >>>
The Pregnant Moment
JAMES POLK: Article Icon This composition captures an interesting balance of masculine and feminine energies. Read more >>>
Pink Flowers
PAUL CLARK: Article Icon I bought my first (brass-bodied) Nikon camera when I was 18 years old and now have it tucked away (I just can't bring myself to getting rid of it) in favour of a much lighter digital camera. It's pretty well always at my side as I never know what will appear at any given time. Read more >>>
LOLA REID ALLIN: Article Icon The ancient city of Varanasi called Kashi - The Luminous, The City of Light - was founded seven millennium ago by the Great Hindu God Shiva, the Divine Creator. Never incarnate, he is often depicted with four or five faces, holding a trident, draped with serpents, and bearing a third eye in his forehead. Read more >>>

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