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Master Heart TV

Master Heart ~ TV: Timeless Vision

"It is my hope to be able to prove that tv is the greatest step forward we have yet made in the preservation of humanity. It will make of this Earth the paradise we have all envisioned, but have never seen."
~ Joseph O'Donnell

With the capturing of moving images and sound bites we present snippets from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

‘Shadow Dancer’ exposes the perils of deceit

Clive Owen & Andrea Riseborough in Shadow DancerBRENT MARCHANT: When we seek to deceive others the consequences of such actions can be devastating for us and for those affected by our schemes, results that become all too painfully apparent in the gripping new thriller, ‘Shadow Dancer.’ Read more >>>

‘Man of Steel’ shows us how to soar

Henry Cavill in Man of SteelBRENT MARCHANT: Those of us undeterred from becoming who we aspire to be, won’t allow potential obstacles to hold us back, especially when we avail ourselves of guidance and inspiration on how to proceed - concepts that are superbly showcased in the new summertime action adventure, ‘Man of Steel'. Read more >>>

‘Now You See Me’ works magic on screen

Dave Franco, Jesse Eisenberg, Isla Fisher & Woody Harrelson in Now You See MeBRENT MARCHANT: We’re all familiar with magic tricks that have entertained us for ages, prompting enthralled onlookers to wonder how such supernatural feats are accomplished. But simple stunts are nothing in comparison to the grand creative exploits successfully executed in the new release, ‘Now You See Me.’ Read more >>>

‘Frances Ha’ applauds the virtues of responsibility

Greta Gerwig in the quirky new indie comedy, Frances Ha.BRENT MARCHANT: Time can pass us by and day can get behind us faster than we thought possible. So, when are we going to start making the effort to realize a nebulous goal? At some point we must take responsibility to concertedly move toward achieving that aim, an idea explored in the quirky new indie comedy, ‘Frances Ha'. Read more >>>

‘Star Trek’ boldly goes ‘Into Darkness’

Chris Pine & Zachary Quinto in ‘Star Trek Into Darkness'BRENT MARCHANT: Those seeking an enlightened path for themselves often gravitate exclusively to ‘the light,’ casually ignoring or even actively eschewing ‘the shadow’ side of things. But is this a wise course? Are there things that ‘the dark side’ can teach us? Read more >>>

‘Reluctant Fundamentalist’ implores us to see ‘the whole picture’

Riz Ahmed in The Reluctant FundamentalistBRENT MARCHANT: It’s easy to grow accustomed to seeing our existence in compartmentalized snippets. Such conditions cause us to lose sight of the bigger picture. But, if we’re to truly understand the world around us, we need to take a broader view of things, an argument eloquently put forth in the gripping new drama, ‘The Reluctant Fundamentalist.’ Read more >>>

‘No’ showcases the power of ideas

Gael García Bernal in ‘No’ BRENT MARCHANT: When an idea takes root, it can spread like a weed. Such was the case in one Latin American country 25 years ago, when an innovative notion took off and drastically changed the nation’s character, an endeavour compellingly depicted in the unusual, fact-based comedy-drama, ‘No.’ Read more >>>

‘Kon-Tiki’ successfully navigates the depths of creation

Kon-Tiki -IconBRENT MARCHANT: There are those courageous souls who don’t shy away from their challenges, revelling in the adventures that await, unexpected escapades and all. Such is the example provided by the fact-based historical drama, ‘Kon-Tiki.’ Read more >>>

‘42’ celebrates the glory of a hero’s journey

Chadwick Boseman & Harrison Ford in 42, The True Story of an American Legend.BRENT MARCHANT: Our life is often fraught with setbacks. These events may seem so overwhelming that we might be tempted to throw in the towel. Carrying forth with determination can be quite difficult without a little inspiration, but, fortunately, that’s something to be found in ample quantities in the moving new sports drama, ‘42... Read more >>>


Another Wave of Inspiration

 Dancing Buns-YouTubePAUL CLARK: This quote got me thinking about abundance in a whole new way: “The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the ABUNDANCE of those who have much – it is whether we provide enough for those who have little” by Franklin D. Roosevelt. Read more >>>

Sparkling ‘Sapphires’ reveals how to shine

Deborah Mailman, Jessica Mauboy, Miranda Tapsell and Shari Sebbens in The SapphiresBRENT MARCHANT: Stepping into the spotlight is something many of us have likely fantasized about, but how many of us actually follow through on that dream? There are steps we can take to achieve success, many of which are outlined in the delightful new comedy-drama, ‘The Sapphires,’ a story inspired by actual events. Read more >>>

“Beauty Is In the Eye of the Beholder” Indeed!

4 Well loved Barbie DollsCHRISTINE MARRIN: Years went by and we were a 'Barbie' free house, and I was proud! So, when 'Barbie' came into my house, I used 'her' for discussion with my daughters about beauty, body image, the media, illusion, reality and more! Read more >>>

Get to Know the Founders!

Paul Clark & Mary Giuffre on TV SetMARY GIUFFRE & PAUL L. CLARK are the founders of and MasterHeartTV. Inspirational Film, Video and Image Development Specialist Mary & Paul sidestepped mainstream media to work from the Heart. Here is their recent TV interview. Read more >>>

Our Transformational Nature

SnowflakesLIANNE SNOW: Our planet is the best example of transformation and it's a shame we as a species don't pay more attention to its complex marvels. If we did we might trust more in the power, and payoff, of small changes making monumental differences. Read more >>>

The Voice of an Angel

Charlotte ConnellCanadian vocalist CHARLOTTE CONNELL, a classically trained Soprano, performs two Christmas favourites. Produced by Mary Giuffre and Paul Clark of Read more >>>

I Appreciate Enthusiasm! Liam’s Gift to the Bride & Groom

"The secret of genius is to carry the spirit of the child into old age, which means never losing your enthusiasm." ~ Aldous Huxley

 Little boy's smiling facePAUL L. CLARK: Nothing is as contagious as true enthusiasm and I appreciate that positive feeling where ever I see it. Read more >>>

Just Let Go!

Rainbow Parachute SmokePAUL CLARK: With love and unity we can overcome the illusion of fear and separation in the world today and for generations to come. Read more >>>

Heart to Heart with Mary Giuffre

Guests: Hay House Authors Michael Eisen and Jeffery Eisen

MasterHeartTV - Timeless Vision IconIn their book, emPOWERed YOUth: A Father and Son's Journey to Conscious Living, Hay House Authors Michael Eisen and Jeffery Eisen tell a candid story of how they radically changed their adversarial relationship to one of compassionate understanding and love. The fabulous Eisen Men joined me to talk about their book... Read more >>>

And Then There was Aretha

1950s illustration of woman flexing her muscle with a caption WE CAN DO ITMARI SELBY: Respect - it’s what every woman wants. Respect is what every woman needs. Our individual definitions of respect have as many shapes and colours as there are women. Another name for respect is worth. How do we define our worthiness, is it from the respect we feel from others or from how we respect ourselves?  Read more >>>

When the Giver is Ready the Cause Will Appear

Geese sitting on billboardPAUL CLARK: People mistakenly assume that giving money is the only tangible way of helping what they or others identify as a worthy cause. Not so. There are other things that have much more worth than shelling out a couple of dollars and walking away. Read more >>>

Our Best Of Celebration!

FireworksMARY GIUFFRE & PAUL CLARK: It's hard to believe that 2 years have gone by since the collaborators opened their hearts to help make the world a more liveable and LOVEable place. Read more >>>

Paulie's Peaches

Learn How to Preserve Peaches in Less than 10 Minutes with this Video!

Man with Bottles of Preserved Peaches
Canning isn't just for Mothers and Grandmothers anymore. Move over, one of the original Peach Boys is here to tell you anyone can can. (Do I hear French music???) Read more >>>

Our Hearts Lead!

Heart Charka Mandala in Green ShadesMARY GIUFFRE: For anyone with the notion that heart and emotion are for the weak and the meek, now that it's been scientifically proven that our heart is in fact, the true leader of our body, it's time to allow your heart energy to flow so it can do the job it came here to do ~ spread the many qualities of LOVE. Read more >>>

Balance: It's What Mastering Your Heart is All About!

A Video Overview of the July 16th Edition of

Balance Graphic with Heart
Our senses are finely tuned to personal and environmental energy fields so instinctively we know what’s out of BALANCE in our lives.

  Read more >>>

Scarcity is a Great Lie

There is a natural law of abundance which pervades the entire universe, but it will not flow through a doorway of belief in lack and limitation.” ~ Paul Zaiter

Face with map of Africa on itMARI SELBY: An internal condition of scarcity lives at the very heart of our jealousies, our greed, our prejudices, and our arguments with a power some of us call God. In this mind-set of scarcity our relationships with money and each other are based on fear; a fear that drives us in an endless chase for more. Read more >>>

A Delicate Balance

A Video Overview of the July 2nd Edition of

This flawless performance by the Canadian Skyhawks in their dynamic Canada Day show in Cobourg Ontario Canada is a stunning example of art and athletics in flowing balance. Read more >>>

Living Poetry – Living in Balance

Morpho Butterfly - Vibrant BlueMARI SELBY: The power to bring more balance to the world is inside us. That power is Love. When we exercise unconditional love we open channels for this power to surface. As this love surfaces our lives are forever altered. When we share this frequency of love we are contributors to every micron of change in the world, and every drop is valuable. Read more >>>

Blind Commitment

A Video Overiew of the June 18th Edition of

Commitment IconMARY GIUFFRE: In a world over crowded with loyalties that stem from childhood, too many of us have ongoing commitments based on our upbringing, our past or on things we just don't want to do! We have agreed to things without asking questions and believe in other things which are vague, confused, and lack clarity. Read more >>>

One Person CAN Make a Difference!

Snapping turtles in Danger from trafficPAUL CLARK: To start, let me tell you I have never done anything like this before in my life. I thought this was to be a story about stillness, peace and quiet. My own to be exact. But it evolved into something much more complex. Read more >>>

How To Nail It

Illustration of Pitcher winding upDR. JASON SELK: A major league pitcher I work with was preparing for his first World Series game. He was overly excited and rightfully so. He had been dreaming of leading his team to a World Series championship since he was a little boy. However, the night before the game, I could tell he was a little too excited... Read more >>>

Our Commitment to Enhancing Our World

A Video Overview of the June 4th, 2012 Edition of

This Month's Theme is Commitment
Welcome to our newly renovated Master Heart Magazine Website.  Our theme for June is COMMITMENT and all month long our Master Heart Collaborators are committed to sharing heart-centred wisdom that helps balance our lives. Read more >>>

Are YOU Ready for Passion? is getting a makeover!


Passion GraphicMARY GIUFFRE: Our passions are what drive us forward and move us to achieve great things! We can feel passionate for all kinds of reasons from extreme grief to great joy. In this video "the Passion Test Lady", Janet Bray Attwood says it best... Read more >>>

Gems of Perception

A Video Overview of the April 17th, 2012 Edition of

Perception GraphicMARY GIUFFRE: To each individual, something - anything, is what that person perceives it to be. Read more >>>

What Do YOU See?

A Video Overview of the April 3rd, 2012 Edition of  

Perception GraphicMARY GIUFFRE: We each use our five senses and perhaps five or more extra sensory perceptions to perceive the world around us and it's our reaction to those perceptions, positive or negative, that create our personally reality and reactions.  Read more >>>

Celebrating Spring's Rebirth

A Video Overview of the Spring Equinox, 2012 Edition of  

Rebirth GraphicMARY GIUFFRE: Here in the Northern Hemisphere, we're enjoying a glorious early spring. Paul and I are most grateful for a fabulous springtime view from our home near Rice Lake, Ontario Canada (see my vlog above!) so every year at this time while we watch the bird nest and wait for the buds to expand all around us... Read more >>>

Live and Create Life from the Inside Out!

A Video Overview of the Feb. 21, 2012 Edition of                                           & Your Invitation to Join the Master Heart Movement!

Master Heart LogoMARY GIUFFRE & ANDREA CONNELL: In the past year, we have gathered MASTER HEART Leaders across Canada, the UK, the USA and individual MASTER HEARTS following us on Social Media around the globe! Once again, we're calling on  inspired, MASTER HEARTS from ALL walks of life to initiate MASTER HEART GROUPS. Read more >>>

Occupy Your Heart

An Inspirational V'oem

Fast flowing Rapids PAUL CLARK:  Another Wave of Inspiration video Read more >>>

Spirit Expressed

An Inspirational V'oem

Snow ScenePAUL CLARK: Another Wave of Inspiration Read more >>>

Feeling Deep Emotion

A Video Overview of the Jan.23, 2012 Edition of!

Word - Depth on Purple backgroundMARY GIUFFRE: How many times have you heard this statement? "That's just how it is!" As a society a nation and a collective world, we have accepted this powerful proclamation without a second thought, pretty much since the dawn of humanity. Read more >>>

Dive Deep

A Video Overview of the Jan. 2, 2012 Edition of!

Depth GraphicMARY GIUFFRE: Passion, desire, feeling and faith are the keys to consciously creating and manifesting our reality. Do you allow yourself to feel and understand deeply? Read more >>>

The Virtual Traveller
Saying Goodbye to India
GABRIEL MORRIS: Article Icon I've decided I'm pretty well travelled out and ready for a change, so I've booked a flight home. By the time you read this I'll be back home in California enjoying the modern amenities! Read more >>>
The Virtual Traveller Video Blog
Exploring Hampi, India
GABRIEL MORRIS: Article Icon Greetings from Hampi in South India. Hampi was the former capital of an ancient empire from the 14th to 16th Centuries. There are ruins scattered all over the place here. The ruins had an obvious unique style, lots of detail and carvings. Touring around the beautiful boulder strewn landscapes here - desert with palm trees - is pretty cool. Read more >>>
The Virtual Traveller
Ajanta Caves and OM Beach, India
GABRIEL MORRIS: Article Icon I recently took another train ride to visit Ajanta Caves, which consists of more than 30 massive caves carved out of sheer rock by Buddhists between 200 B.C. and 600 A.D. The walls are covered with statues and colourful murals depicting the life of the Buddha. Read more >>>
The Virtual Traveller
Mandu ~ Omkareshwar ~ Pachmarhi, India
GABRIEL MORRIS: Article Icon I've been thinking about doing some sort of work exchange program while I'm here in India as it would be nice to plug into a place for a few weeks or so. I'm going to do some research online and see if I find somewhere really interesting to stay. There's one place in Nepal I've heard about that might be pretty cool so I'm going to look more into that. In the meantime... Read more >>>
The Virtual Traveller
Orchha, India
GABRIEL MORRIS: Article Icon A little over a week ago I travelled from Rishikesh south back to Delhi. It's hard to believe I've been here almost two months already! It's quite a bit colder now, but the falcons are still flying over the rooftops! Read more >>>
The Virtual Traveller
Christmas & New Year Adventures
GABRIEL MORRIS: Article Icon I have finished the retreat at the Sivananda ashram, and moved back over to the Hari Om Guesthouse. The retreat was really good, though I won't miss waking up to an alarm at 4:30 am, that's for sure. A couple of times I admit I reached over and shut it off and went back to sleep. Read more >>>
The Virtual Traveller Video Blog
Heading for the Himalayas
GABRIEL MORRIS: Article Icon I went on a warm clothing, shopping blitz the other day, as I'm going to Almora, which is a little further up into the mountains. Read more >>>
The Virtual Traveller
Rishikesh on the Ganges River
GABRIEL MORRIS: Article Icon I'm glad to be in the peaceful little village of Rishikesh. No more trains, planes or automobiles for a while. Rishikesh is on the Ganges River in the foothills of the Himalaya, in northern India, where there are many and spiritual sadhus. Read more >>>
The Virtual Traveller
I'm Finally in India!
GABRIEL MORRIS: Article Icon After months of looking forward to it, I've finally arrived in the land of yoga, kundalini and spirituality, India, for the 4th time. I'm in Delhi at the moment, soaking up the amazing sights, sounds, smells, colours, exuberant people and good food. Read more >>>
The Virtual Traveller Video Blog
Sights & Smells of the East
GABRIEL MORRIS: Article Icon I finished my three-week trip to the Philippines and flew to Kota Kinabalu, a small city on the island of Borneo in Malaysia (Borneo is the third-largest island in the world and is shared by Malaysia, Indonesia and the tiny country of Brunei). Read more >>>
The Virtual Traveller Video Blog
Mother Nature Always Decides!
GABRIEL MORRIS: Article Icon It's hard to believe the time's gone by so quickly. I've just left the cute little village of El Nido here on the island of Palawan. Read more >>>
The Virtual Traveller Video Blog
Monkeying Around in the Philippines
GABRIEL MORRIS: Article Icon I'm now in the tiny village of El Nido at the top of the island of Palawan here in the Philippines. It's been a pretty amazing time so far. Read more >>>
Introducing the Virtual Traveller Video Blogs!
Article Icon With video available on every cell phone and internet access on every continent, our world has become a much more intimate place. As Master Heart endeavours to unite international cultures and break down barriers between creeds, ages and genders it is our pleasure to present our new video blog feature. Read more >>>