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Master Heart Magazine | Our Vision

Master Heart - Our Vision

Our Vision

Balanced Heart. Balanced Mind. Balanced World.

The Master Heart concept started with a spark from Spirit in answer to our desire to make a difference on this planet and has been a labour of love since it's inception in September 2009.

A modern application of two essential building blocks from the metaphysical science of Feng Shui, Master Heart draws on ancient wisdom and influences people to Balance their lives by thinking with their hearts in conjunction with their heads.

It takes the Oneness of Spirit and a collection of great Hearts and Minds to influence a state of Balance in this turbulent world. Together with our generous Collaborators we're creating an ever-evolving international online community of like-minded individuals who understand and consciously support the need to restore a flowing balance of FEMININE and MASCULINE energies.

Feminine Energy = Heart
Being, Compromise, Feeling, Listening

Masculine Energy = Mind
Doing, Thinking, Exploring, Speaking

BALANCED Energy = Harmony
Consideration before Conflict & Thoughtfulness before Action

The intention of Master Heart Magazine is to share, educate and encourage heartfelt thinking though articles, music, videos, photo essays, artwork etc., all designed to assist the movement of energy from thought to feeling. We encourage you to allow your values and principles to shift from ME to WE by combining your brilliant brain-power with the loving tenderness of your emotionally intelligent and intuitive heart.

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