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Feng SHe | Career: Vocation

Master Heart insights on Career: Vocation

Insights on Vocation

Impact and Influence: A Key Competency for Top Performers

Water Droplets in BowlLINDA CATTELAN: The ability to impact and influence others is a key competency frequently identified in top performers.  Read more >>>

Improve Your Time Management Skills

8 Proven Strategies

Date Book Page Closeup LINDA CATTELAN: It is not easy to plan when you are in 'reaction' mode. When you are organized you tend to feel more confident and in control, and much less stressed or overwhelmed. You are able to see the bigger picture in order to think strategically and assess your priorities and timelines more objectively. Read more >>>

Renew Your Career Interest: 4 Steps to Take Control

Close up of Mans Hands with iPadLINDA CATTELAN: If you had expectations of plugging in thirty years with only ever working in one company, think again. The landscape is changing for career and business minded professionals and it is becoming more prudent, now more than ever, to take control of your own career. Read more >>>

How To Nail It

Illustration of Pitcher winding upDR. JASON SELK: A major league pitcher I work with was preparing for his first World Series game. He was overly excited and rightfully so. He had been dreaming of leading his team to a World Series championship since he was a little boy. However, the night before the game, I could tell he was a little too excited... Read more >>>

Finding Your Passion

Happy woman on beachLINDA CATTELAN: A really good friend of mine is always saying, “When you love what you do, you never have to work a day in your life.” It’s a mantra and quote that has stuck with me for many years now and words of wisdom I live by and have imparted to my kids and clients alike. Read more >>>


Close up of eye with heart shaped pupil and silouette of man standing in itPAUL CLARK: It’s a fun word. People pay attention and smile when they hear it. It tickles them on several levels instantaneously. It’s got great vibes and that’s the whole point of this self-explanatory word. I get a kick out of it. 
Read more >>>

A Star is Reborn

9 Strategies for Waking up the Star Within You at Work!

Large Silver Star Trophy on Blue BackgroundLINDA CATTELAN: Years ago I read a great book called How to Be a Star at Work by Robert E. Kelley. This book became and continues to be one of the '100 Best Business Books of All Time' and the '#1 Career Book' ranked by The New York Daily News. The author makes the argument that 'stars are made, not born'.  Read more >>>

It’s Never Too Late to Bloom: You Can Do It!

Flowers Growing from PavementRORY KELLY CONNOR: Whatever it is - this thing you want to become or make happen - I am here to tell you, “Anything is possible.” Really. You simply have to choose it and begin. Head in the right direction. It’s that simple. Read more >>>

To Serve and Protect

Training Police Dogs

Calm Police Dog and Angry Police DogGRACE STE. CROIX: They are guarding our airports, catching criminals and finding missing children lost deep in the wilderness. Their skill set is vast, but instead of a salary they get the love and support from their owners. Who would take on this rigorous task of protector and ask for nothing but love in return? A police dog! Read more >>>

Dreams Come True
What Do You Want to be When you Grow Up? Video Series
CAROLINE MILLS: Article Icon Having completed your '50 Things You Love' exercise from last time, setting up a daily gratitude journal can remind you of everything in your life you have to be grateful for each day! Read more >>>
Things I Love
What Do You Want to be When you Grow Up? Video Series
CAROLINE MILLS: Article Icon Having completed the exercise from the last clip around people and things that inspire you we work through how to turn this in to a list of values so you can be really clear on your own values. Read more >>>
Uncovering Your Values
What Do You Want to be When you Grow Up? Video Series
CAROLINE MILLS Article Icon invites you to pull out that pie chart you've created to track how you're spending your time and share it with your friends and family to make sure it's accurate. Are you ready to put yourself to the challenge?? Read more >>>
How Do You Spend Your Time?
What Do You Want to be When you Grow Up? Video Series
CAROLINE MILLS Article Icon gets you to the heart of how you really spend your day, in this very revealing exercise! Read more >>>
What Do You Want to Be
When you Grow Up?
Video Series Overview
CAROLINE MILLS Article Icon takes the lead in helping you discover your occ-PASSION! Read more >>>
Don't Wait for Change
ROBIN SHARMA: Article Icon You know I've never claimed to be perfect. From the start, I've told you I'm no guru and most definitely a work in progress. I have my strengths and my flaws (like every human around us). Read more >>>
Many Occupations - Master at None
IRENE ANDERSON: Article Icon It is amazing what you can learn about people from what's on their business cards. True story - I recently spoke at a job seekers club and the tag line on a business card one of the attendees gave me - let's call him Bob - read: MANY OCCUPATIONS - MASTER AT NONE. Poor Bob - he may as well have been shouting "DON'T HIRE ME!" at the top of his lungs! Read more >>>
Hitting The Wall - Which Path to Take?
IRENE ANDERSON: Article Icon I recently listened to a podcast about transition and 'Hitting the Wall'. Wow! In that less than 2-minute blurb, a million thoughts went travelling through my head. Read more >>>
Preparing For the Perfect Job Interview
LINDA CATTELAN: Article Icon So you've finally landed an interview for that dream job you've always wanted. Now what? Do you go into panic mode as you try and figure out how to best prepare for the interview or do you remain calm, cool and collected as you review your interviewing basics checklist. Read more >>>
A Matter of Scheduling
VICTORIA MORAN: Article Icon One of my all-time favourite books is "Invitation to a Great Experiment: Exploring the Possibility that God Can Be Known," by Thomas Powers. Read more >>>
Life Purpose and Life Intentions
FRED BURKS: Article Icon Finding your life purpose and your deepest life intentions can help you to move with greater focus and clarity every day of your life. There are many ways to find and develop life purpose and intentions. Read more >>>

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