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Insights on Wellness

Time to Embrace the Truth: You Are Worthy

Mom with Young Son hugging her around the neckRORY KELLY CONNOR: Sitting in the back, quietly observing, the words and Catholic rituals as familiar to me as my own name, a phrase I had said thousands of times was spoken once again by all. “Lord, I am not worthy to receive You, but only say the word and I shall be healed.” And for the first time I recognized, with my coach’s heart, the lie. Read more >>>

Beauty is Perception

Young Woman's and Old Woman's faces 2 shots for comparisonGRACE STE. CROIX:The majority of the world does not look like the size zero models on television. They do not have the couture clothing that makes them look like what we are told is perfect. Most people today cannot afford to buy clothing at all. So how are we supposed to be that kind of beautiful? Read more >>>

Am I Not Beautiful?

If you look closely at a tree you'll notice it's knots and dead branches, just like our bodies. What we learn is that beauty and imperfection go together wonderfully.” Matthew Fox   

Apple Tree just beginning to BudMARI SELBY: Take a moment to look at your face in the mirror. What are the imperfections you see? Do you have a scar on your face? Is there a mole you don’t like? Are your cheeks too fat, to angular, or saggy?What if you could look at your 'imperfections' and still see them as beautiful? Read more >>>

The Gift of Time

"To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe." ~ Anatole France

Woman Walking her dog in the forestMARI SELBY: When I am stressed I make mistakes. When I make mistakes, it’s so easy to get caught in the past. I give away my energy to days and events that no longer exist. Then I lose sight of my purpose, as well as the fact that I am free to change – to refine, or enhance myself at any moment. Read more >>>

Our Transformational Nature

SnowflakesLIANNE SNOW: Our planet is the best example of transformation and it's a shame we as a species don't pay more attention to its complex marvels. If we did we might trust more in the power, and payoff, of small changes making monumental differences. Read more >>>

Life Lessons Learned From My Favorite Holiday Movies

Empty Movie Theatre with Christmas Film playingLINDA CATTELAN: When I reflect back on some of my favorite movies I can appreciate some of their valuable life lessons. Read more >>>

Transformation is the Reward for Letting Go

Old Wooden BoatLIANNE SNOW: When we are reluctant to let go of our pain and our victim role it is simply because we have not discovered the last usefulness it has for us.

Read more >>>

When Release is the Only Option Left

Woman high on a hill with arms outstretch in freedomADRIANA STORY HILL: When release finally occurs, it happens because we are able to finally reflect on our painful experiences and let go of them. We have the ability to let go of old wants, rules, lifestyles and belief systems. We don’t guilt ourselves about the limitations of those tools. We simply release. Read more >>>

Worthiness Begins at Home

Big White house with Heart Shaped clouds and rocks surrounding itBRENT MARCHANT: Those who were raised in conservative religious and moral traditions may find that embracing worthiness for ourselves is challenging, having been taught that it’s a form of exaggerated pride or undue self-importance (never mind the fact, of course, that those preaching such notions were themselves often doing the same thing). Read more >>>

You Don't Have To Die!
LISA ROBBINS: Article Icon What is it that makes us choose to let others run our health and life and therefore our destiny? What drives some people to heal themselves with natural therapies, while others choose not to do so, and where is the balance in choosing to take care of your own health, and letting others make decisions for you? Read more >>>
Flying through Life with the Greatest of Ease

RORY KELLY CONNOR: Now is the time to assess all that you are juggling. Ask yourself if each piece you are trying to balance with all the others is still crucial to your happiness. Also, ask yourself honestly what it might feel like if you could throw that piece away… Read more >>>

Committing to Self

The Self Care Evolution Series

Body-Mind-Spirit Words over graphic of the chakra systemTRACI TRIMBLE: We have been taught from an early age that it is selfish to do for ourselves. Women especially often tend to prioritize others over self more often than not. I say the time has come for us to be selfish. Read more >>>

The Gift of a Perception Shift

The Self Care Evolution Series

Body Mind Spirit - Chakra IllustrationTRACI TRIMBLE: Your reality is only as you perceive it to be. It is about how you evaluate your own experiences and how you choose to interpret the unfolding of your situations and scenarios. Read more >>>

ESP: Everybody Sees Possibilities

Ball of Colourful Rubber BandsMARY GIUFFRE: With the complete recognition that my perception and your perception may differ completely, vary slightly, or be exactly the same, I offer you these ideas around the concept of 'perception'. Which of course are only my 'perceptions' of 'perception.' Read more >>>

Holiday Stress Tips

Stay Aware of Your Body this Holiday!

Stressed Out girl with shopping bagsSTEVE SISGOLD: Many of us fantasize during this time of year of a perfect holiday gathering, the laughter and joy of having the whole family gather, but for some, it’s one of the most stressful times of the year. Read more >>>

JOY: A State of Mind, Body and Spirit

The Self Care Evolution Series 

Body Mind Spirit - Chakra drawingTRACI TRIMBLE: Joy truly is a state of mind, body and spirit. It is that much anticipated 'place' where the 'wanna be' alchemist in me creates an artistic blending of the sheer excitement, complete belief and my complete alignment with source. Read more >>>

Synchronicity, Consciousness, Your Health and Beliefs

Illustration of woman jumpingDONNA THERRIEN: Everyone at one time or another has experienced synchronicity - a significant coincidence of physical and psychological phenomena that are connected. Read more >>>

A Synchronized Shift to Conscious Competence
The Self Care Evolution Series
TRACI TRIMBLE: Article Icon What an absolutely incredible couple of weeks. I was manifesting left, right and centre. Unbelievable things are happening! Everyone I have spoken to this week agrees. Can you feel it? Have you seen it? Wow! Read more >>>
Receptivity To Hearing Your Symptoms
Unfurls The Secret to Health
LISA ROBBINS: Article Icon Symptoms are intuitive messages from our body. They tap gently at first, beckoning us to hear, to acknowledge, and stop the pain we are inflicting. Read more >>>
Cultivate Your Intuition and Increase Your Receptivity
The Self Care Evolution Series
TRACI TRIMBLE: Article Icon "I am open to receive; I accept the flow of cosmic energy into my being; I recognize, absorb and hold all of the divine gifts the universe showers upon me; I give, receive and accept love and abundance into my life." Read more >>>
The Mighty Oak and The Cure For Cancer
LISA ROBBINS: Article Icon Last night my daughter Alix and I ordered in Chinese vegetables and noodles and watched episodes of our favourite series. Read more >>>
Women: Feeling Fat, Fuzzy or Frazzled??
The answer to your anxiety may be in your neck not your head.
STEVE SISGOLD: Article Icon If you are troubled by depression, anxiety, irritability, poor sleep, memory loss, or cravings, your stressful thoughts and emotions may not be the main reason for your condition. In fact, your problems may not be in your head at all but in your neck, according to nurse practitioner and author Karilee Shames. Read more >>>
Victim or Survivor?
Are you keeping yourself in emotional jail?
JANICE CHRYSLER: Article Icon Are you a victim of circumstances beyond your control or a survivor by choice? Do you feel as though there are powers around you that have taken over your very existence, leaving you with little or no control of your own life's direction or have you gone deep within and touched your soul and brought to surface the strength to overcome all obstacles? Read more >>>
Healing Cancer
LISA ROBBINS: Article Icon What if there was a real natural cure for cancer that you have NOT been told about? Would you be angry that you did not know sooner? Probably at first, but after a minute or so, you might become very happy when you realize the possibilities ~ of a truly simple cure for cancer. Read more >>>
Healing Rosacea
LISA ROBBINS: Article Icon Rosacea is the name given to the heat and red cheeks that periodically flush over your face, but it can be accompanied by headaches, irritability, fatigue and feelings of anxiety.
Read more >>>
Who's Messing with Your Energy Field?
MARY GIUFFRE: Article Icon There is no doubt that we are living in tumultuous times. The world at large is in a chaotic state. Almost everywhere we look, anxiety is running very, very high. Too many are enduring serious personal challenges, which escalate daily. Even more live in some imagined state of fear that keeps a tight grip on what's left of reason. Read more >>>
Your Brilliant Body
STEVE SISGOLD: Article Icon An amazing and unpredictable adventure began when you were conceived. From that very moment, your innate intelligence has steered you through a non-stop stream of sensations, feelings, thoughts and impressions that make up the 5-star thrill ride called life. Read more >>>
Natural Stress Relief for Moms
DAVID SIMON MD: Article Icon The ancient healing tradition of Ayurveda views health as more than the absence of disease; it is a state of physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. To achieve this state requires that we nurture our body's innate desire to live in balance. Read more >>>
A Timeless Ayurvedic Treatment for Emotional & Physical Detoxification
DEEPAK CHOPRA & DAVID SIMON MD: Article Icon Ayurveda teaches that good health depends upon our body's ability to metabolize all aspects of life, assimilating that which nurtures us and eliminating the rest. Read more >>>
The Roots of Chronic Fatigue
An Ayurvedic Perspective
DAVID SIMON MD: Article Icon Lack of vital energy is a problem that usually defies conventional allopathic medicine. In most cases, if you go to a doctor complaining of nagging fatigue and flagging enthusiasm for life, you will have a series of blood tests to rule out the diseases that sometimes cause these symptoms. Read more >>>
Healing: Misconceptions and Realities
SHERRY ANASHARA: Article Icon There are so many misconceptions about healing. The general consensus is that healing is found outside of you. This perception starts the search for the perfect place, the perfect person, and the perfect modality to heal you. Sounds great but if you are looking outside of your Self to find the healing for your physical and emotional issues, nine times out of ten it doesn't work. Read more >>>
Release Your Stress and Anxiety
Through Meditation
DEEPAK CHOPRA: Article Icon As a young physician in the 1970's, I was attracted to meditation for two reasons, one personal, the other professional. The professional reason was the large body of scientific research that established that meditation is 'real' - that is, it produces health tangible benefits, including relief from stress and anxiety. Read more >>>
Spindoctrination Nation
STEVE SISGOLD: Article Icon I am a total optimist and prefer not to focus on doom and gloom, and yet I cannot ignore the obvious reality. We live in a time of great confusion. People's minds have been infected by Spin - a contagion of half-truths, fearful fictions, and blatant deceit. No profession, no religion, no society is immune. Read more >>>
Yoga and Meditation Might Replace Your Meds!
LAURA HESELTON: Article Icon For centuries the cultures of the Far East have know and tried to share the physiological, mental and soulful benefits of yoga and meditation to their western cousins. It would seem that the trend has caught on in the West like a brush fire over the last twenty years. Read more >>>
A Mind-Body Healing Approach
to Seasonal Affective Disorder
DAVID SIMON MD: Article Icon According to the 5,000-year old system of natural healing known as ayurveda, everything in the biological world moves in seasons, cycles, and rhythms of expansion and contraction. Fall and winter are seasons of contraction, and many people notice subtle and not-so-subtle changes in their mood and physiology as the days grow shorter. Read more >>>
The Essence of Yoga
DEEPAK CHOPRA & DAVID SIMON MD: Article Icon Every day in cities across North America, Europe, and Australia, millions of people roll out their yoga mats in studios, community centres, gyms, and even at corporate-sponsored classes at work. Read more >>>
A Cancer Fighting Simple 'Pau D'Arco'
LISA ROBBINS: Article Icon Pau D'Arco makes a delicately scented, mild tea but its chemical properties that act against cancer are anything but mild and delicate. Read more >>>
Awaken your Inner Pharmacy for Mind-body Health
DAVID SIMON MD: Article Icon The healing system of Ayurveda teaches that good health depends on our body's ability to metabolize all aspects of life. This includes not only the food we eat, but also our experiences, emotions, and sensory impressions. Read more >>>
Creating Wellness is a Full Bodied Event
"Wellness is not the absence of illness; it is the presence of happiness, purpose in life, satisfying work, joyful relationship, a healthy body and living environment." ~ Halbert Dunn
ANDREA THIEL CONNELL: Article Icon Today's society is absolutely obsessed with health and fitness. I suppose it's a good thing as far as obsessions go. With rising occurrences of serious health issues and disease I wonder though if people are approaching the concept of wellness from the right perspective. Read more >>>
Reflections of a Reiki Master
JANICE CHRYSLER: Article Icon For about a week prior to this moment I have felt deep within my forehead the pulsating and spinning of my Third Eye Chakra. My Crown Chakra makes a soft humming sound like a rotating fan within the top of my head as I meditate. Read more >>>
Burdock Blood Cleanser Extraordinaire.
Common Burdock, Arctium lappa Southern Ontario, Canada
LISA ROBBINS: Article Icon Of all the names for Burdock, Beggar's Buttons is my favourite. The flowers mature to burrs, the spiky seed heads well known for sticking to fur and clothing and whose structure was the inspiration for Velcro. Read more >>>
Seven Steps for Reducing Economic Anxiety
STEVE SISGOLD: Article Icon One million people were asked how they feel about what is going on with the economy in a recent CNN survey. The consensus? People are mad! Our economic woes are off the charts-soaring stress levels and angry feelings find many of us walking around like time bombs. Read more >>>
What Does Your Gut Say?
DEVORAH GARLAND: Article Icon I believe it's no accident that our Western society is struggling with an exploding variety of digestive disorders. We are raised to ignore what our gut is telling us, and this disconnection from the intuitive side of our nature is at the core of so much 'dis-ease'. Read more >>>
Meditation: Don't Leave the House Without It
MARINA SPENCE: Article Icon I read an article in 'O Magazine' recently that said: Meditate: Daily relaxation exercises may cut the risk of death from heart attack by 30 percent and cancer by 49 percent. Read more >>>
Healing Wisdom
DEEPAK CHOPRA: Article Icon We are the only creatures on the planet who can change our biology through our thoughts, feelings, and intentions. When we fall in love, positive thoughts and emotions course through our body and strengthen our immune system. Read more >>>
The Simplest Remedy ~ Chamomile
LISA ROBBINS: Article Icon An herbal remedy made with only one herb is called a Simple. I can't think of a more, welcome Simple than Chamomile. Chamomile tea is available in the tea section of your grocery or health food store, but this plant is also very easy to grow, and comes back every year by reseeding itself. Read more >>>

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