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Feng SHe Articles on Abundance

Article Pic Biography
Janice Chrysler is the owner and sole operator of Mindful Journey, a service based in Marmora, Ontario. She is a Certified Hypnotherapist through the National Guild of Hypnotists, five year Reiki Master, Spiritual Coach and Motivational Speaker as well as an appointed clergy licensed to marry and baptize in the province of Ontario.

Her belief in mind-body-spirit is the common thread, which is woven through all she does. She feels it is her purpose to teach others what she has learned and experienced in order to assist them in becoming all they can be by understanding that they hold the power within themselves to over come obstacles, manifest what they desire and have inner peace.

She combines the techniques of Hypnosis and Reiki to provide a very relaxing session. She teaches workshops and seminars and has recently produced meditation and hypnosis CDs, which have received a very warm welcome from the public.

Janice is a contributing writer for Vivid Life and Om-Times online magazines. Visit my website at . Janice would love to hear from you. Feel free to e-mail .


Giving into Change

Dalmation Dog with thought bubble - thinking of what he'd look like without spots

JANICE CHRYSLER: There will always be those who do not 'get' what we are doing or why we think the way we do and we need to understand. That's okay.

Read more >>>


Heart Meditation

the beginning to becoming love

Man and Woman Meditating with smokey heart between themJANICE CHRYSLER: Perhaps the reason we use the word love so much is because we long for it so greatly. We are born knowing that we require unconditional love in order to survive. Our parents and caregivers are the first humans that we rely on to provide us with this type of environment in which to grow.

Read more >>>


The Season of Reflection

Man's face reflected in mirrorJANICE CHRYSLER: Now is the time to begin manifesting what you desire in your life. You cannot change the past but you can learn from it. By doing so, you help yourself lay plans for the future; not with worry but positive desires and strategies.

Read more >>>


Becoming Joy

Word JOY!JANICE CHRYSLER: Decorations, seasonal music, lights and delicious treats are popping up around the world as people prepare for the holiday season. Regardless of one’s culture or religious beliefs there are celebrations to be had everywhere. 

Read more >>>


By Chance? I Think Not!

JANICE CHRYSLER: Article Icon "What a coincidence that I met you today!" you may exclaim as you run into an old friend. "I was just thinking about you too." they reply. Have you ever had this happen? Well, think coincidence no more. Every person you meet, every life experience and opportunity is a result of the choices you make while traveling your life's journey. Read more >>>


Open to Receive Love

JANICE CHRYSLER: Article Icon Are you looking for love in all the wrong places? Perhaps it's not that the places are wrong but that the way your are looking for love to appear in your life that is out of balance! Read more >>>


Choosing the Path of Higher Good

JANICE CHRYSLER: Article Icon After really slowing down, meditating and actually listening to the answers, the time comes when you feel you know what you should do. The next question is how do you go about it? Looking forward you realize there are many decisions, choices, opportunities to be had. Which do you choose? How will you know you are making the right move? Read more >>>


Wedding Vows

JANICE CHRYSLER: Article Icon The wedding day has arrived and as I stand before a new bride and groom, assisting them in repeating their vows, exchanging of rings and hearing them declare their undying love for one another. I often wonder if they will truly live their vows? Read more >>>


Victim or Survivor?

Are you keeping yourself in emotional jail?

JANICE CHRYSLER: Article Icon Are you a victim of circumstances beyond your control or a survivor by choice? Do you feel as though there are powers around you that have taken over your very existence, leaving you with little or no control of your own life's direction or have you gone deep within and touched your soul and brought to surface the strength to overcome all obstacles? Read more >>>


Honour your Father...

What if I don't want to, what then?

JANICE CHRYSLER Article Icon If you grew up in an average home of the sixties and seventies like mine, Dad was the provider, protector and last word on anything in the house. He didn't let you see him cry, he didn't say anything sappy to you or in front of you to your mother and he most definitely didn't talk to you about sex! Read more >>>


A Place Called Stillness

"There is a place within my soul
A sacred space I long to go
Where I unite with love sublime
Becoming one with the Divine." Read more >>>


Releasing Regret

JANICE CHRYSLER: Article Icon There are very few people who look back on the path they have already travelled without some regrets for the road they chose to take or the actions and decisions they made. Read more >>>


Hypnosis Isn't Mind Control!

JANICE CHRYSLER: Article Icon One thing I am constantly amazed at is people's vast misunderstanding of hypnosis. Every time I take part in a wellness expo, I can guarantee there will be attendees who upon reading my banner and realizing I hypnotize people, who quickly remove themselves from the general area of my table, practically tripping over others to make their escape! Read more >>>


Past Life Regression

JANICE CHRYSLER: Article Icon The young man wearily makes his way home from the long day of labour in the fields. He wipes his brow before pushing open the heavy wooden door of his log cabin. Inside the fire burns warmly and brightly in the hearth, casting shadows around the sparsely furnished room.
Read more >>>


Finding Your True Love

JANICE CHRYSLER: Article Icon It's an age old longing - finding your true love! Where does this search begin? Actually, you don't need to go anywhere. Just take a look in a mirror! Accept who you are, love yourself and then and only then will you attract more love through the people and events into your life! Read more >>>


Importance of Gratitude

JANICE CHRYSLER: Article Icon Let us just take a moment and think about how we start our day. Is it with a grateful heart or one of worry and despair? We all say we should be thankful but within our hearts do we truly feel it? It can be difficult to cut through all the negative energy around us brought to us from others and events beyond our control. Read more >>>


Close the Door Behind You

JANICE CHRYSLER: Article Icon Once you have taken the time to 'reflect' and 'review' the past year you've come to that wonderful moment of closure. Before you can begin to manifest what you desire for your life you will need to go back and close a few doors that may stay open and cause a very bad draft! Read more >>>


Reflection ~ 2010

JANICE CHRYSLER: Article Icon It is hard to believe that another year is almost coming to a close! Normally we wait until the New Year to take a few moments to look back and see where we have come from and decide the direction we will take for the upcoming year. Why wait? Read more >>>


Charting Your Spiritual Growth

JANICE CHRYSLER: Article Icon Even though our lives at times seem to be swaying on the brink of chaos, we still manage to take time to book our hair appointments, get the oil in our car checked, take the kids to their many activities, get the groceries and so on and so on and so on. Read more >>>


Are you like Charlie Brown?

JANICE CHRYSLER: Article Icon Almost all of us grew up with either reading the Peanuts comic strip in the newspaper or watching the now traditional cartoons at Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Since its debut in 1950 until its creator Charles M. Schulz died in February 2000, many life lessons were portrayed through these simple yet timeless stories. Read more >>>


Finding Stillness
in a Not So Still World

JANICE CHRYSLER: Article Icon It seems we move from fast to faster as we travel through our lives. The world around us is quickly advancing and changing in ways many of us could never have imagined. Read more >>>


Reflections of a Reiki Master

JANICE CHRYSLER: Article Icon For about a week prior to this moment I have felt deep within my forehead the pulsating and spinning of my Third Eye Chakra. My Crown Chakra makes a soft humming sound like a rotating fan within the top of my head as I meditate. Read more >>>


Meditation: The Key to Self-Discovery

JANICE CHRYSLER: Article Icon Our time here on earth is a journey of discovery in diverse areas of life. Every challenge has a meaning and a purpose. Perhaps there is a pattern that needs to be examined in order to stop it from repeating, every triumph a stepping-stone guiding us through rough waters, changes leading us down a new and exciting path. Read more >>>


Mindful Journey. What does it mean?

JANICE CHRYSLER: Article Icon While setting up at a local wellness fair, I was asked why I had chosen the name 'Mindful Journey' for my services. I have to confess it took me back a bit as no one had ever asked me this before. Read more >>>


What is Truth?

JANICE CHRYSLER: Article Icon The word truth itself is complex in meaning. In order to provide a definition of the word truth various conditions need to be met. According to one such definition, truth itself is as follows: Read more >>>