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Scribble & Grin - 53 Rhymes for Inspiring Times: Book Foreword

We invite you to see what's Spiritual Advisor has to say about our latest offering for kids!

Scribble & Grin Book CoverANDREA THIEL CONNELL: Recently while visiting my 23-year-old daughter in her own new apartment, I discovered that she had an old familiar banner hanging on the wall in her bathroom, one that had hung in our family bathroom all the while she was growing up. It had also hung in my family bathroom during my own childhood. The banner held a simple poem about friendliness and was plastered with pink, yellow and blue happy faces. To this day I can easily recall the whole poem without a second thought, as can all my siblings and my children. Its happy message has positively impacted 3 generations to date.

I also fondly remember my parents spontaneously reciting poetry, limericks and  various ditties throughout my childhood. My grown children still groan out loud when I create ridiculous rhymes over silly things, even though I have caught them doing the same thing.

Rhythm and rhyme are amazingly effective and powerful tools when trying to teach children simple truths and lessons. I found, as a parent, that the lessons chanted out in a short lyrical rhythm “stuck” better, because they were fun to learn and remember.

It was also very important to me as a parent that my children learned to appreciate the value of story telling and to discover for themselves their own power as the storyteller. I found that poetry, limericks and rhymes gave my children the confidence to recite and tell stories in their own voice. Many, many times during the course of their childhood and young adolescent years did I overhear them through fits of giggles and roaring laughter pass on a lesson they had learned to a playmate.

I am thrilled to have been invited to write the foreword for this collection of limericks and rhymes. I can easily envision children reading, re-reading and in due course memorizing these verses for their own amusement without even realizing the lessons they are learning as they go. As the rhythms flow from one to another, so will the teachings, effortlessly and joyfully. It just doesn’t get any better than that for a parent. 

Thank you for this offering. These well-written verses are certain to open young minds into great awareness and thoughtful reflections of themselves in their growth.


For more information: or check out this article about the book: Laugh 'til Milk Squirts Out of Your Nose!

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More from Andrea Connell


Article Pic Biography
Andrea Connell has been practicing and teaching energy work and holistic metaphysics for almost 20 years.

The founder and creative force behind New Leaf Metaphysics a business focused on providing top quality educational, healing discovery programs to create sacred, sustainable life, Andrea Connell has written and produced many self-help manuals. Her website New Days ~ New Ways provides inspirational thought and teachings. She is a collaborator and Spiritual Advisor for and her inspirational new thought articles may be found on various online magazines including OM Magazine, VividLife, Soul's Code and What's Invisible. She is also a regular contributor to Freedom Magazine.

Andrea's passion is to empower her students and clients to re-vitalize their own health and overall well-being by providing learning opportunities for them to discover their own Divine truth, natural abilities and authentic personal power. She has been using Tarot Cards to assist people in their life transitions for over 15 years, helping people access the tools they need to feel empowered in their own lives.

A highly motivating writer, workshop leader and speaker, Andrea inspires people to live their best life possible in every moment!

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