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Taking the Middle Road

Black & White Paint Pouring Yin - Yang Symbol

ANDREA THIEL CONNELL: We live in a dualistic world. This means that we are governed by the Law of Opposites and ultimately by the intricate dance of balance creating harmony. Everything in our world has a dual nature that determines the paradigms of expression for a particular frame of reference. Pythagoras determined that there were 10 pairs of opposites that allowed for all expressions on Earth.

Left – Right

Odd – Even

Cold – Hot

Soft – Hard

Dark  - Light

Female – Male

Bad – Good

Movable – Stationary

Oblong – Square

Wet – Dry

In today’s world we have greater knowledge of polarities that enhance our understanding of healing and relationship.

Yin – Yang

Feminine – Masculine

Left Body – Right Body

Right Brain – Left Brain

Magnetic – Electric

Receiving – Giving

Passive – Active

Consider the Law of Opposites to be a sexual Law. It is the law that underpins the creation of life on Earth. Without the interaction of opposites we would exist in a state of inertia. However in a state of inertia we would fail to exist at all. Through thought, action and choice we create and release charged energy. Father God, a positive charge, cannot create without Mother Earth, a negative charge. It is said that God knows himself through the creative expression of mankind. And indeed it is through the dance of opposites that we get to know ourselves and our vast potential.

Opposites are two expressions of the ONE. Both aspects are needed to make one whole and complete a full expression. At any time we sit somewhere between the two poles, and rarely are we ambivalently perched for any length of time in the centre in perfect balance. Even for the most sedate of us this would be painfully boring, not to mention pointless. Everything in our world, in thought and in deed, comes to exist through the tension that is created through the power plays of opposing forces. Everything in our material world is manifested by the specific rates of frequency producing electrical and magnetic energy. Everything with its own signature frequency interacts with everything else. The tug and pull and even the repulsion created by the energy of opposites is creating reality in every moment.

Paradigms of Change

Every day we make choices for our lives. For every concept of life there is a positive and negative charge that sets in to possibility potential outcomes.

Positive Charge  -  CONCEPT  - Negative Charge

Wellness – HEALTH - Illness

Vibrancy – VITALITY - Lethargy

Wealth - ABUNDANCE – Poverty

Perfection – ORDER - Chaos

Interest – RESOURCE - Apathy

Change – GROWTH – Stagnation

In our world you simply can’t have it both ways. We do however get to choose how we want it to be. You get to choose the direction of your focus. At times you will be allowed to rest and straddle the fence, but eventually if you don’t get back off and moving on your own accord, someone else’s choices will shove you back into the game. Change is a constant. Nothing is allowed to stay stagnant. Everything must grow, must evolve, and must change. Immobility will erode and deteriorate the quality of one’s life.

One of mankind’s greatest mind illusions is the need and questing for balance. True balance is not found in a moment of rest. Balance is only experienced in the flow. Homeostasis in the physical body reflects a deep peace that is found in the smooth harmonious flow between paradigms. Pain and illness are experienced when we sit too long with our attention on one thing. Pain indicates a resistance to change. Pain acts as a barometer that indicates when we need to do something differently. People resist change and even loudly exclaim that they hate it. But no matter how stubbornly we refuse to give in to it, change will win.

Nothing on this planet is impervious to change and nothing will nor can resist the winds of change for very long. The harder you resist the more powerful it will be when the force of change pushes through. Because change is a constant we must learn to become accustomed to letting things go. We must be ready to release any attachments that threaten to bind our energies into monotonous repetitive patterns. It is inherent human nature to change, evolve and grow. Change occurs between the duality presented by opposites. When we choose to limit our options for change we begin to invite painful limitations for solutions. We must constantly work at being willing to let go.  We have to sacrifice the ease of the moment for the greater good. The better we get at it the better we will feel.

Opposites Attract

In this life we will often be attracted to people who appear to be our opposites. But this is only part of the picture. The first law of the Universe is the Law of Attraction; like attracts like. This is not the contradiction it first appears to be. You will often be attracted to the people who have the same lesson as you – like attracts like – and they will often appear as opposites only because they sit on the opposite pole from you in the same lesson. Remember that is the tension created by opposites that provide the greatest opportunity for change.

In intimate relationships with ‘Opposites’ we can allow our guards to drop and to be vulnerable and without defences we invite the greatest possibility for healing and evolvement. We will allow our opposites to present issues to us that we refuse to see in ourselves. When we engage with another on intimate terms we engage with an alternate expression of ourselves. We have with every relationship the opportunity to learn about ourselves and heal often a very difficult and stubborn aspect.

Paradigms created by opposite character traits are significant to human development because they create the tension that causes the growth and evolution of humanity. If we persist and work with the mirrors presented by our opposites we can eventually move past the initial discord and establish better, more harmonious relationships that are more middle of the road. As the need for conflict, judgment and self-righteousness subside we can find an even keel. We will only be affected by the attraction of opposites when we stand in discord with the phenomena. When we grasp that our opposite is just the other end of us and accept our place with that we can move towards a beneficial projection and outcome.

Engaging With the Law of Opposites

The nature of opposites is conflict. If we attach to one pole or another we are bound to stay engaged with the conflict between them. If, however we apply and develop greater awareness into the issues presented by the opposites we can disengage from the conflict. When we understand that we as human beings are entangled with both poles, accept that as our reality, we can easily and safely move in the direction of our dreams. As your centre of balance shifts towards one pole or the other, you will experience a higher or poorer standard of living. The paradigm shifts along with your perception of life. There will always be opposites however the bad doesn’t have to be that bad and the good doesn’t have to be limited.

The level of ease and the difficulty people experience in their lives is self-determined. We ourselves are the pivot point, the degree with which you choose to stay entangled, and the degree with which you choose freedom will determine what your life looks and feels like: balanced or chaotic. 



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Article Pic Biography
Andrea Connell has been practicing and teaching energy work and holistic metaphysics for almost 20 years.

The founder and creative force behind New Leaf Metaphysics a business focused on providing top quality educational, healing discovery programs to create sacred, sustainable life, Andrea Connell has written and produced many self-help manuals. Her website New Days ~ New Ways provides inspirational thought and teachings. She is a collaborator and Spiritual Advisor for and her inspirational new thought articles may be found on various online magazines including OM Magazine, VividLife, Soul's Code and What's Invisible. She is also a regular contributor to Freedom Magazine.

Andrea's passion is to empower her students and clients to re-vitalize their own health and overall well-being by providing learning opportunities for them to discover their own Divine truth, natural abilities and authentic personal power. She has been using Tarot Cards to assist people in their life transitions for over 15 years, helping people access the tools they need to feel empowered in their own lives.

A highly motivating writer, workshop leader and speaker, Andrea inspires people to live their best life possible in every moment!

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