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Feng SHe Articles on Conscious Creation

Article Pic Biography
Based out of both the New York City and Philadelphia metropolitan areas, Rory Kelly Connor is CEO, Founder & President of Can You Imagine, a coaching and strategic counsel consultancy dedicated to working with businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals around the world who want to increase their potential, generate outstanding results, or desire change in their professional and/or personal lives. Serving clients across North America, Europe and selectively in rest of world, she brings more than 17 years of client experience to her work as a Peak Potential Coach, Certified Life & Career Coach, and Brand/PR Strategy Expert. An accomplished writer, speaker, trainer, workshop leader, and change management expert, she is noted for helping clients get clarity, explore limitations, exceed expectations, and create plans of action that propel them towards their goals and creating what they desire. For more on Rory, please visit Can You Imagine


Lusting for Ecstatic Engagement

I am an excitable person who only understands life lyrically, musically, in whom feelings are much stronger as reason. I am so thirsty for the marvelous that only the marvelous has power over me. Anything I cannot transform into something marvelous, I let go. Reality doesn't impress me. I only believe in intoxication, in ecstasy, and when ordinary life shackles me, I escape, one way or another. No more walls.

~Anais Nin

Man-EcstaticRORY KELLY CONNOR: For the purposes of this article, I am not speaking of lust as defined as one of the seven deadly sins or detailing the many ways lust manifests in unhealthy and destructive forms. I could write books on that subject, but will do so another day.

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Expectations: The Limiting Enemy Within

One-Way SignRORY KELLY CONNOR: Expectations are a mental attitude, a state or act of anticipating a specific outcome. Where expectations go awry is when they become assumptions, ergo something we take for granted or presume, a presumption steeped in arrogance and power.

Read more >>>


Time to Embrace the Truth: You Are Worthy

Mom with Young Son hugging her around the neckRORY KELLY CONNOR: Sitting in the back, quietly observing, the words and Catholic rituals as familiar to me as my own name, a phrase I had said thousands of times was spoken once again by all. “Lord, I am not worthy to receive You, but only say the word and I shall be healed.” And for the first time I recognized, with my coach’s heart, the lie.

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Beauty is an Experience

Street Art RORY KELLY CONNOR: We cannot truly know beauty until we use all of our senses to find the truth of something. Then, and only then, can we know it, know if it is in fact beautiful to us individually – versus beautiful because someone else has convinced us that we should think or feel it is beauty-ful...

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Gonna Do It When You Have Time? Do It Now.

Airline Flight board with all destinations cancelledRORY KELLY CONNOR: Time is an illusion created to make us feel safe, to attempt to control outcomes, to plan. It is also the obstacle we use to delay, avoid, excuse and chicken out. Yes, you’ve got all the time in the world. Until you don’t.

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It’s Time To Renew Your Vows – To Yourself!

Man with arms outstretchedRORY KELLY CONNOR: In sacrificing ourselves and our personal priorities, we have forgotten that we are sacred. We have forgotten that we are beloved. Sacred and beloved to ourselves. Remembering this, we can begin again to honour ourselves through a process of renewal, the practice of saying and doing again...

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Transformation is a lot like Baking a Cake

Egg Shells with Raw EggRORY KELLY CONNOR: Just as a butterfly cannot go back to being a caterpillar, so too it is with transformation of an individual. It is irreversible. You know you have reached it when you can no longer go back to a former way of being, living, thinking. Your heart, mind, and sometimes your body are forever changed.

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Appreciation Makes All the Difference

Red Haired Young woman joyfully receiving a giftRORY KELLY CONNOR: Appreciation is a joyful state of gratitude. It is a reflection of a gift valued by the receiver. It is an attentive awareness and celebration of the love surrounding the giving. Therefore, it is, in and of itself, a gift...

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Whatever It Is, It’s Perfect

Candle Flame in the DarknessRORY KELLY CONNOR: Every pain, every abuse, every betrayal, every lie had led me to the abyss, to me breaking wide open so my Light could shine again.

Read more >>>


The Power of Nice is a Beautiful
and Powerful Way to Live

RORY KELLY CONNOR: Article Icon How many times have you heard it said "Nice guys finish last." or "No good deed goes unpunished." over the course of your life? These cliches, born out of an ever-increasing and competitive business environment, have helped to propagate Darwin's theory of survival of the fittest, a model in which the last man standing or the one with more is the winner... Read more >>>


Flying through Life with the Greatest of Ease

RORY KELLY CONNOR: Now is the time to assess all that you are juggling. Ask yourself if each piece you are trying to balance with all the others is still crucial to your happiness. Also, ask yourself honestly what it might feel like if you could throw that piece away…

Read more >>>


Promises, Promises

The Most Important Commitment You Will Ever Make

Several clippings with commitment words on themRORY KELLY CONNORCommitment is about honour, being able to make a commitment. Give and take. As long as you give what you promised, you can honourably take what was promised in return.

Read more >>>


Much Ado About Passion

The Good, The Bad and The Balance

Passionate Soccer Player with Passions words super imposed over topRORY KELLY CONNOR: Passion. A powerful little word used to describe all sorts of emotions: love, hate, desire, lust, sexual urges, joy, ardent affection, wild enthusiasm, enthrallment. What differentiates passion into a category unto itself is the focused intensity associated with it.

Read more >>>


The Art of Conscious Perception

Being Aware of Our Boundaries

Old Brick Wall - Heavy Wooden Door open with light streaming inRORY KELLY CONNOR: Part of becoming a master at the art of conscious perception is to search for the truth. Realize that anyone, anywhere with an agenda is using the power of PR to convince you of their message, to motivate you to feel something, buy something, behave in a certain way.

Read more >>>


It’s Never Too Late to Bloom: You Can Do It!

Flowers Growing from PavementRORY KELLY CONNOR: Whatever it is - this thing you want to become or make happen - I am here to tell you, “Anything is possible.” Really. You simply have to choose it and begin. Head in the right direction. It’s that simple.

Read more >>>


Begin a Love Affair with Yourself

Curly headed woman holding large red heartRORY KELLY CONNOR: Lovable is defined as having a nature that attracts love, deserves love, is amiable and endearing. Get out of your own way and learn how to love yourself by choosing thoughts and actions that are self-loving choices. Then do the same, always, with others. You will find that you are, and have always been, quite lovable.

Read more >>>


We’re in Deep: Yet Skin-Deep Is Never Enough

Deep Sea DiverRORY KELLY CONNOR: We live in a superficial society. We have become obsessed with the surface, searching for a feeling of being worthy, being lovable, based on what we look like, how we appear - a standard set by people who are fully dedicated to taking our money and convincing us that they have the answers to happiness.

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Joy Happens

In Joy - Sheet MusicRORY KELLY CONNOR: Through our individual and collective search for our highest selves, in the manifestation of our most loving selves, and in the embodiment of our most giving selves, joy happens.

Read more >>>


When You Stop to Ask for Directions
Pay Attention for the Answers

 Word Go with Green ArrowRORY KELLY CONNOR: Recently, I was working with a client (let's call her Chris) who was grappling with a branding issue. She had come to me as a Coach and Strategic Advisor to provide clarity and direction. 

Read more >>>


If You Can Imagine, You Can Make it Real

Woman's arms letting a butterfly go

RORY KELLY CONNOR: After almost two decades as a public relations and branding strategy expert, I added Certified Coach to my areas of expertise. 

Read more >>>


Shutting Out the Noise
So You Can Hear Your Own Inner Rhythm

RORY KELLY CONNOR: Article Icon "What? I can't hear you! There's too much noise around here! I can't focus! How am I supposed to hear myself think?" Read more >>>


Strengthening Our Relationship to Money

The secret is aligning it with what we value.

RORY KELLY CONNOR: Article Icon I was a woman on a mission. I had money in my wallet that I had personally earned. I felt very powerful. As I passed by one luxury-goods' store after another on Fifth Avenue, I wasn't even tempted to go inside to check out that sexy orange leather bag with the totally cool design displayed in a store window. Didn't pause in my stride to ogle the high-heeled black sandals with the little metal bangles adorning the front strap. Read more >>>