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Feng SHe Articles on Childrens Needs

Article Pic Biography
Amber Dawne's mission statement in life is, "Upon loving yourself you can learn to love another." The mother of an indigo child, Amber is an intuitive medium who lives by the K.I.S.S. (keep it simple silly) method. Her passion is to increase inner trust and a new love for life in everyone around her and she strives to assist others in expanding their perspectives by integrating intuitive tools in their lives in a realistic, gratifying, and ethical manner. One of 8 children, Amber grew up in a highly religious, family oriented environment. Because her mother also looked after for 6 to 8 additional children at any given time in her home daycare, Amber was able to watch the wonderful techniques one can acquire when caring for so many, as well as the flaws in the plans that did not go so well. Helping to care for other children at a young age gave Amber a great appreciation for making the small things in life count. As a result she became an avid teacher, helper and a firm believer in community where she taught swimming and organized a youth group for disabled. Amber is a graduate of hospitality and tourism management and currently studying physiology. She started to develop her own intuitive style at the age of 4, but because her gift was highly misunderstood, she was asked not to speak candidly to and of others. Upon reaching adulthood she came into her own and has fully embrace her intuitive senses. A self proclaimed clairvoyant counsellor and medium it is Ambers mission to help others find their inner voice, inner love, and inner appreciation. You can connect with Amber Dawne on Facebook.


How to Encourage your Intuitive Child

5 Year Old Child's Drawing - 2 girls sharing cookiesAMBER DAWNE: A great connection to empathy, divine love and compassion for others, Windy is a good example of how getting in tune with yourself and others makes for a more empathic intuitive.

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Foundation for an Intuitive Child

Child's Drawing of a girl with stained glass hairAMBER DAWNE: Windy is my 5-year-old daughter, who is highly intuitive like her mom. Because I know from my own experience as a medium that it can be hard to find yourself in today’s society, I have raised Windy to rely on her 'gut instincts', to listen to her soul and find clarity through her own intuition.

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