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Feng SHe Articles on Learning

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Sallie Felton, President of Sallie Felton LLC is a life coach, international radio talk show host, author, facilitator, inspirational speaker and former hypnotherapist and deep imagery therapist. She was formally trained with MentorCoach LLC and certified as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by the International Coach Federation. Drawing on all types of counselling and acting as a partner and cheerleader, it is her passion to help individuals who are either in a transition or trying to seek order and balance in their lives.


Losing a Loved One

Metal Grid with water dropletsSALLIE FELTON: I remember in 1999 when my father was diagnosed with emphysema and congestive heart failure, hearing the doctor's words, "Your Dad may have a year or two."

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Break Out of Your Mold and Commit

If you are truly flexible and go until… there is really very little you can’t accomplish in your lifetime.” ~ Anthony Robbins

Gingerbreadman Dough with cookie cutterSALLIE FELTON: What is it you might want to do with your life? Is there a promise to yourself you’d like to keep? Do you want to have more free time, lose weight, expand a business or start one for that matter? In order to do any of these, you have to show up and be accountable.

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Passion, A Different Take

Pond with green lily pads and one frogSALLIE FELTON: When you read the word PASSION what comes to mind? Do you think of two lovers locked in a 'passionate' kiss or is it love making…hot and steamy? Does it take your breath away? For me, passion conjures up a cellular burning. A love from the inner most depths of my soul is the easiest way to put it.

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What You SEE May Not be What IS

Woman with Binoculars - Bird in right lens - plane in left lensSALLIE FELTON: What one perceives may not be at all what is meant. We hear it all the time on the news, especially in the world of politics and celebrities. The media takes those sound bites, those words which will be 'news worthy or shocking', but fail to fill in the blanks or give the rest of the story.

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