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Feng SHe Articles on Abundance

Article Pic Biography
Mary Giuffre is all about Inspiration, Motivation and Transformation.

An award winning TV Producer ~ Director ~ Editor ~ Writer for over thirty years, Mary Giuffre stepped out of mainstream media and now focuses attention on the greater good as an Inspirational Filmmaker ~ Artist and Speaker.

Mary is passionate about inspiring people to live vital heart-centred lives. Through her films, writing and speaking engagements she motivates individuals to move energy from thought to feeling, so they recognize the wisdom of using their minds in co-operation with their hearts.

A student of metaphysics, energy, and spirituality since her early teen years, Mary is also a Certified Practitioner trained at the Canadian Schools of Feng Shui, a Red Ribbon Professional with the International Feng Shui Guild, a Level II Reiki Practitioner. She has also been influenced by Indigenous Spiritual teachers, as well as Energy Healers from many traditions.

Mary Giuffre is the president and CEO of inspirtainment inc. including: Wave Videos and Wave Feng Shui and the Creator and Co-founder of Master Heart Magazine & the Master Heart Movement.

Mary has produced a meditation CD in collaboration with renowned Holistic Metaphysician & Energy Worker, Andrea Thiel Connell . You're welcome to contact her via e-mail:

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Laugh 'til Milk Squirts Out of Your Nose!

Scribble & Grin Empowers Kids 53 Ways

MARY GIUFFRE & PAUL L. CLARK: Scribble & Grin - 53 Rhymes for Inspiring Times was created to bring families together and tickle the funny bones of young, old and everyone in between. It works because the uniquely crafted limericks and poems allow us to stop taking life so seriously and laugh at the happenings of everyday life, without poking fun at someone else's expense!

Read more >>>


The Strong may Survive but the Loving Thrive

MARY GIUFFRE: Article Icon I've always considered myself a 'strong' person: intelligent, decisive, gutsy, take charge, assertive, powerful, determined, resolute, dedicated and independent. However looking back, I'm sure others would likely have used considerably less flattering adjectives to describe my strength. Read more >>>


Get to Know the Founders!

Paul Clark & Mary Giuffre on TV SetMARY GIUFFRE & PAUL L. CLARK are the founders of and MasterHeartTV. Inspirational Film, Video and Image Development Specialist Mary & Paul sidestepped mainstream media to work from the Heart. Here is their recent TV interview.

Read more >>>


How Are We Raising Our Boys?

Rediscovering what it truly means to be MASCULINE is the only way to find peace in this world.

Father holding baby son in his arms staring at the cameraMARY GIUFFRE: In the wake of the horrendous worldwide tragedies receiving attention at the time of writing this, my heart goes out to the victims and those left in turmoil by such heartbreak, however I can't stop feeling terribly sad for the boys who could commit such heinous acts and how we as a society have fallen short when raising our boys.

Read more >>>


The Voice of an Angel

Charlotte ConnellCanadian vocalist CHARLOTTE CONNELL, a classically trained Soprano, performs two Christmas favourites. Produced by Mary Giuffre and Paul Clark of

Read more >>>


Walking the Heart-Centred Path
with Money in Your Pocket AND in the Bank

Letting Go of Past Money Programming

Coins in Glass Bottle

MARY GIUFFRE: Accept at a heart level that money is part of the world we live in and that having and enjoying it no way hinders our ability to love.

Read more >>>


The Prerequisite for True Abundance

Hand holding glowing white globe with a Heart insideMARY GIUFFRE: If we are truly walking our talk as Spiritual Beings, how is it we have put more faith in the almighty dollar than our ability, our birthright, to tap into this ever-abundant universe?

Read more >>>


Heart to Heart with Mary Giuffre

Guests: Hay House Authors Michael Eisen and Jeffery Eisen

MasterHeartTV - Timeless Vision IconIn their book, emPOWERed YOUth: A Father and Son's Journey to Conscious Living, Hay House Authors Michael Eisen and Jeffery Eisen tell a candid story of how they radically changed their adversarial relationship to one of compassionate understanding and love. The fabulous Eisen Men joined me to talk about their book...

Read more >>>


Our Best Of Celebration!

FireworksMARY GIUFFRE & PAUL CLARK: It's hard to believe that 2 years have gone by since the collaborators opened their hearts to help make the world a more liveable and LOVEable place.

Read more >>>


Our Hearts Lead!

Heart Charka Mandala in Green ShadesMARY GIUFFRE: For anyone with the notion that heart and emotion are for the weak and the meek, now that it's been scientifically proven that our heart is in fact, the true leader of our body, it's time to allow your heart energy to flow so it can do the job it came here to do ~ spread the many qualities of LOVE.

Read more >>>


Balance: It's What Mastering Your Heart is All About!

A Video Overview of the July 16th Edition of

Balance Graphic with Heart
Our senses are finely tuned to personal and environmental energy fields so instinctively we know what’s out of BALANCE in our lives.


Read more >>>


A Delicate Balance

A Video Overview of the July 2nd Edition of

This flawless performance by the Canadian Skyhawks in their dynamic Canada Day show in Cobourg Ontario Canada is a stunning example of art and athletics in flowing balance.

Read more >>>


Blind Commitment

A Video Overiew of the June 18th Edition of

Commitment IconMARY GIUFFRE: In a world over crowded with loyalties that stem from childhood, too many of us have ongoing commitments based on our upbringing, our past or on things we just don't want to do! We have agreed to things without asking questions and believe in other things which are vague, confused, and lack clarity.

Read more >>>


Our Commitment to Enhancing Our World

A Video Overview of the June 4th, 2012 Edition of

This Month's Theme is Commitment
Welcome to our newly renovated Master Heart Magazine Website.  Our theme for June is COMMITMENT and all month long our Master Heart Collaborators are committed to sharing heart-centred wisdom that helps balance our lives.

Read more >>>


Are YOU Ready for Passion? is getting a makeover!


Passion GraphicMARY GIUFFRE: Our passions are what drive us forward and move us to achieve great things! We can feel passionate for all kinds of reasons from extreme grief to great joy. In this video "the Passion Test Lady", Janet Bray Attwood says it best...

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Pa ~ Pa ~ Pa ~ Pa ~ Passion...

Photos of Bari McFarland and Christine CirkaMARY GIUFFRE: I sing all the time.  I sing along to the songs on the radio. I sing silly ditties to the dog. I wake up with songs I've sung during the day running through my head in the middle of the night and every time I think of this month's theme I want to sing it to the tune of David Bowie's 'Fashion'! 

Read more >>>


Gems of Perception

A Video Overview of the April 17th, 2012 Edition of

Perception GraphicMARY GIUFFRE: To each individual, something - anything, is what that person perceives it to be.

Read more >>>


What Do YOU See?

A Video Overview of the April 3rd, 2012 Edition of  

Perception GraphicMARY GIUFFRE: We each use our five senses and perhaps five or more extra sensory perceptions to perceive the world around us and it's our reaction to those perceptions, positive or negative, that create our personally reality and reactions. 

Read more >>>


ESP: Everybody Sees Possibilities

Ball of Colourful Rubber BandsMARY GIUFFRE: With the complete recognition that my perception and your perception may differ completely, vary slightly, or be exactly the same, I offer you these ideas around the concept of 'perception'. Which of course are only my 'perceptions' of 'perception.'

Read more >>>


Celebrating Spring's Rebirth

A Video Overview of the Spring Equinox, 2012 Edition of  

Rebirth GraphicMARY GIUFFRE: Here in the Northern Hemisphere, we're enjoying a glorious early spring. Paul and I are most grateful for a fabulous springtime view from our home near Rice Lake, Ontario Canada (see my vlog above!) so every year at this time while we watch the bird nest and wait for the buds to expand all around us...

Read more >>>


Live and Create Life from the Inside Out!

A Video Overview of the Feb. 21, 2012 Edition of                                           & Your Invitation to Join the Master Heart Movement!

Master Heart LogoMARY GIUFFRE & ANDREA CONNELL: In the past year, we have gathered MASTER HEART Leaders across Canada, the UK, the USA and individual MASTER HEARTS following us on Social Media around the globe! Once again, we're calling on  inspired, MASTER HEARTS from ALL walks of life to initiate MASTER HEART GROUPS.

Read more >>>


Feeling Deep Emotion

A Video Overview of the Jan.23, 2012 Edition of!

Word - Depth on Purple backgroundMARY GIUFFRE: How many times have you heard this statement? "That's just how it is!" As a society a nation and a collective world, we have accepted this powerful proclamation without a second thought, pretty much since the dawn of humanity.

Read more >>>


Dive Deep

A Video Overview of the Jan. 2, 2012 Edition of!

Depth GraphicMARY GIUFFRE: Passion, desire, feeling and faith are the keys to consciously creating and manifesting our reality. Do you allow yourself to feel and understand deeply?

Read more >>>


Eleven : Eleven : Eleven

"Synchronicity is choreographed by a great, pervasive intelligence that lies at the heart of nature and is manifest in each of us through intuitive knowledge."
~ Deepak Chopra

Field of Poppies

MARY GIUFFRE: Leading up to Remembrance Day this year I dealt with a great personal struggle. You see every year, as long as I can remember, like most people, I made sure I posted a bright red poppy on my lapel beginning around November 1st.

Read more >>>


A Fairy Godmother's Gift

MARY GIUFFRE: Article Icon I love presents. I love getting them and I love giving them. Read more >>>


Whose Truth?

MARY GIUFFRE: Article Icon I was recently engaged in an online conversation about TRUTH with a person I know to be wonderful loving Spirit. A Christian theist who believes mind, body and Soul in following what many believe is the only TRUTH, that of the Bible and I honour his choice. Read more >>>


Heaven Sent

In Loving Memory...

MARY GIUFFRE: Article Icon On a chilly November day in the Gatineau Hills of Quebec, a dainty little ladybug sat in patient anticipation, watching intently from her perch on an exquisitely polished stone. The appointed day had arrived and now as she waited, she reflected on the melancholy afternoon when she accepted this assignment. Read more >>>


Now We are ONE

Happy 1st Birthday!

MARY GIUFFRE & PAUL CLARK: Article Icon We'd both been dragging ourselves around tired careers in the film and TV industry for way too long. The hours, the egos and the unfulfilling projects were becoming relentlessly unrewarding. With all our years of experience there had to be something we could create that would ADD to the betterment of humanity... Read more >>>


Still Life

MARY GIUFFRE: Article Icon Heartful Verse Read more >>>


Empowering Infinite Abundance

MARY GIUFFRE-ANDREA CONNELL: Article Icon The Law of Abundance is governed by the Law of Attraction, the Law of Balance and the Law of Change ~ all of the places where people get snagged when manifesting prosperity! Read more >>>


Thinking With Your Heart

Moving Energy From Thought to Feeling

MARY GIUFFRE: Article Icon The thing I remember most about my grandmother was her incredible ability to accept what is. Whenever the rest of our family was running around like their hair was on fire my Gram pulled out one of her favourite sayings, "These are the things that happen to the living." Applies to virtually everything doesn't it? Read more >>>


Who's Messing with Your Energy Field?

MARY GIUFFRE: Article Icon There is no doubt that we are living in tumultuous times. The world at large is in a chaotic state. Almost everywhere we look, anxiety is running very, very high. Too many are enduring serious personal challenges, which escalate daily. Even more live in some imagined state of fear that keeps a tight grip on what's left of reason. Read more >>>



MARY GIUFFRE: Article Icon I want to talk about LOVE. When I sat down to write this article I Googled, "What is love?" and the question brought up some 3,290,000,000 results in 0.10 seconds. I only made it through the first three pages before the words 'STOP ALREADY!' went screaming through my head! Read more >>>


Mary and the Maternal Face of God

Intro by MARY GIUFFRE: Article Icon I grew up with two Aunt Marie's. One, who when I was a young child, wore the conservative habit of a Roman Catholic Nun and another, whom our Catholic family collective considered to be a much more liberal-thinker. Read more >>>


Heart Listening

MARY GIUFFRE: Article Icon A few weeks back, my sister ~ one of the wisest women I know ~ revealed something very inspiring. "I've entered this listening phase," she said. "I've come to a point where I just want to sit back and listen for a while." Read more >>>


Lottery Ticket to Ride

MARY GIUFFRE: Article Icon The monetary system that rules our planet is a human-mind invention that truly has no basis in anything tangible. On the great, big greed scale that has become the sum of our existence it's a way to keep track of who has what, and who is not entitled. Read more >>>


Feng Shui Your Business for Prosperity

MARY GIUFFRE: Article Icon Abundance is only achieved if your feeling abundant, so the first step to improving prosperity is setting an intention to be prosperous and BELIEVING it's possible. You especially need to believe in yourself and that you are deserving of all best things in life. Read more >>>


Terminal Terminology

MARY GIUFFRE: Article Icon A young girl perhaps ten years old was a featured guest on a high profile daily network TV talk show I was working on a few years back. She told a story of driving with her mom in the downtown area of a major Canadian city one bitterly cold winter day and watching in dismay as an underdressed elderly man, dug through a garbage bin and ate the dregs he found there. Read more >>>


Hope has a Hole in It!

MARY GIUFFRE: Article Icon I'm not a big fan of HOPE. I can feel you shutting down, but hear me out. Read more >>>


Energize Your New Year!

MARY GIUFFRE: Article Icon Our world is made up of endless fields of energy and the dawn of a New Year is the perfect time to change up those energies so we plant seeds for a brilliant future. Read more >>>


Words to Live By

MARY GIUFFRE: Article Icon A Christmas Day baby, I am accustomed to giving as well as receiving on my birthday:) The Feng SHe concept was a gift from the endless ALL-knowing Universal Energy. Read more >>>


Merry or Scary Christmas?

MARY GIUFFRE: Article Icon The holiday season is upon us and for some that means a warm and joyful time! Unfortunately for others all the cooking, baking, shopping, gift giving, partying and expectation that goes with this time of year becomes just too much! Read more >>>


The Pinocchio Effect

MARY GIUFFRE: Article Icon I've come to realize that however well intentioned, for the most part human beings are not particularly honest. Read more >>>


You Put What? Where?
The Energetic Affects of Body Art

MARY GIUFFRE: Article Icon I wear two tattoos. The top of my left arm hosts an OM symbol, which, to my mind, reinforces my commitment to a spiritual path. In the same spot on my right arm is an icon of an energetic spiral, a reflection of our very galaxy. (That's the artist in action to the left.) Read more >>>


Balance in Motion

MARY GIUFFRE & PAUL CLARK: Article Icon Aztec dance celebrates the traditions of the ancients. Performed as ceremonial prayer every dance honours the balance of dualities. Each step is first to the left and then to the right to BALANCE FEMININE and MASCULINE energies and is prayer sent back to the Creator. Read more >>>


Breaking N.E.W.S.

MARY GIUFFRE: Article Icon The formal exchange of information has been part of human culture since messengers ran from city to city in ancient times and the town criers of early North American settlements clanged their bells on street corners.
Read more >>>



MARY GIUFFRE: Article Icon Pencil Crayon on handmade paper Read more >>>