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Live and Create Life from the Inside Out!

A Video Overview of the Feb. 21, 2012 Edition of                                           & Your Invitation to Join the Master Heart Movement!

Master Heart LogoMARY GIUFFRE & ANDREA CONNELL: Are you ready to lead with YOUR MASTER HEART?

More than ever before, people are coming together as one heart and one mind. The month, FengSHe advisor Andrea Connell and I have put our hearts together to further our MASTER HEART initiative.

In the past year, we have gathered MASTER HEART Leaders across Canada, the UK, the USA and individual MASTER HEARTS following us on Social Media from India, Poland, Peru, Malaysia, Guatemala, Australia, Egpyt and the list is growing daily!

Once again, we're calling on wise, inspired, motivated MASTER HEARTS from ALL walks of life to initiate MASTER HEART GROUPS wherever people gather. Every group holds opportunity for celebration, meditation, reflection and healing for ourselves, each other and to increase uplifting world-wide change. 

Because of our heart-centred mandate, we would like to see individual meditation and healing groups band together to create one potent MASTER HEART MOVEMENT! Much like the recent 'Occupy' movement, MASTER HEART requires no head office or structured leadership, but focuses on uniting many community leaders with the same vision!

Please consider connecting your heart with ours! You'll find more information at and on our Master Heart Groups Facebook page.

By UNITING the intention and recognition of MASTER HEART internationally we are capable of changing the world! 

Spread the Love!

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More from Mary Giuffre


Article Pic Biography
Mary Giuffre is all about Inspiration, Motivation and Transformation.

An award winning TV Producer ~ Director ~ Editor ~ Writer for over thirty years, Mary Giuffre stepped out of mainstream media and now focuses attention on the greater good as an Inspirational Filmmaker ~ Artist and Speaker.

Mary is passionate about inspiring people to live vital heart-centred lives. Through her films, writing and speaking engagements she motivates individuals to move energy from thought to feeling, so they recognize the wisdom of using their minds in co-operation with their hearts.

A student of metaphysics, energy, and spirituality since her early teen years, Mary is also a Certified Practitioner trained at the Canadian Schools of Feng Shui, a Red Ribbon Professional with the International Feng Shui Guild, a Level II Reiki Practitioner. She has also been influenced by Indigenous Spiritual teachers, as well as Energy Healers from many traditions.

Mary Giuffre is the president and CEO of inspirtainment inc. including: Wave Videos and Wave Feng Shui and the Creator and Co-founder of Master Heart Magazine & the Master Heart Movement.

Mary has produced a meditation CD in collaboration with renowned Holistic Metaphysician & Energy Worker, Andrea Thiel Connell . You're welcome to contact her via e-mail:

Get to know more about the Founders.

Article Pic Biography
Andrea Connell has been practicing and teaching energy work and holistic metaphysics for almost 20 years.

The founder and creative force behind New Leaf Metaphysics a business focused on providing top quality educational, healing discovery programs to create sacred, sustainable life, Andrea Connell has written and produced many self-help manuals. Her website New Days ~ New Ways provides inspirational thought and teachings. She is a collaborator and Spiritual Advisor for and her inspirational new thought articles may be found on various online magazines including OM Magazine, VividLife, Soul's Code and What's Invisible. She is also a regular contributor to Freedom Magazine.

Andrea's passion is to empower her students and clients to re-vitalize their own health and overall well-being by providing learning opportunities for them to discover their own Divine truth, natural abilities and authentic personal power. She has been using Tarot Cards to assist people in their life transitions for over 15 years, helping people access the tools they need to feel empowered in their own lives.

A highly motivating writer, workshop leader and speaker, Andrea inspires people to live their best life possible in every moment!

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