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Heart Charka Mandala in Green Shades

MARY GIUFFRE: Did you know that our teeny tiny hearts begin beating out our life's rhythm before our brain has a chance to fire its first electrical impulse? Until quite recently, modern science believed our hearts remained a mere pump, which facilitated blood flow around our physical bodies 24/7, but in recent years man and machine have discovered what so many of us have always known intuitively, that our hearts are capable of far greater feats. Researchers at the Institute of Heart Math, have confirmed, that our heart is an intelligent, sophisticated hub, which sends signals to our brain to influence our emotional processing!*

Well, it's great to know that science and technology have finally caught up :) because long before modern science could measure brain impulses and electromagnetic fields, ancient cultures recognized that the heart is responsible for influencing our emotions, as well as our ability to make decisions. It was commonly understood that the heart balances our energies and influences behaviours by providing sound judgment to our minds.

Yoga traditions, for example identify the heart as the seat of individual consciousness and traditional Chinese medicine sees the heart as the bridge between the body and mind. Even now there are aboriginal tribes in Australia who understand "how you feel emotionally about things is what really registers", "action is only the channel whereby the feeling, the intent, is allowed to be expresses and experienced" and that "we as humans are here to experience emotion and to use our bodies as vehicles to achieve emotional wisdom".**

So, for anyone with the notion that heart and emotion are for the weak and the meek, now that it's been scientifically proven that our heart is in fact, the true leader of our body, it's time to allow your heart energy to flow so it can do the job it came here to do ~ spread the many qualities of LOVE.

Heart energy allows us to hold ourselves to the highest integrity in every moment and encourages us behave with the utmost respect for every being on the planet. Because we need more than logic to resolve our differences and unravel our problems it helps with true understanding and consideration so we can rely on our heart centre to hear and take in a situation differently than our linear minds. When filter every thought we think, every word we say and every decision we make, through our heart's uniquely flexible and intuitive wisdom we understand that there is a difference between observation and judgement and that people who do not behave like us are simply choosing to do things differently.

We establish harmony within ourselves through our emotional heart centre so negative emotional energy has very powerful effects. I know from personal experience that physical health is definitely influenced by our emotional well-being. I'm rarely ill, but if I catch a cold, the flu or experience ongoing physical aches and pains, there is always an underlying emotional issue to be resolved and the only solution for me is to find out what's causing the distress and love it away. But the effects can be far more devastating. A few years ago, when my friend was blind-sided by news of her husband's ongoing affair with one of her employees, she almost instantly developed a huge and painful bruise directly over her heart. If I had not been with her through the trauma, I may not have believed it, but there it was in black and blue. These obvious destructive effects of negative emotional energy also lead me to believe that viewing heart disease exclusively as physical ailment should definitely be reconsidered by our medical system.

AND If there was any doubt about the heart taking the lead in our lives, the numerous accounts of heart transplant recipients who have taken on the lifestyles and personalities of the their donors, would certainly make one consider that the heart has it's own intelligence and wisdom that indeed rules the body! Google 'heart transplant character change' and you'll find endless stories about one personality entering the O.R. and distinctly different one emerging after the surgery!

Your thesaurus may not say so, but one of the synonyms for heart is creativity. Creativity is why we're here. It's why we were born and what we are meant to do in every moment. Our heart energy is pure light radiating from our all-loving source and it's this energy that urges our creative selves to break free of restrictions. Whether it's applied to gardening or painting or cooking or writing or accounting or creating and sustaining human life, that source is our unfettered potential! So get out of your own way and let your light shine brightly because creativity is your birthright!

Every moment is a gift connected to endless possibilities and living with heart means living our lives in joy and contentment rather than misery and dissatisfaction even in times of sadness, because we know we are love our core. This compassionate energy is what bolsters the strength we need to break free from the restlessness, anger, and rage that cages our hearts. When you allow its true intelligence to well up in every fibre of your being, bliss flows gracefully through your veins, your nerves and all the other energy systems in and around your body.

It's no surprise to those living heart centred lives that other data collected by the Institute of Heart Math shows our heart's energy field also sends out signals through its electromagnetic field which influences unspoken communication between individuals, meaning the heart is directly involved in intuitive perception. They now have measured evidence that an energetic system exists beneath consciousness AND even more interesting is that the heart appears to receive this intuitive information BEFORE it gets to the brain! 

I lovingly encourage all overly analytical minds to escape the lonely, isolated peak at the top of their shoulders, and trust the process of combining your brilliant brain-power with the loving tenderness of your emotionally intelligent and intuitive heart.

Delicious food for heart-felt thought isn't it?


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* The Heart Has Its Own 'Brain' and Consciousness 

** Mutant Message Down Underand Mutant Message from Forever by Marlo Morgan


A Video Overview of the Feb. 6, 2012 Edition of!


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Article Pic Biography
Mary Giuffre is all about Inspiration, Motivation and Transformation.

An award winning TV Producer ~ Director ~ Editor ~ Writer for over thirty years, Mary Giuffre stepped out of mainstream media and now focuses attention on the greater good as an Inspirational Filmmaker ~ Artist and Speaker.

Mary is passionate about inspiring people to live vital heart-centred lives. Through her films, writing and speaking engagements she motivates individuals to move energy from thought to feeling, so they recognize the wisdom of using their minds in co-operation with their hearts.

A student of metaphysics, energy, and spirituality since her early teen years, Mary is also a Certified Practitioner trained at the Canadian Schools of Feng Shui, a Red Ribbon Professional with the International Feng Shui Guild, a Level II Reiki Practitioner. She has also been influenced by Indigenous Spiritual teachers, as well as Energy Healers from many traditions.

Mary Giuffre is the president and CEO of inspirtainment inc. including: Wave Videos and Wave Feng Shui and the Creator and Co-founder of Master Heart Magazine & the Master Heart Movement.

Mary has produced a meditation CD in collaboration with renowned Holistic Metaphysician & Energy Worker, Andrea Thiel Connell . You're welcome to contact her via e-mail:

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