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Scribble & Grin empowers kids! Visit their site to Buy the Hardcover and eBook today. Braille is available Sept 2013.

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Laugh 'til Milk Squirts Out of Your Nose!

Scribble & Grin Empowers Kids 53 Ways

MARY GIUFFRE & PAUL L. CLARK: Who has more fun than kids?  Well to be perfectly honest, we're pretty sure we do! Creating Scribble & Grin: 53 Rhymes for Inspiring Times has allowed us to time-travel and put ourselves into the carefree mindset of what we would like childhood to be for every kid on the planet, and assuming as we do that there is life beyond Earth, we include every kid throughout this universe and all the others in that vision!

Since our release date we have had the privilege of reading in classrooms and libraries, at festivals and fairs and at other events where kids hang out, joyfully interacting with them as they take in what we've created and being overwhelmed by the brilliance they so willingly give back in return through shining eyes, uproarious laughter and freely expanding and interacting with the rhymes to make them their own.

Michael Josh Bill & Peter

Our fabulous young cousins, Michael, Peter and Joshua, have become our champion sales dudes, chatting up everyone they come across and expounding on their favorite parts of the book, from musical instruments to unflattering farts. Grade 2 Girls recite TAMING THE BULLY

A lively and very expressive quartet of grade two girls did a very powerful performance of our anti-bullying poem.Monster Parade A fun-filled party in celebration of our book launch had boys, girls and parents creating double-headed monsters who paraded while we read a poem that explains that the fears in their heads are, well, just in their heads. And during a reading at our most recent festival appearance, an eight-old-boy named Austin (who was so taken with every aspect of the book that he came back for each reading that day) won our hearts saying, "I'm going to save up and buy your book and maybe it will go on sale so I can have it sooner!" (Needless to say we sent Austin and his sister Ashlee home with a copy of their own - how could anyone deny that kind of enthusiasm?!)Paul L. Clark with Austin & Ashlee

Always empowering, often amusing and sometimes a little ridiculous, Scribble & Grin is a healthy mix of inspiration, insight and innocent nonsense. It encourages creativity, which in turn encourages happiness; celebrates inclusion and diversity by featuring special needs and able-bodied kids with skin tones represented in a rainbow of colors, and also provides solutions for adversity from bullying to shyness. The book offers our youngest, most impressionable and most vulnerable citizens uplifting, self-empowerment concepts: sharing, caring, self-expression, self-love, joy and being in charge of their own behavior, presented with a light-hearted attitude and many with a big belly laugh for the entire family!

A collection that has been highly praised for its originality and effectiveness internationally by librarians, educators, parents and children's advocates, Scribble & Grin is available in 7"x10" hardcover, all e-book formats and in two Braille editions (contracted and uncontracted). The book is 142-pages overflowing with Rhyme AND Reason - filled cover to cover with poems that get kids in touch with ALL their feelings as they are learning about the world.

Why is this book so important?

“Our children are being forced to grow up too quickly and are becoming stressed and anxious at a young age, so I am thrilled to see a book like this that allows kids to just have FUN and LEARN at the same time!!!!" ~ Jeffery Eisen, Life & Spiritual Coach, Hay House Author - emPOWERed YOUth: A Father and Son’s Journey to Conscious Living

Scribble & Grin helps focus kids on heart-centered behavior. Although wildly amusing, it was created to empower and inspire, as well as to entertain. In our cluttered, chaotic, cantankerous, bad news world, children need a consistently inspiring, enlightening and empowering influence. The wisdom held in the simple rhymes provides reassuring and entertaining concepts with timeless values, which help kids be the best they can be! 

The collection was created to assists growing kids adapt to situations they encounter in daily life. Throughout this series of humorous limericks and poetry children are introduced to essential life skills; self-esteem, self-reliance, self-respect & respect for others - all key ingredients for growing into contributing, caring and joyful adults, but the poems don't preach. They allow kids to be kids, encouraging them to laugh at themselves and with others at real life stuff.

"Admittedly, some of the poems are pretty gross, but kids love to giggle and squirm over gross things! It's not harmful - just uncomfortable for adults…lol!" ~ Andrea Thiel Connell, Spiritual Mentor, Speaker, Mother and the writer of the book's foreword


Mary Giuffre

A loving childhood environment is the basis for a happy, healthy transition into adulthood. The Scribble & Grin poems model loving behavior, which allows kids to feel comfortable in their own skin. They help kids find their own voice by providing concepts, words and actions they can use in difficult situations, not just with their friends but within their family units as well, so when the family reads this book together they share the love and the learning of poignant life lessons meant for ALL of them, while having a whole lot of fun.


"Katie and I were going through the book and at one point she laughed so hard, milk squirted out of her nose!" ~ Troy A. age 22 talking about his sister-in-law Katie A. age 28

Humor is a social thing. Ever notice how much harder you laugh when watching a movie surrounded by other laughing people. It's very contagious! Scribble & Grin: 53 Rhymes for Inspiring Times was written primarily for kids, but as you can see from the quote above, it's not just children who find it hilarious. Adults are obviously having a good laugh over it as well!

Adult ReadingThe book was created to bring families together and tickle the funny bones of young, old and everyone in between. It works because the uniquely crafted limericks and poems allow us to stop taking life so seriously and laugh at the happenings of everyday life, without poking fun at someone else's expense!

Louis Franzini, PhD, author of Kids Who Laugh: How to Develop Your Child's Sense of Humor explains that a good sense of humor is all important for kids' self-esteem, problem solving, and the development of social skills. He says, "It's one of the most desirable personality traits…" and that's because children with a good sense of humor tend to form friendships more readily, so they feel good about themselves.

Laughter is known to stimulate positive, uplifting emotions. In his book Humor as an Instructional Defibrillator. Ronald A. Berk says, "laughter has been shown to stimulate a physiological effect that decreases stress hormones such as serum cortisol, dopac and epinephrine." Research has shown that humor not only helps us emotionally, but socially as well. Apparently people who laugh more are healthier and less prone to depression and physical illness because laughter is said to improve our immune function.

Learning through Rhyme & Reading

"Young children are thrilled with rhyme and nonsense in literature. It appeals to their ears, and their speech, their reading ability, as well as their potential writing style." ~ Anna-Marie Heitzner, Educator 30+ years, Mother, Grandmother

Love and laughter combined with rhyming, as well as singing, talking, reading or playing regularly helps a child’s brain to make the all-important connections, which move them forward in life as creative heart-centered beings.

Rhymes are very convenient games that require no toys or gadgets to enhance enjoyment and Scribble & Grin is packed with gems that can be pulled out at just the right moment! They can be used anytime, in any situation to brighten a mood or correct a behavior - snappy passages, which can handle tough situations. 

Through the memorable magic of rhyme the Scribble & Grin collection introduces kids to concepts in an entertaining and inspiring way, so they have fun holding onto what's been presented. Short, to the point and spot on, each rhyme is a compact story, complete with a beginning, middle and end, created for the limited attention span of a child. The lessons are quick and very simple to recall so they can easily become inspirational mantras to help deal with disagreeable moments.

Playing with rhyming also improves reading and spelling skills because spending time with rhyme brings attention to word families like sit, kit, fit, knit, split, flit, pit and bit. Recognizing that words with common sounds often share the same letter sequences when a child sees the word 'red', they make the connection to bed, sled, shed, fled, fed, led, and so on.

Rhythm and rhyme are also what can help make reading interesting and fun because kids learn how to use inflection, allowing their own creativity to flow as they animate what they read aloud.

The rhymes are silly. This immediately told me this publication will have huge boy appeal which, as librarians, we are always trying to reach. Each time I open the book and read a new rhyme I am in love with the messages the rhymes convey, the connection the artwork has to the rhyme and topics that are important and relevant to young people. ~ Rhonda Perry, Youth Services Coordinator, Cobourg ON Public Library


As reading improves skills in all areas of life, this collection is also illuminated with comical illustrations (by international Animation Director, Troy Sullivan) which match the flavor of each poem, to activate creative imagination and entice the reluctant reader. In this age where information abounds, kids gain a lifetime advantage if they can learn for themselves and reading is the key to self-learning. Developing the reading habit from an early age gives every kid a leg up!

Scribble & Grin gives kids, parents, teachers, and caregivers a springboard for discussion into sensitive issues, allowing emotional expression and dialogue in a variety of situations. To provide the most fulfilling experience, every detail has been considered, right down to the typeface, which was chosen to assist children who are learning to write, as each letter resembles those in hand-printed words. It also provides the opportunity for children to tune into the sounds and structure of language. As a bonus, offers a variety of fun teaching tools and activities.

The Scribble & Grin: 53 Rhymes for Inspiring Times mandate is to engage, empower, encourage and inspire kids to be the best they can be, so they become contributing, caring, fantastic adults, capable of changing the world in a powerfully positive way. Simply put joy and laughter changes people for the better. It can also make milk squirt out of your nose! :)

For more information or to purchase your copy go to Hardcover, ALL e-book formats and two Braille Versions available.

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More from Mary Giuffre


Article Pic Biography
Mary Giuffre is all about Inspiration, Motivation and Transformation.

An award winning TV Producer ~ Director ~ Editor ~ Writer for over thirty years, Mary Giuffre stepped out of mainstream media and now focuses attention on the greater good as an Inspirational Filmmaker ~ Artist and Speaker.

Mary is passionate about inspiring people to live vital heart-centred lives. Through her films, writing and speaking engagements she motivates individuals to move energy from thought to feeling, so they recognize the wisdom of using their minds in co-operation with their hearts.

A student of metaphysics, energy, and spirituality since her early teen years, Mary is also a Certified Practitioner trained at the Canadian Schools of Feng Shui, a Red Ribbon Professional with the International Feng Shui Guild, a Level II Reiki Practitioner. She has also been influenced by Indigenous Spiritual teachers, as well as Energy Healers from many traditions.

Mary Giuffre is the president and CEO of inspirtainment inc. including: Wave Videos and Wave Feng Shui and the Creator and Co-founder of Master Heart Magazine & the Master Heart Movement.

Mary has produced a meditation CD in collaboration with renowned Holistic Metaphysician & Energy Worker, Andrea Thiel Connell . You're welcome to contact her via e-mail:

Get to know more about the Founders.

Article Pic Biography
Paul L. Clark is an internationally acclaimed visual communicator with a breadth of diverse experience. His timeless designs and creative ingenuity are seen everywhere ~ on hundreds of websites, television shows, in movies, in the corporate arena, nationally and internationally, and on stores shelves and homes worldwide.

A long-standing member of the Registered Graphic Designers (RGD) of Ontario, Paul is a founding partner in inspirtainment inc. and WAVE Web & Print Design where he co-creates as Creative Director of website content and design, television programming and communication strategies for the international market.

Champion over a potentially fatal illness at the age of eleven, Paul has been a student of all things Spiritual ever since. Studies under a Native American Shaman, Energy Healers in Sedona, and various Spiritual Teachers, have enhanced his early awakening. Paul recently sidestepped his career as an art director for films and television to focus on co-creating Conscious projects like Master Heart Magazine.

Get to know the Founders!

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