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Feng SHe Articles on Interpersonal

Article Pic Biography
Known as "The Tiny Speaker Who Empowers You to Walk Tall!" Peggy O'Neill is a spirited advocate for positive living and is wholeheartedly committed to empowering others and increasing unity amidst diversity.
Whether speaking to or working one-on-one with professionals, women, students, or those with disabilities, Peggy shows us all how to "Walk Tall" - to break free from the crippling effects of 'inner smallness', to open our hearts and minds and to embody one's innate magnificence.
Her topics include: Personal Empowerment/Overcoming Challenges, Leadership, Celebrating Diversity, Fortifying Health with a Positive Attitude, Communication Skills and Essential Realization.
Peggy is the author of two books: Walking Tall and Little Squarehead. She celebrates her life daily, with her husband Brad Laise, an actor and their Samoyed dogs in Los Angeles, California.


Five Steps to Flourishing Friendships

PEGGY O'NEILL: Article Icon Friends are the greatest gift in life! They bring love, comfort, joy and celebration. When it comes to attending a yearly conference, meeting, reunion or camp, one has a unique opportunity to create friendships that last a lifetime and bring us joy over many many years. Read more >>>


Growing Disability Awareness

PEGGY O'NEILL: Article Icon The bottom-line aim of Disability Awareness, or ABILITY AWARENESS Ability (as it is more commonly referred to nowadays) is to understand, first and foremost, that people with disabilities are first and foremost PEOPLE. Read more >>>


Following the Wisdom of your Heart

PEGGY O'NEILL: Article Icon Where should I be living? What's the best job for me? Should I marry this person or not? Like Dorothy seeking the Wizard of Oz to get her back home, many of us search outside ourselves for the answers to these all-important questions. Forgetting, just like Dorothy, that we, too, have everything we need within us right now to return 'home'. Read more >>>


Empowerment in a Nutshell:
Silencing the Inner Critic

PEGGY O'NEILL: Article Icon In challenging times, as these are, we can easily fall prey to self-doubt and self-criticism. Exactly when we need to be most effective to move onward and upward, our negative thinking can knock us down and cripple us. Read more >>>


10 Tips for Boosting Morale

PEGGY O'NEILL: Article Icon Close your eyes. Breathe slowly, deeply. Let go of physical tension and psychological stress. Let your awareness come into your heart. Read more >>>


Celebrating Your Uniqueness

PEGGY O'NEILL: Article Icon "Put a lid on it!" Most of us heard this command throughout our childhood mostly from parents, caregivers and teachers. In some instances, this advice was helpful, especially if we were acting out in ways that might hurt ourselves or others. Read more >>>