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Feng SHe Articles on Self-esteem


The Power of Persistent Belief, Vision, and Actions

Article Pic

DR. JOE RUBINO: Over the course of the past 21 years ever since reinventing my life from an introverted and resigned dentist to an empowered life optimization coach, motivational speaker, and personal development author, I have found that the qualities of persistency and consistency, when combined with a powerful and compelling vision AND high self esteem, can result in some truly incredible manifestations.

Before I share my own story of persistency with you, allow me to explain how these components combine to produce magic.

First and foremost, all accomplishment and manifestation is preceded by thought. We are either reactively at the affect of our own negative self-talk and the thoughts of others, or we are taking responsibility for creating a series of thoughts that make up a powerful vision to inspire and propel our lives forward with velocity.

An inspirational and moving vision necessarily encompasses all six key aspects of our lives, namely our health and appearance, our wealth and finances, our business or occupation, our family and other relationships, the area of our personal and spiritual development, and what we do to recreate, have fun, and pursue our passions. It also must certainly involve others, not just ourselves in order to be complete and inspiring.

I recommend creating a vivid, emotionally-rich written vision that describes a brief movie clip at some future point in time that fully provides a clear and exciting view of who we will be, what we will do at work and at play, what we will have surrounding us in our world, and what people and causes we will contribute to - to have our vision be richly rewarding and inspire us to action.

When we read such a compelling vision daily and can picture its manifestation as inevitable, we will generate the required self-motivation needed to bring it about on purpose. Our minds can not chemically distinguish reality from such a clear and moving vision so that if we bathe ourselves in the emotions, sights, sounds, and feelings that such a vivid vision provides and we see its realization as all but guaranteed, we will be empowered to make it so through our actions.

This is where high self esteem and belief in our inevitable success comes in. Without it, we will find a way to sabotage our efforts, invalidate our abilities, ignore the serendipitous opportunities that would otherwise become obvious, and generate a self-fulfilling prophesy that says "I knew I couldn't accomplish that because..." We then get to be right about our lacking faith in ourselves and the eventual accomplishment of our dreams and feel sorry for ourselves while attracting the pity of others!

To the contrary, those possessing high self-esteem see any obstacles in their path as temporary challenges or opportunities for discovery that will ultimately lead to success and accomplishment. As a result, armed with this certainty about one's eventual outcome being successful, those possessing a powerful vision and unwavering belief in themselves will be in action consistently (day in and day out or at least on a regular basis) and persistently (following up with a positive expectation of success for as long as is necessary.)

I wish to paint a picture of what my life looked like before discovering the awesome power of positive expectation, vision, and persistent, committed action. In 1990, I was a practicing dentist with two successful practices - by society's standards. Our practices attracted about 250 new patients each month, we had the appreciation and respect of our patients and colleagues and we made a lot of money. But for me, something important was certainly missing. I felt trapped by my practice and feared that dentistry was the only thing I could do to earn a living for my family. Through a rigorous personal development program, I discovered that I need not continue to live with the resigned sadness of doing something that I was no longer passionate about. I discovered that my core values of contribution, inspiration, creativity, and fun were not being honoured and I learned that I could not only honour my values by reinventing myself, but I could successfully champion others to do the same and lead their best lives!

As I discovered my gifts and declared my new life purpose to be a champion of others to lead their best lives marked by high self-esteem and positive expectation, my entire world opened up. I began to see and act upon opportunity after opportunity that would take me to the life I love today as a writer, life and business coach, and creator of structures, tools and systems that allow people to be their best and live their best lives. By acting on my vision persistently, day after day, I discover new chances to move my new life and career forward as I likewise champion people to step into their own magnificence and move their lives and businesses forward with passion and velocity.

An amazing thing happened when I declared that my vision would be to impact the lives of 20 million people by the year 2015. (Remember, I was the guy others joked could not lead three people in silent prayer!) People and opportunities consistent with this declared vision began to show up everywhere for me. My commitment was to take some focused action on a daily basis that would move my vision in a forward direction. It did not matter that I had no idea how I could cause this vision to manifest. My job was not to micromanage how it all would unfold; it was simply to act persistently in alignment with this vision and be open to guidance from God, my guides and the Universe, knowing that I would be able to attract the right people, resources, and opportunities to bring it about.

The latest development in alignment with my vision has been a partnership with an accomplished West Coast movie studio that has committed to develop my three personal development fables into a movie trilogy that will touch the lives of millions in way that I could not envision when the whole process of reinventing myself began. I am now clear that our job is not to wait until the circumstances are just right before we act. It is to gain clarity on what is important to us, enjoy the process and learn from every challenge and opportunity, clarify and tweak our visions as we go, and take persistent and consistent action in the direction of our dreams.

As Gothe once said, "Whatever you think you can do or believe you can do, begin it. Action has magic, grace, and power in it."

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Article Pic Biography
Dr. Joe Rubino's vision is to impact people to elevate their self-esteem with the result of 20 million people living lives marked by high self-esteem and fueled by passion, love for themselves and others, and a commitment to making the world a better place. His work has already positively impacted the lives of more than 2 million people.

Dr. Joe Rubino is an internationally acclaimed life and success coach and the author of 11 best-selling books and audio programs available worldwide in 19 languages. He is the author of the best selling, 'The Self-Esteem Book' which has been called "the most transformational self-help tool available to support people to restore their self-esteem." To download a complimentary audio program entitled '7 Steps to Soaring Self-Esteem' and to learn more about this life-changing Self-Esteem System, visit .

For more information on Dr. Rubino's coaching programs and courses or to subscribe to his free E-zine, visit or email .

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