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Ecstasy's Little Sister Bliss

SistersMARI SELBY: Not that long ago the reaching and striving for the jagged but impossibly beautiful spires of ecstasy was an experience I was driven to attempt. Like a blind mountain climber I knew I could reach the top, if only I could see the peak. For this wild horse, ecstasy was such a tantalizing carrot. Often whether it was the substances I used or the roller coaster of emotions I rode I would find myself washed up and broken on ecstasy’s shore. Maybe I no longer have the energy for the striving and climbing. Maybe the great mystery of life fulfills me more. Most likely it’s that ecstasy’s little sister bliss fills me at a moment’s notice.

Today without trying and definitely without effort I find bliss everywhere I open my senses. The sweetness of life is there in the fireflies dance in, around, and through the copse of Hickory trees in my backyard. There is bliss again in the prismatic magentas and salmons of a summer sunset. The spark of divinity suddenly appears in my lover’s hazel eyes. I am reminded again of bliss by the smell of freshly cut lemon balm from my garden as it wafts across my nostrils. And a sublime example of bliss is the sweet and pungent taste of this season’s first nectarine as the juice dribbles all over my hand. I am called to become one with the fireflies, the sunset, my lover, the lemon balm. How this happens is a great mystery to me, and my daily practice. The mystery of becoming one is expressed by the sound of Kabbalah Kirtan chanting by Yofiyah.


Echad B’Echad

Unity upon unity,

One becomes One.

The Name is One, Shabbat unity

upon unity.

The mystery of the Infinite

becoming One

Life created me to be fulfilled. When I open to trusting Life, Life is always there at every turn. With that trust, I know I am safe. With that trust the striving for and the reaching for ecstasy no longer attract me. For each bright bead of bliss strung together creates an infinite necklace of divinity. The necklace is my divine right and I do not own it. When I wear this necklace with pride I stumble and still wash up broken on ecstasy’s shore. When I allow the radiance of the beads of bliss to shine without control or intent their light ripples and spreads out in ever increasing concentric circles of pure love.

My human condition is about longing. But what am I truly longing for? What is the experience, the feeling that is missing from my life? For me it is the knowing and living with the presence of the divine. Do I still yearn for the mountaintops of ecstasy? Some days I cannot resist the call and I reach for those mountaintops. Most days I am sustained and nourished by the sweetness of life found everywhere in every moment.

Do you know ecstasy’s little sister bliss? Open your heart and you will be there, you will know her presence.

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Article Pic Biography
For over three decades Mari Selby has comforted, and assisted hundreds of people as a family therapist, healer, and spiritual advisor.

Currently the director of Selby Ink , a publicity and marketing firm, Mari promotes authors by developing name recognition through traditional publicity efforts as well as social media. Selby ink specializes in the genres of body, mind, spirit, relationships, environmental issues, and social justice.

This summer Mari’s 2nd poetry book, 'Lightning Strikes Twice' will be released. She is also co-founder at 'Of Sticks and Stones' a publisher that celebrates women's transformation of life's challenges through creativity. Mari's columns can be found on San Francisco Book Review's , 'After the Manuscript' and her blog 'Fierce Grace'. You can also find Mari on Facebook and Twitter @selbyink

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