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Living Poetry – Living in Balance

Morpho Butterfly - Vibrant BlueMARI SELBY: "Learning the ways of Balance is said to be the dance of the stars. To learn how to not be carried off with the psychic winds and still keep balance. To dance, to give movement of your choosing." Domano Hetaka, The Reluctant Shaman.

Balance is a state due to equilibriums; it is also equity and harmony with the self and all life forms. An expression of harmony is love. Whenever there is an exchange of loving energy with other life forms we bring our world a bit more into balance.

We can play a part in a dance of the beloved turning into the lover, the compassionate one turning into the nurtured. Life is poetic, with all its gracefulness and passionate depth. At dawn we watch the impregnation of daylight fill with all possible outcomes. We see nightfall and breath in the star-filled extravagance of darkness. Life in balance is living poetry.

The power to bring more balance to the world is inside us. That power is Love. When we exercise unconditional love we open channels for this power to surface. As this love surfaces our lives are forever altered. When we share this frequency of love we are contributors to every micron of change in the world, and every drop is valuable. Every loving act; a smile to a stranger, a gentle touch to a friend, nurturing ourselves is a gift towards more loving balance in the world. When we simply bring more loving energy to the world, we can build upon it and make a greater difference.

And each day is a chance to bring more balance to our world. The Morpho Butterfly who flaps her wings in the Amazon jungle contributes vastly to global air currents. The Humpback whale breaching out in mid-ocean adds joy to the fabric of our existence. Every aspect of our life has a part to play in the greater ecological system. When we understand the relationship between our actions and the effects of our actions we begin to live in a sustainable and respectful way. Like a stone thrown into a pond each small change ripples out and touches another, creating more ripples and greater change.

I am a Libra. I have spent my life searching for balance. As a result of my search the emotional pendulum can sometimes swing wildly in my life. However, I know balance when I practice giving and receiving unconditional love. An act of unconditional love can be as simple as calling a friend to see how they are without thought to share what is on my mind. There are days when I feel grateful for all my friends. And then there are days when I am caught in feeling 'not enough' and can’t imagine being a friend. I say the following to my friends I know now and friends I will soon make, “Each one of you is a blessing that enhances my life. The smiles you share with me as we walk through the grocery store, the wave to go on ahead when I am waiting at a stoplight to turn improves my day. The laughs you share with me on the phone, the soft words of concern when I am hurt mean a great deal to me.” When I see that I can make a difference even in small ways, I am encouraged to risk making a difference in greater ways. I know that more than my future depends on my choices. 

May we all be 'the best we can be' and serve humanity, through everything we have to offer. Everyday we can make small steps to bring more balance to the world, one day, one action at a time. This video is of children and young people lovingly singing, “Together We Can Change The World”

This week’s exercise has three parts. The first is write down all the ways you act lovingly towards friends, co-workers, plants and 4-legged creatures in your life. As you can see from your list you are a loving being. And as a loving being it is in your nature to express that love. As the second part; after you determine your loving ways, praise yourself for what you do. That praise becomes another step in creating balance in the world. And with the third part; make a list of what else you can do to be more loving. Can you nurture yourself more, can you lovingly tithe your surplus, or can you volunteer your time in an animal shelter? As you dare to be more loving, the greater the loving vibration becomes around you, the more you change your life, and those that you touch.

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Article Pic Biography
For over three decades Mari Selby has comforted, and assisted hundreds of people as a family therapist, healer, and spiritual advisor.

Currently the director of Selby Ink , a publicity and marketing firm, Mari promotes authors by developing name recognition through traditional publicity efforts as well as social media. Selby ink specializes in the genres of body, mind, spirit, relationships, environmental issues, and social justice.

This summer Mari’s 2nd poetry book, 'Lightning Strikes Twice' will be released. She is also co-founder at 'Of Sticks and Stones' a publisher that celebrates women's transformation of life's challenges through creativity. Mari's columns can be found on San Francisco Book Review's , 'After the Manuscript' and her blog 'Fierce Grace'. You can also find Mari on Facebook and Twitter @selbyink

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