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Feng SHe Articles on Abundance


Scarcity is a Great Lie

There is a natural law of abundance which pervades the entire universe, but it will not flow through a doorway of belief in lack and limitation.” ~ Paul Zaiter

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MARI SELBY: Do we live in a world full of abundance? Or do we live in a world out of balance and filled with lack? Most of us seek to find balance somehow in our lives - balance between work and play, between loving and being loved, between spending money and saving money. Some of us live in crushing conditions where the lack of food, water, shelter, freedom or opportunity and the desperation of privation drives our every move and every conversation. Some of us have bounty beyond our needs - more money, more food, more cars, more clothes, more education, more services, more freedom and opportunities. Sometimes even in that world of over-abundance the conversation is dominated by what we don’t have and what we want to get. No matter who we are or our what is our circumstances we often are lost in what there isn’t enough of in our lives.

What is the truth, a world of balance and abundance or a world of imbalance and lack?

How many of us upon waking think “I didn’t get enough sleep”, or “I don’t have enough time.” Whether we are aware of this or not, that thought of not enough occurs to us before we even think to question or examine it. We spend way too many hours of our days and much of our lives hearing, complaining or explaining why we don’t have enough money time, balance, purpose or love. Before our feet hit the floor we are already feeling inadequate, already behind, already lacking something. And by the time we retire at night our minds are racing with what we didn’t get or didn’t do in our day. This mantra of not enough carries our day and if we are not aware it becomes a default setting of our brains. How can we know a world in balance with scarcity as our basic assumption?

This internal condition of scarcity lives at the very heart of our jealousies, our greed, our prejudices, and our arguments with a power some of us call God. In this mind-set of scarcity our relationships with money and each other are based on fear; a fear that drives us in an endless chase for more, or to compromises that promise a way out of the chase. We may believe the commercial and cultural messages that suggest that money can buy happiness, and then we look outside ourselves to be fulfilled. Intuitively we know we can’t find happiness or balance outside of ourselves. When we act on assumptions of scarcity we are saying that we are in constant danger of not having our needs met. The mind set of scarcity is not something we intentionally create or desire to bring into our lives. It’s a historical myth and pervades Western culture. We do however have a choice of whether we choose to buy into this myth and let it rule our lives.

Most of my life I have sought balance between giving myself time for my soul’s evolution and working to support myself. Because I too often felt helpless to direct and plan my life I never knew which side of the pendulum would prevail. Also with a prevailing message that began in childhood of 'not being' and 'never will be good enough' I found myself often out of balance. Either I had time on my hands to meditate and write poetry but then worried about whether I could pay my bills. Or I worked for clients that I thought I had to take to survive, and depression would impale my soul. That feeling of not enough drove my fears of being left behind, left out, or never going to 'make it'. Too often I focused on what wasn’t there in my life rather than appreciating what I had.

Today I am learning a new language and way of living. A way of thinking that is about balance and what I call sufficiency. On good days I am able to truly feel the experience of 'enough'. I treasure what is here in my life and what I love about me. I focus on gratitude. On those days I am able to both feed my soul with creative outlets and accomplish much at my business. I feel happy and content with my spiritual growth, and with who I am in the world. The belief of being 'less than' diminishes like a forgotten echo. I am in balance with the fullness and richness of each moment. On bad days when my anxiety threatens to overpower my sanity I remind myself that tomorrow is another day. Tomorrow I can step into gratitude when I climb out of bed.

This video, “It’s in Everyone of Us” shows the beauty in all our faces. The song reminds me that we can have balance, love, joy, and abundance. We can be wise in our choices.

For this week’s exercise write down your thoughts: Do you wake with the thought that you didn’t get enough sleep, have enough time, or feel inadequate in some way? Do you believe in Scarcity? What do you do to find the balance inside you, the balance of sufficiency? What do you think…is the world one of balance and abundance, or lack and imbalance?

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Article Pic Biography
For over three decades Mari Selby has comforted, and assisted hundreds of people as a family therapist, healer, and spiritual advisor.

Currently the director of Selby Ink , a publicity and marketing firm, Mari promotes authors by developing name recognition through traditional publicity efforts as well as social media. Selby ink specializes in the genres of body, mind, spirit, relationships, environmental issues, and social justice.

This summer Mari’s 2nd poetry book, 'Lightning Strikes Twice' will be released. She is also co-founder at 'Of Sticks and Stones' a publisher that celebrates women's transformation of life's challenges through creativity. Mari's columns can be found on San Francisco Book Review's , 'After the Manuscript' and her blog 'Fierce Grace'. You can also find Mari on Facebook and Twitter @selbyink

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