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Feng SHe Articles on Fitness

Article Pic Biography
Steve Sisgold has taught thousands how to use their innate body intelligence, what he coined BQ, to create better health, prosperity and richer, more authentic relationships.

He teaches a 'whole body' approach to creating what you want in your life, including Transformative Breath and Movement Exercises, and Conscious Communication protocols.

Steve holds an M.A. in Marketing, a B.S. in Business, and Certifications in body-centred Psychotherapy and Relationship Counselling. Prior to being a successful author, speaker and coach, he applied the principles he teaches in the business world. He was #1 of 500 salespeople with a Fortune 500 Corp., plus a breakthrough coach to many best-selling self-help authors, Grammy Award winning recording artists, as well as Wellness and Business leaders.

His new book, What's Your Body Telling You? from McGraw-Hill , launched at #7 on the San Francisco Chronicle Bestseller List and # 1 on in several categories.

Recording artist Kenny Loggins says "Steve Sisgold is one of the best facilitators of change I know.” For more on Steve


Holiday Stress Tips

Stay Aware of Your Body this Holiday!

Stressed Out girl with shopping bagsSTEVE SISGOLD: Many of us fantasize during this time of year of a perfect holiday gathering, the laughter and joy of having the whole family gather, but for some, it’s one of the most stressful times of the year.

Read more >>>


In Sync

STEVE SISGOLD: Article Icon The universe sometimes lines up situations for us to capture our attention and lead us to discover relevant information to achieve our goals, even if we don't recognize it at times. Read more >>>


Women: Feeling Fat, Fuzzy or Frazzled??

The answer to your anxiety may be in your neck not your head.

STEVE SISGOLD: Article Icon If you are troubled by depression, anxiety, irritability, poor sleep, memory loss, or cravings, your stressful thoughts and emotions may not be the main reason for your condition. In fact, your problems may not be in your head at all but in your neck, according to nurse practitioner and author Karilee Shames. Read more >>>


Follow Your Heart

STEVE SISGOLD: Article Icon I was sitting in a mountainside hot spring in Japan and an elderly man entered the pool. We smiled and quickly identified that he knew no English and I had learned about seven Japanese words on the plane ride so conversation was not an option. Read more >>>


Your Brilliant Body

STEVE SISGOLD: Article Icon An amazing and unpredictable adventure began when you were conceived. From that very moment, your innate intelligence has steered you through a non-stop stream of sensations, feelings, thoughts and impressions that make up the 5-star thrill ride called life. Read more >>>


Women's Intuition

STEVE SISGOLD: Article Icon An amazing and unpredictable adventure began when you were conceived. From that very moment, your innate intelligence has steered you through a non-stop stream of sensations, feelings, thoughts and impressions that make up the 5-star thrill ride called life. Read more >>>


Spindoctrination Nation

STEVE SISGOLD: Article Icon I am a total optimist and prefer not to focus on doom and gloom, and yet I cannot ignore the obvious reality. We live in a time of great confusion. People's minds have been infected by Spin - a contagion of half-truths, fearful fictions, and blatant deceit. No profession, no religion, no society is immune. Read more >>>


Life is Not An Out of Body Experience

"Intelligence has nothing whatsoever to do with thought. Intelligence comes into being when the mind, the heart, and the body are really harmonious."
~ J. Krishnamurti

STEVE SISGOLD: Article Icon The inner workings of the body-mind are under the microscope as modern day scientists discover just how powerful and diverse human capabilities are. Science has now demonstrated that the mind and body are one system. Only in our thinking were they ever separated. Read more >>>


How To Be Your Own Health Care Advocate

STEVE SISGOLD: Article Icon With all of the energy we are putting into the health care debate it's time we redefine who our 'Primary Health Care Provider' really is. The World Health Organization recently rated America 37th in health outcomes, on a par with Serbia. Our costs are more than twice as high per capita as those in other developed nations. Read more >>>


Body Talk 101

Teaching Kids The Benefits of 'Listening' To Their Body's Messages

STEVE SISGOLD: Article Icon As infants, we live naturally in a state of whole body awareness; Vitality, curiosity, and passionate enthusiasm literally pours through our bodies as pure awareness. As children grow older, their cognitive awareness begins to develop. Children learn to rely less and less on body intelligence once mental intelligence kicks in. Read more >>>


Seven Steps for Reducing Economic Anxiety

STEVE SISGOLD: Article Icon One million people were asked how they feel about what is going on with the economy in a recent CNN survey. The consensus? People are mad! Our economic woes are off the charts-soaring stress levels and angry feelings find many of us walking around like time bombs. Read more >>>