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Feng SHe Articles on One Heart

Article Pic Biography
Paul Smit is an author, teacher and speaker for “One.” He is the Founder of Intention 1111 and along with Author and Visionary Adriana Hill the co-Founder of One Legacy Works, its parent company. Creator of a unique awakening program Paul provides people with new models of life based on spiritual freedom and creativity using the Law of Attraction. His work is available on his website, as well as in digital and audio formats. He hosts a sought-after radio show syndicated with Voice America, and offers counselling and personal guidance in several formats. Paul's writing conveys a rare passion for teaching others how to become architects of their own lives. He is known and recognized for his authentic and compelling presentation, as his own life required radical transformation and redesign. The revelations of his insights are backed by years of exploration and personal trial prior to engaging private clients. Audiences from all over the world distinguish him for his intimate yet down-to-earth presence when speaking. Paul Smit also offers a range of riveting workshops in private settings.


Positive Expectation

Butterfly LarvaPAUL SMIT~voice of "One": You would all like to have positive expectation running through your veins, but find it difficult to hold onto that due to your ever-changing emotional states. There is a cure for that so read on and find out how you may retain positive expectation and create all you desire to come to you.

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Your Agreement With Time

Excerpt from the New Book 'TIME' by Paul Smit

Suckling Baby looking at pocket watchPAUL SMIT~voice of "One": Time presents one truth and that truth is that time creates a limitation. The limitation is that there is not enough time, and from that perspective, time is something that can be depleted. WE are here to remind you that this is not truth since the moment, the one you have right now, is eternal.

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Renewal: The vantage point of a NEW perspective

2 Children holding a globe between their handsPAUL SMIT~Voice of "One": There is truly no point of reaching for full RENEWAL, as one cannot 're-new-all'. Everything is constantly expanding (becoming more), and from each new vantage point, there is the opportunity to grow to more from there. It is the natural order of evolution.

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Transformation That Is Inspired by “One” ~ Part 2

Woman head in hands sitting in front of computerPAUL SMIT~voice of “One”: In this story, WE would now like to bring forward the broader perspective of the Universal Laws that are constantly at play while humanity is living life...

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Transformation That Is Inspired by “One” ~ Part 1

Hand reaches through a pile of paper with a help signPAUL SMIT~voice of "One": Alone and despondent, a woman peruses the net when she stumbles across a quote that makes her break down in tears. “It is not in the good moments that you ask who you are; it is in the depressive moments that you become aware that you are not who you should be…"

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Appreciation ~ Your Greatest Tool in Self-Evolution

One’s Unique Expansion

Clocks in the cloudsPAUL SMIT~voice of "One": Every moment of time and space from your observation offers you the unique chance to place on it your preference. You can look at it and take from it all you appreciate, down to the smallest detail that appeals to your uniqueness.

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Finding “One’s” Worth

One Heart LogoPAUL SMIT ~ voice of "One": Your worth right now in this current moment of time is what YOU determine it to be. Meaning, YOU have determined your worth and sit now with those feelings about self. WE are only referring to this moment in time, as this current one is most important moment to work with when considering self-worth.

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The Fluidity of Worthiness

One Heart LogoPAUL SMIT ~ voice of "One": When YOU begin to see who is determining your worth, then you will begin to see how much lack of self-worth you are adding to who you are by virtue of NOT LOVING YOURSELF and believing in your unlimited potential.

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Respect: a Second Look

One Heart LogoPAUL SMIT ~ voice of “One”: Remember, what one does is not what one thinks. Therefore, while one may seem to be following a system, one quite often has their own interpretation regarding subjects within that system, respect being one of those subjects.

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Respect: a First Look

One Heart GraphicPAUL SMIT ~ the voice of "One": The NEED for respect is at the root of many deeply rooted self-worth issues. Many among you feel limited by the perceived feeling of NOT being respected, and when respect is absent, the feeling of rejection creeps into ones emotions.

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Working with Positive and Negative Fields

Balance ~ Part 3

One Heart GraphicPAUL SMIT ~ voice of "One": Now that WE have given you a basis for an understanding of the negative and positive fields of creation in Part 1 and 2, let US give you a suggestion on how you can use both negative and positive fields to work your way back to your INTENTION, while rediscovering who you are.

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Emotions and the 'Need for Balance'

Balance ~ Part 2

One Heart GraphicPAUL SMIT: While many are on a quest for JOY, most are stuck in negative contemplation, which divorces one from having the more positive emotions that they are after.

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Emotions and the 'Need for Balance'

Balance ~ Part 1

One Heart GraphicPAUL SMIT ~ voice of “One”: When something out there captures your attention and you remain focused on that subject for a period of just over 68 seconds, then a VIBRATION is born from THAT EMOTION...

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Balancing Your Evolution

One Heart GraphicPAUL SMIT ~ voice of "One": Navigating and finding balance within your life is simpler than you allow it to be. In most cases, it is YOU in resistance to YOU, and not so much the world holding you back.

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The NEED for Balance

One Heart GraphicPAUL SMIT ~ voice of "One": The Peace you are looking for does not sit outside of you, waiting in an experience where you believe you would feel that peace. The Peace you seek needs to begin with-in YOU, in order for it to be SEEN as your reflection back from out-there.

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The Art of 'Creating Balance'

One Heart GraphicPAUL SMIT ~ voice of 'One': If you feel good now, and you give your attention in your NOW MOMENT to a new problem without resolution in mind, then the emotion of feeling good will change to one of concern or apprehension caused by looking at a problem without resolution in mind.

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Remembering Our Uniqueness

One Heart LogoPAUL SMIT ~ voice of "One": When you commit to the idea of including SELF and all you desire, you are moving forward. SELF begins to feel the positive vibration of that inclusion. It is Soul’s way of offering vitality, a confirmation that you are heading in the right direction.

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Being Committed to Your Intention

One Heart LogoPAUL SMIT ~ voice of "One": A day, as you know, can hold many intentions and every intention takes up periods of time. Periods of time that give birth to POWERFUL EMOTION, the same vibrational emotion you use to attract people, places, and things into your reality.

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Commitment Describes Alignment

One Heart IconPAUL SMIT ~ voice of “One”: Commitment is a very good word to use when describing alignment. Alignment is one’s 'dedicated focus' to a subject of choice. Commitment is one’s 'choice to REMAIN FOCUSED on a subject'.

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Passion Often Defines Your Evolution Forward.

One Heart GraphicPAUL SMIT ~ voice of "One":When you do not hold passion for doing something, then you will be caught up in SAMENESS and in a life of sameness there is very little evolution forward. Many who are currently living a life of sameness also feel powerless to change...

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Make Finding Passion Your Objective

One Heart GraphicPAUL SMIT ~ voice of "One": There are unlimited ways of looking at the contrast of reality, at your life and the lives of those around you. There are so many feelings you have regarding your story, the past right up until this point of NOW where you again choose how to MOVE FORWARD from 'where you were'. 

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Finding Passion from Your Unique Vantage Point

One Heart GraphicPAUL SMIT ~ voice of "One": You are unique and being that there is no other like you, nor will there ever be another like you, you are the beginning and end of YOUR STORY.

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Perception and Vibration

One Heart GraphicPAUL SMIT ~ voice of "One": You cannot help but perceive nor can you NOT 'vibrate'. You are and always will be, no matter what form you are in, A VIBRATIONAL BEING. EVERYTHING alongside you is vibrational and everything within the WHOLE FIELD OF VIBRATION is sharing INTENDED VIBRATION (deliberate creation.)

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Shifting Perception by Balancing Perspectives

One Heart GraphicPAUL SMIT ~ voice of "One": There are so many perspectives out there with yours, that it is no surprise to us, that so many of you bump into perspectives that sit apart from yours. In part you have been conditioned to do this by the example of past human behaviours.

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Your Point of Perception

One Heart GraphicPAUL SMIT ~ the voice of "One": Your point of perception is of great importance to you, your life, and the lives of those whom you share your experience with.  Your point of perception is where you contemplate and make choices that effect future realities and relationships with people places and things. 

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Introduction to "One"

One Heart GraphicPAUL SMIT: It has taken me some time to come to an understanding of who I wanted to be and because of my desire to utilize the universal laws, and to be an example of them, I find myself writing to you. 

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