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Feng SHe Articles on Conscious Creation

Article Pic Biography
Therapist discovered to be The Recycling Queen! Unwilling to choose between the two passions of art and psychology, Lianne Snow decided to fuse both together and her business Piece of Mind was born. Piece of Mind is about creative living techniques and artful self-expression, which bring new light and colour into life.

In Lianne's experience, sometimes the best in life comes from creatively recycling your garbage, consequently, her life motto has become “What can I do with that?” And that’s what she teach best; Creative Recycling or ”How to spin the world until you like the view.”

Artist by nature, goldsmith by trade and counsellor by vocation, being in business brings full expression to Lianne's life. Creativity is the key to pulling it all together. Combining a private practice, (personal counselling, communication coaching, seminars, workshops, keynote speeches) and an active design studio, (paintings, jewellery, stained glass, and garden sculpture) balances her life beautifully.

Although passionate about all she does, blogging and speech writing have allowed her to engage others in chat about sustainability as an expression of balance for humanity and the planet. These talks provide her with another avenue to balanceher analytical left hemisphere with her creative right for maximum problem solving.

We are all creators. For the last decade her work has focused on the Art of Upcycling. In this she has found purpose for her gifts. could be more satisfying than creating a world?" Lianne Snow C.Ht., C.L.S. Coach, C.C., DTM


Expecting the Best

Garden BuddhaLIANNE SNOW: I think that this business of expectations creating our reality is comforting somehow. It means to me that perhaps I expect nothing from the world but much from me and my responses to the world.

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Passionately Persevering

LIANNE SNOW: Article Icon I've heard it said: To persevere is to do the hard work that would be unfathomable to most people, but also unfathomable for you NOT to do. Read more >>>


Beauty in the Rough

Rural River Scene with Blue Sky and reflectionLIANNE SNOW: I believe in the healing properties of beauty, the inspirational qualities but above all I believe it elevates us to a place that is closer to our truest and best selves.

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The Flow of Time

I can see myself sometimes as a single drop of water, clear and beautiful when it gurgles up from the source, guided by choices to the vast oceanic oneness.”

River Flowing between two forested mountainsLIANNE SNOW: Over time, the flow of life will guide every drop of water to the ocean. Every life will return to the vast oneness where individual water droplets will seem inconsequential anymore compared to the awesome power of one. Put like that, I take comfort in the miracle of my journey.

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Renewable Values: Why didn't I asked for more?

Old Country HomeLIANNE SNOW: Have you ever stood in the moment that showed you the universe delivers what you ask for? Did you ever think then, “I wish I'd asked for more”?

Read more >>>


Our Transformational Nature

SnowflakesLIANNE SNOW: Our planet is the best example of transformation and it's a shame we as a species don't pay more attention to its complex marvels. If we did we might trust more in the power, and payoff, of small changes making monumental differences.

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Adding Value: Raising Someone's Stock

Pretty Girl with pierced lower lipLIANNE SNOW: When something appreciates, it increases in value. Perhaps then when I show appreciation to someone, I in some way, add value to them.

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Transformation is the Reward for Letting Go

Old Wooden BoatLIANNE SNOW: When we are reluctant to let go of our pain and our victim role it is simply because we have not discovered the last usefulness it has for us.

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Company for My Thoughts

 …It was the most profound moment of understanding I had ever had of providence. I never felt as safe and loved as I was when I realized that I, also, was a part of this world and I, too, was provided for.

Purple Leaves and Yellow FlowersLIANNE SNOW: It is easy for human beings to fall from internal grace and into fear. We can be inundated with the negativity that media provides us. However, I am finding, like seeds on the snow, those who share my thoughts, and my hope for our future together.

Read more >>>


No Matter What

Depressed BrideLIANNE SNOW: A lifetime of breaking your word erodes all relationships but the hardest one to fall is the one you have with you. Also, consider if it is true that we get better at things we practice, then what does it say about practicing failure?

Read more >>>


Practicing Perception

Kittens on Striped BackgroundLIANNE SNOW: I want my world to be rich for everyone. Is it rich in diversity. Does it provide me opportunities to experience the complexity of the physical world? Most importantly does it reinforce my values of beauty as inspiration? 

Read more >>>


Reborn and Moving Forward

Person - arms raised silouetted against orange sunset skyLIANNE SNOW: I am surrounded now by people who see the possibility of our humanity being reborn into a symbiotic existence. They envision a shared world in which we waste nothing and live enriched lives outside of a profit driven model.

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Longing ~ Deeper, Higher, Wider

Statues in RomeLIANNE SNOW: I think a definition of a mid life crisis is when we wake up to the overwhelming complacency of our lives. We go to a great deal of trouble and expense to increase our comfort and convenience, but grow less and less content.

Read more >>>


Revisiting Bliss

Bliss as a stillness of mind in which the universe cannot help but roll at your feet. ~ Deepak Chopra

The Universe - darkness - lights and moonsLIANNE SNOW: I am content to allow the universe to reveal itself to me. Deepak Chopra speaks of this. He describes Bliss as a stillness of mind in which the universe cannot help but roll at your feet.

Read more >>>


Where was I?

 Blank Multiple Sign PostLIANNE SNOW: "Where was I?" is a question that's been coming up over and over in the last few years. It implies that I got lost. Clearly I am somewhere but like any path that has detour options (and non options) we can meander far and wide.

Read more >>>


Tuned In

LIANNE SNOW: Article Icon This month's RECEPTIVITY theme has been on my mind quite a while. I've known since the beginning it would be about frequencies. I knew it would be about 'tuning in' but beyond that, nothing. It comes as no surprise that it should be in the garden that I find inspiration, for it is in that is where I find most of my inspiration. Read more >>>


Standing in Integrity with Another ~ for Ourselves

LIANNE SNOW: Article Icon When you stand in relationship with another, what is your outcome? Does the bulk of your communication come with an agenda? Read more >>>


The Greatness of Just Hanging On

LIANNE SNOW: Article Icon My partner Dave is a strong man. The kind you want around when it's time to move the piano or lift the car wreckage off someone in an accident. We've been discussing strength in all its varieties. Read more >>>


Stopping the World

Finding the first and last relationship in Stillness.

LIANNE SNOW: Stopping the World Article Icon was a phrase that we heard over and over. It was the holy grail of our Psychology of Mysticism class when I was in my second year university. Read more >>>