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Our Transformational Nature


LIANNE SNOW: I, Lianne Snow, hereby resolve to read more. It's part of my personal growth plan. It made my list for two reasons. First, I own many (many) great books and second I am thoroughly enjoying reading again. I am immersed in A Short History of Nearly Everything. What a story. By the time I get to the beginning of life, I'm hooked. In Archaic times when land and sky were red and wrinkly as a newborn, blue-green algae arrived. Out of a world, which contained as yet, only a life-form more rock than anything we would recognize as life, in an atmosphere hostile and toxic, this little life form transformed the world. By utilizing the hydrogen in water, it began the process of oxygenating the atmosphere through it's own expiration. This tiny creature, the near simplest form of life, enabled all the other complex life forms that would follow from plant to animal including us, with the innovation called photosynthesis. Although it was a time span of millions and millions of years, few would say it wasn't worth the wait, or even the journey. Our planet is the best example of transformation and it's a shame we as a species don't pay more attention to its complex marvels. If we did we might trust more in the power, and payoff, of small changes making monumental differences.

Anyone who has tried to change something about themselves understands the myriad of complexities that rise before us like obstacles. Please forgive the anthropomorphizing, but that first brave bacteria that 'thought' there must be an easier way, was really 'thinking' outside its box.

Like no other time in my life, a life full of changes, have I felt more committed to the small ones. Never have I had so great a faith in the big changes that will occur naturally. One of the reasons is that we exist in a social context and as a sociologist it fascinates me when I recognize social organization arising spontaneously, such as in the way we use the internet. As an artist, I am 'drawn' to the patterns. The way we are choosing to connect to spread information is as complex and beautiful as the intricacy of a perfect snowflake.

For all the variety of conclusions and questions it poses, more than anything else, it demonstrates to me that I am connected to this vastly complex system of the Earth. There are ways the Earth does things that work, inexplicably and against all reckoning or common sense. It works. I also notice that the Earth, once on to a good thing, repeats it. Just like with us. When we repeat something we get better and better at it, until we have a system that is transferable. On a small scale, it's like me evolving a recipe that really works then it catches on and spreads from family until it goes viral on the net. Then perhaps in a 100,000 repeats someone changes something and it works and catches on.

Fractals are patterns that represent math in a way we've never seen before, at least we thought we hadn't. It turns out nature from microcosm to macrocosm, from the smallest thing we imagine to the largest, has found a good thing and repeats it. It is beautiful in every way we view it, visually, scientifically, mathematically or even philosophically. The Buddhabrot Technique


At other times we witness transformation that simply feels miraculous if we care to ponder such things as slime mold , individual cells that, as the author puts it, “when the going gets tough, gather together and become a slug”. Now that's really becoming more than the sum of your parts.

As I contemplate my own commitment to my changes, it is with the understanding that any one of them may impact a much bigger picture than I am aware of. We are hypnotized regularly to remain myopic and self-centred. It is easy then to find ourselves dismayed by slow progress or outright failure when our measuring stick is so short. But we have problems. Some even believe our species is in crisis and with our own, we will take much life with us. Not all, of course. Bacteria will remain and perhaps have another go at evolving into more complex forms. Although we have problems we still have no solutions for yet, we do have an annual time of resolution.

Technically speaking, now is a time to re-solve problems we have wrestled with, perhaps for a long time. Our solution will be found and solved together with each of us doing our part. The good news is we are connected. It is thought we retain within our massively complex and underutilized brains the intimate knowledge of every bit of life in all its manifestations on this world. Perhaps that is why we retain the instinctive social patterns we do. As times get tough and we are banding together with intent for positive change, we may feel progress is slow, but we can take heart that, to be sluggish is a pretty miraculous thing after all. Your change matters and you are in good company, perhaps even the next evolutionary leap forward for us all.

I will never look at algae in the same way.

The following is a list of the steps forward I will take this year to bring transformation to my world:

  • More home grown leafy greens in my diet
  • Exercise (stretch, walk, dance, whatever) daily
  • Reducing my meat intake incrementally over this year from 1 meatless day/week to 1 meat day/week.
  • Stop purchasing processed foods that contain addicting, and health compromising additives.
  • Be a stand against genetically modified foods, agri-biz-ed foods and seed patenting.
  • Educate myself daily.
  • Inspire someone daily.
  • Read more, write more, listen more
  • Fresh air daily, sunshine every opportunity,
  • Improve my environment daily, physically, socially, or energetically.
  • Make more art
  • Sleep more
  • Dream more
  • Appreciate my friends and their greatness, even the ones I haven't met yet.





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Jan 23, 2013 - 12:51 PM

Raissa Chernushenko - Beautifully and inspiringly written. Don't forget to add "Laugh more" to your list too. ;)


Article Pic Biography
Therapist discovered to be The Recycling Queen! Unwilling to choose between the two passions of art and psychology, Lianne Snow decided to fuse both together and her business Piece of Mind was born. Piece of Mind is about creative living techniques and artful self-expression, which bring new light and colour into life.

In Lianne's experience, sometimes the best in life comes from creatively recycling your garbage, consequently, her life motto has become “What can I do with that?” And that’s what she teach best; Creative Recycling or ”How to spin the world until you like the view.”

Artist by nature, goldsmith by trade and counsellor by vocation, being in business brings full expression to Lianne's life. Creativity is the key to pulling it all together. Combining a private practice, (personal counselling, communication coaching, seminars, workshops, keynote speeches) and an active design studio, (paintings, jewellery, stained glass, and garden sculpture) balances her life beautifully.

Although passionate about all she does, blogging and speech writing have allowed her to engage others in chat about sustainability as an expression of balance for humanity and the planet. These talks provide her with another avenue to balanceher analytical left hemisphere with her creative right for maximum problem solving.

We are all creators. For the last decade her work has focused on the Art of Upcycling. In this she has found purpose for her gifts. could be more satisfying than creating a world?" Lianne Snow C.Ht., C.L.S. Coach, C.C., DTM

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