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Feng SHe Articles on Environment


The Great Outdoors - Good for Your Health


HEATHER THOMAS: The effects of spending time converging with nature have been attributed to improvements in both physical and mental health. Studies have also been done regarding the impact of sunlight exposure on mood and mood disorders. Test things out for yourself by simply keeping a vigilant watch on your own mood and behavior patterns and how they are affected by environmental factors. See how ecstasy is waiting just outside your door.

Have you ever noticed that people who live in sunny environments seem to be happier? Well there is more to this seemingly coincidental occurrence. Experts who study the type of depression known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) have attributed the mood change to a lack of sun exposure especially during winter months. To remedy this, they recommend 30 minutes of sun per day, which revealed an increase in serotonin levels (the 'happy' hormone). Even respected dermatologists acknowledge that 5 – 10 minutes of sun exposure per day can promote Vitamin D production, improve mood and even help you sleep better.  Read more about this study here.

Additional scientific research has been done by the Herriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, United Kingdom to demonstrate the benefits of connecting with nature. Using mobile electrodes, the study showed higher meditative states and lower frustration levels when the subjects spent more time in nature as opposed to urban shopping areas or commercially zoned environments.  Read more about the study here

Do you want to test this out for yourself?  Conduct your own experiment with simple observation of behaviour changes based on the weather being hot, cold, sunny, cloudy, snowy, or rainy. Journal your mood every day in conjunction with the weather conditions and how much time you did, or did not, spend outside to reveal some interesting insights.  The more detailed your journaling, the more obvious the effects of the environment on your mental and emotional state will be. 

Nature provides us with a beautiful playground. The purest forms of happiness, joy and peace can be found around every turn. Nature doesn’t judge. It’s open to all that enter, providing a comfortable place to explore, rest or play. You don’t need to seek out ecstasy, it will find you when you look up at the clouds or out at the ocean; when you feel the warm caress of the sun or the chill of the breeze across your skin; or when you see lush green fields in the foreground of striking red rock mountains. The gifts she has to share are there for our enjoyment. She wants us to reap the benefits in exchange for our loving care. How do you like to experience nature’s health benefits.

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Article Pic Biography
After a near-death experience with Stage 4 Hodgkin's Disease in 1998, Heather found clarity of purpose when it came to making positive life choices. During the next eleven years of her remission, the "new Heather" decided to do things that interested her, like pursue her love of writing, and study Massage Therapy, Reiki, EFT and other holistic methods of healing. Having been mentored and coached by amazing, powerful and successful teachers; schooled in everything from spirituality to business, Heather gained invaluable skills for a total transformation, and now lives a life governed by Passionate Purpose.

The Universe has opened doors allowing Heather to meet incredible people who contributed to her life in both personal and professional ways, and ultimately, brought her to a place where she can offer assistance to others. So, with the opportunity to live out her passion through her own business, The Recycled Mind , Heather shares her knowledge and information with countless people who are looking to raise both their personal and environmental awareness. You can read her daily insights and inspirations on The Recycled Mind's Facebook page( ). She inspires people to Think Differently, Live Better.

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