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Feng SHe Articles on Environment


Sustainability, the Next Revolution

Past Present Future - dice

HEATHER THOMAS: We live in an ever changing world, with the hope that we are always changing for the better. Our expectation is for a future centered on eco-consciousness and sustainability. We can look to the past in order to measure progress, and to the future to determine what still needs to be done.

As we look in the rear view mirror, significant strides have been made with regard to raising global awareness about the importance of recycling, repurposing, and sustainability. Here are some examples:

  • Product packaging has been innovated to reduce the amount of waste, and manufacturers have turned towards creating materials that are recyclable/compostable, such as plastic bottles derived from plants instead of petroleum.
  • Automobile manufacturers have incorporated either hybrid or all electric vehicles into their product offerings. Redesigning these vehicles will reduce the amount of toxic emissions as well as our consumption of gasoline and petroleum.
  • More restaurants and retailers are procuring sustainable seafood, thus raising awareness about the dangers of over-fishing. The balance of the eco-system really does rest in our hands.

However, the road ahead will require careful navigation. Education, communication and execution will be necessary for continued progress. It would be unwise to sit back and relax at this juncture. When it comes to protecting the planet and its inhabitants, there is no end to the effort required.

  • It’s important to start the education process early by reaching the children. When children are taught environmental consciousness at a young age, they will grow up with a deeper respect for the Earth.
  • Facts and information must reach the masses in a way that people understand the interconnectedness of every living thing - plants, animals, people, and the Earth itself. We are all one.
  • Creative, eco-conscious thinking needs to drive innovation. As modern conveniences continue to evolve, preservation and sustainability need to be the primary focus.

As the saying goes, ‘you reap what you sow’. If we expect to live peacefully on a planet that we share with countless other species, we must make every effort to keep the air and water clean and the ground fertile. The future really is in our hands. What are you doing to make sustainability the next revolution?

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Article Pic Biography
After a near-death experience with Stage 4 Hodgkin's Disease in 1998, Heather found clarity of purpose when it came to making positive life choices. During the next eleven years of her remission, the "new Heather" decided to do things that interested her, like pursue her love of writing, and study Massage Therapy, Reiki, EFT and other holistic methods of healing. Having been mentored and coached by amazing, powerful and successful teachers; schooled in everything from spirituality to business, Heather gained invaluable skills for a total transformation, and now lives a life governed by Passionate Purpose.

The Universe has opened doors allowing Heather to meet incredible people who contributed to her life in both personal and professional ways, and ultimately, brought her to a place where she can offer assistance to others. So, with the opportunity to live out her passion through her own business, The Recycled Mind , Heather shares her knowledge and information with countless people who are looking to raise both their personal and environmental awareness. You can read her daily insights and inspirations on The Recycled Mind's Facebook page( ). She inspires people to Think Differently, Live Better.

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