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Feng SHe Articles on Innovation

Article Pic Biography
Traci Trimble is an Empowerment Coach, Rieki Master and Workshop Facilitator. Her passion is wellness, spirituality & personal development. She leads a well-being movement called The Self Care Evolution where she is dedicated to educating women to empower themselves to evolve body, mind and spirit. Traci is the Founder and
Executive Director of a Wellness Community in Oshawa, Ontario Canada called The Tranquil Garden where women gather together to learn, share, heal, grow and prosper.
Educate ~ Empower ~ Evolve


Fueling Your Inner Flame for Prosperity and Abundance

The Self Care Evolution Series

Body-Mind-Spirit with Chakras

TRACI TRIMBLE: To be, do and have all that you desire is your right, if only you believe that it is true. Those of us travelling the path of prosperity and abundance know this is so. I believe that this journey starts with first discovering what you want

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Unconditional Love of Self

The Self Care Evolution Series

Body-Mind-Spirit - with Chakra System

TRACI TRIMBLE: If you are not in love with yourself right now and you want to be I have some great recommendations of places to start...

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Listen to the Whisper of Your Heart

The Self Care Evolution Series 

Body, Mind, Spirit - ChakrasTRACI TRIMBLE: Why is it that many of us search everywhere else but within for the answers to our challenges? Instead, we listen to friends, family and even strangers. We often neglect the most influential and important voice ~ our own heart whispering to us.

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Cultivating Balance...One Small Thing at a Time

The Self Care Evolution Series

Body - Mind - Spirit - ChakrasTRACI TRIMBLE: Balance is not a given. You don’t just get there and then get to stay. It is an always evolving work in progress. It is the journey that we have all agreed to embark on. It is our path and our destiny.

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Committing to Self

The Self Care Evolution Series

Body-Mind-Spirit Words over graphic of the chakra systemTRACI TRIMBLE: We have been taught from an early age that it is selfish to do for ourselves. Women especially often tend to prioritize others over self more often than not. I say the time has come for us to be selfish.

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The Gift of a Perception Shift

The Self Care Evolution Series

Body Mind Spirit - Chakra IllustrationTRACI TRIMBLE: Your reality is only as you perceive it to be. It is about how you evaluate your own experiences and how you choose to interpret the unfolding of your situations and scenarios.

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Depth of Vision

The Self Care Evolution Series 

The Chakra System

TRACI TRIMBLE: Being able to see farther ahead than what is directly in front of me is my gift and it has served me in many ways. I have the ability to take that which is in the now and to see the unlimited possibilities far into the future. I am able and willing to dream, create and then live my vision of that future as though it were now.

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JOY: A State of Mind, Body and Spirit

The Self Care Evolution Series 

Body Mind Spirit - Chakra drawingTRACI TRIMBLE: Joy truly is a state of mind, body and spirit. It is that much anticipated 'place' where the 'wanna be' alchemist in me creates an artistic blending of the sheer excitement, complete belief and my complete alignment with source.

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A Synchronized Shift to Conscious Competence

The Self Care Evolution Series

TRACI TRIMBLE: Article Icon What an absolutely incredible couple of weeks. I was manifesting left, right and centre. Unbelievable things are happening! Everyone I have spoken to this week agrees. Can you feel it? Have you seen it? Wow! Read more >>>


Cultivate Your Intuition and Increase Your Receptivity

The Self Care Evolution Series

TRACI TRIMBLE: Article Icon "I am open to receive; I accept the flow of cosmic energy into my being; I recognize, absorb and hold all of the divine gifts the universe showers upon me; I give, receive and accept love and abundance into my life." Read more >>>