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Feng SHe Articles on Money


Would you be ecstatic with a $15 Lottery Win?


LINDSAY de SWART: Huge congratulations to the 5 Nova Scotia ladies who won $15 million last week. They look pretty happy, but are they in ecstasy? 

Does money bring ecstasy or is that just what we imagine we would feel like?

I thought about this when planning this article (before seeing the Lottery Win news). I can safely say that of all the money I have ever had, whether it has come in large or small amounts, has never resulted in me feeling ecstatic.  Happy, joyful, relaxed, safe, comfortable, grateful... and others, are all feelings that I have experienced, but never ecstasy in relation to money.

Real or False Ecstasy?

The thought of having pots of money is really exciting, and like any goal, the thought of how you might feel when you achieve the goal is very often different from how you actually feel. Let’s take two examples of getting more money, and go through how they might make you feel.

1.  Getting a raise at work. (Which I have had!)

Possible feelings:  excitement, gratitude, justified, relieved, entitled, joyous, contented, abundant, rich, ecstatic.

Actual feelings: excitement, gratitude, possibility of what this may mean with living expenses, frustration that it took so long, resignation of the value after tax etc, curiosity as to who else got a raise and how much, if the percentage amount was in line with industry standards?, etc. 

How you think you may feel is way more interesting and exciting than the reality of it. What about the second example?

2.  Winning the lottery. (I have won many times - just not the jackpot!)

What about the 5 employees of a Nova Scotia diner who won last week’s Atlantic Lottery $15million jackpot? How will this affect their lives?  I wonder what is going through their minds right now?

Read more here:

Possible feelings: excitement, I’m rich!, ecstatic, euphoria, grateful, giddy, joyous, frivolous, abundant, deserving.

Actual feelings: Initially all of the above, then overwhelm apparently! Then the questions follow; should I tell anyone? Will my friends still like me?, Who do I give money to?, What if I keep it all? What car should I buy?, What house should I buy?, Will this make me happy?, Will this change me?, Do I keep working?

Admit it, if you have bought a lottery ticket or gambled, you must have asked some of those questions after the initial euphoria of what you imagine winning will feel like.

How is false ecstasy, or imagined ecstasy a bad thing?

It’s not! I believe that to have moments when you feel ecstatic will bring about the same benefits in your body as the feeling of true ecstasy. It is a theory that is used in coaching - if you can’t remember a time when you felt a certain feeling then creating it in your imagination is the next best solution. You can hypnotize yourself to feel anything! 

If you tell yourself that you are ecstatic about your finances and money, and allow your emotions to run towards the ecstatic end of the scale, that has to be better than telling yourself that things are diabolical and that your finances are terrible. Like anything, money does not dictate your feelings, only how you decide to feel about it will affect your feelings. Ultimately, it is not about how much money you have as for some people there will never be enough. How you feel about you have will allow you to experience ecstasy - imagined or real.

The question now is can you imagine feeling ecstatic about money?

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Article Pic Biography
Lindsay de Swart has spent the last seven years coaching. She now specializes in working with people to make each year count. She teaches new perspectives and skills for being happier, healthier and wealthier each year. Lindsay has a BSc (Hons), is a Master of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy(r) and a Trainer of Hypnotherapy, Having worked in the corporate world of recruitment, and as a personal trainer, Lindsay is experienced in helping her clients get life changing results to reach new standards and make this year THE year. Lindsay has been featured on Rogers TV, published in Canadian Motivated magazine, Living Well Magazine, and has been featured on BBC radio. Find Lindsay on Facebook

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