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Feng SHe Articles on Money


New Financial Systems Attract Beautiful Abundance

Rows of Coins

LINDSAY de SWART: Have your big, beautiful, abundant plans for this year manifested yet? If you made great plans for this transformational new year and they have not yet started to blossom, hang in there! That seems to be a theme just now.

Bountiful, beautiful, beneficial systems appear to be the key! New systems have to be in place to allow new growth. Never is this more true than with our finances. There is the belief that you will only manifest as much abundance as you can handle. Are your financial systems up to date and able to handle more abundance? If not, now is the time to get your abundance ducks in a row!

I know, systems are not very sexy, or beautiful for that matter, however, when they are in place, everything works and dare I say, flows easily and effortlessly. Can you imagine your life with and easy and effortless flow of abundance? All of a sudden, this whole topic becomes increasingly attractive and even compelling.

I Can’t Handle This!

If you have been facing financial blocks and bottlenecks, the message that you are projecting is that ‘I can’t handle this’. This seems to be true in personal life and in business too. If you think about it in terms of The Law of Attraction, or even common sense (!), if someone can’t cope with what they have now, why would they want more?

Abundance without blocks, without ‘bottlenecks’ and with no resistance or worry is possible - and it takes some planning and facing up to what is causing the blocks now. Are your taxes up to date and have you got round to updating any financial plans that you may have been putting off? What are you currently doing just because you have always done it that way? It may be that whatever is exhausting and draining you no longer needs to, it just needs an update or a good old shake up. Old habits or systems may not be the best fit for your new growth plans.

If you are the type to resist creating financial systems, or systems of any kind at all, then now is the time to have a re-think about the beauty of what you can manifest and experience by creating some process and some new routines to live by.

Take a leaf out of Mother Natures’ book and kill off the old systems and beliefs around your money, now is a perfect time to welcome in new ideas and feed them with your energy and enthusiasm. Allow your abundance to grow. Attract and create more of what you have been imagining or longing for - be it personally or professionally. If your old systems could house the new ideas, they would have already happened - if they haven’t yet, it’s because they have no where to go.

If you have not yet manifested externally, the beauty that is within you, take a look at your systems - they may be the key...  

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Lindsay de Swart has spent the last seven years coaching. She now specializes in working with people to make each year count. She teaches new perspectives and skills for being happier, healthier and wealthier each year. Lindsay has a BSc (Hons), is a Master of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy(r) and a Trainer of Hypnotherapy, Having worked in the corporate world of recruitment, and as a personal trainer, Lindsay is experienced in helping her clients get life changing results to reach new standards and make this year THE year. Lindsay has been featured on Rogers TV, published in Canadian Motivated magazine, Living Well Magazine, and has been featured on BBC radio. Find Lindsay on Facebook

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