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Feng SHe - Yin & Yang

Yin and Yang: Her and History

The Ancient Chinese reduced all phenomena to Yin and Yang. The theory is that only one universal system exists, which includes everything from rocks, plants, trees, waterways, animals and humans, to our atmosphere and to outer space beyond that. It is accepted that differences exist, like those between the earth and the atmosphere, female and male or night and day.

The Yin and Yang premise came from the understanding that although humans and other earthly things have separate relationships, they also have an integrated relationship with each other. Yin and Yang are the opposing yet complementary aspects of everything from an object or a process to that of a concept.

Everything is equal and each part
of the whole depends on the other
for harmonious existence.

The Qualities of Yin and Yang

Yin is considered FEMININE energy. Yin expresses itself through quiet and stillness. It is slow movements like those used in the martial arts form Tai Chi. Yin is the prevalent energy for a relaxed and restful sleep. It is a passive force. It seeds ideas and creativity. Yin is everything we ARE rather than anything we DO.

On the opposite side is MASULINE Yang energy. Yang expression is active, creative, involved and vigorous. Sports, dance and other lively physical activities are considered to be Yang. It is puts ideas and creativity into action. Yang is everything we DO rather than anything we ARE.

Yin and Yang is Inherent in Both Sexes

Regardless of whether we are male or female, men and women are made up of both FEMININE / Yin and MASCULINE / Yang energies.

If men didn't have FEMININE energy it would be impossible for them to express emotion of any kind or to care for their children, because FEMININE energy is the expression of the Spirit the all-loving force.

If women didn't have MASCULINE energy they would lack the strategic thinking required to run a business or a household, because MASCULINE energy is expression of the physical and mental.

Both energies are essential for a balanced individual and without this balance of opposites, FEMININE energy becomes passive, weak and ineffectual and MASCULINE energy turns vicious and overpowering.

Imbalance of Yin and Yang

In Nature there is no hostility between the opposites of Yin and Yang. They compliment each other and the flow of everything depends on this graceful interaction of opposite forces. However the balance of Yin and Yang energy in Nature is constantly changing. This change is usually harmonious, but when Yin or Yang becomes disproportionate we tip the scales and one weakens the other.

An antagonistic relationship between Yin and Yang energies leads quickly to destruction. If FEMININE ~ Yin energy is overwhelming there is weakness and frailty. Excessive MASCULINE Yang energy leads to violence and aggression.

Extremes of Yin or Yang create instability and rather than a gentle flow from one opposite to the other, when the switch happens quickly the change is discordant.

This unbalanced energy is the cause of every upset, argument, war, misdeed and unpleasant interaction in our society and in our world. The survival of our society and our planet depends on acceptance and reapplication of this ancient principle.

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